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January 10, 2018 New Hampshire

New Hampshire might see a significant cannabis reform in the near future. Legislators from the state have pushed a bill to allow possession and domestic farming of marijuana products. However, it will be a challenge for these lawmakers to make this bill a part of legislation. Nevertheless, it’s a commendable effort on part of pro-marijuana legislators. In few days, the house of representative is going to vote for the legalization of adult-use cannabis.

It is encouraging to see that the New Hampshire legislature is going to vote for adult-use cannabis legalization, but it is better to hold our horses and try to get the context.

From the time when Maine and Massachusetts legalized adult-use marijuana, people were rightly pointing out that the Granite State would transform into an “island of prohibition” surrounded by recreational legal cannabis.

Moreover, lawmakers in Vermont, another neighboring state of New Hampshire, also voted for the legalization of adult-use cannabis. Canada’s legalization of all cannabis is also going to take effect in July coinciding with the opening of first retail store in Massachusetts and retail sale has already begun in Maine. In the backdrop of all these cannabis developments in the neighboring states, it became very encouraging for pro cannabis lawmakers in New Hampshire to introduce the legalization bill.

New Hampshire Adult Use Marijuana
New Hampshire Adult Use Marijuana – Image powered by Medicaljane.com

Last year, the House has formed a commission to study the economical implications of legal cannabis in New Hampshire. The committee has notified the house of representative that they can’t furnish their recommendations until the end of 2018. Therefore, Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committees wanted to delay the vote on recreational legalization until the report gets completed. It seems that the committee is trying to sabotage the progress on legalization.

So the lawmakers first voted to annul the attempt to delay the vote then they had to vote to endorse a revised legalization bill. Now the bill is waiting for the approval of House’s tax writing committee. But we have already seen in 2015 when the legalization bill died along the same path and couldn’t proceed further from the Ways and Means Committee.

Once passed by the House of Representatives, the bill will be presented in the state senate. So it’s still a long way to have recreational marijuana in New Hampshire. But the house’s decision to vote on the bill without waiting for the report of commission shows that the legislators are determined to pass the bill. New Hampshire has already decriminalized the small possession of cannabis products.

New Hampshire
New Hampshire – Image powered by Marijuana.com

Here are some of the details of the revised bill that will be voted by the House of Representatives.

  • omestic growing of six cannabis plants will be permissible (equal number of mature and immature vegetation)

The bill doesn’t address the commercial aspect of marijuana which means buying and selling of recreational weed will still be unlawful. Moreover, taxation and regulation outline is also not the part of the amended bill.

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