January 14, 2019

September  17, 2018, New Jersey

MMJ patients in New Jersey are now allowed to consume their medicines through vape pens. The state’s health department has recently lifted the ban on vapers, cartridges and all the related paraphernalia. MMJ dispensaries in the state can now legally sell vaping devices. Earlier, patients were only allowed to buy the flower, oral pastilles, and topical products. As soon as the department waived the ban, two licensed medical cannabis providers submitted the applications to prepare and sell MMJ vapers.

New Jersey is going through a major MMJ expansion program right now as promised by the incumbent Governor Phil Murphy during his gubernatorial campaign. Gov. Murphy strongly believes in cannabis reforms. He is also in favor of legalizing recreational use of the strain. The ongoing expansion of the state’s MMJ program involves everything. From expanding the list of qualifying conditions to increase the number of licensed MMJ dispensaries and to add more products to permissible MMJ administration regimen, the department is working to sharpen all the edges of the program.

Governor Phil Murphy
Governor Phil Murphy – Image powered by Cnbc.com

After Murphy assumed the office, the number of registered MMJ patients in the state has almost doubled. At the beginning of the year, there were 16,000 registered MMJ patients, the number now exceeds 30,000. The department is also going to double the number of medical cannabis providers. Currently, six companies are providing medical cannabis to licensed dispensaries in the state. The regulators have already received 146 applications for those six new licenses.

According to an assistant health commissioner of the department Jeff Brown, it is their priority to add more cannabis therapies to the program to make it more effective and accessible. MMJ manufactures and providers have applauded the department’s decision to give legal status to vaporized cannabis.

Vaping: A better alternative to conventional smoking

Vaping A better alternative to conventional smoking
Vaping A better alternative to conventional smoking – Image powered by Inverse.com

The majority of patients who buy cannabis flowers consume it through smoking since it is the cheapest form of MMJ administration. We all are well aware of the side effects or rather harms of smoking. Many carcinogens also inadvertently end up in the body with smoking because of the tar produced in the process. On the other hand, vaping doesn’t involve conventional burning so no tar is produced. By allowing vaping of MMJ, the New Jersey Health Department has given a relatively safe alternative to patients who consume cannabis through smoking.

Curaleaf is a medical cannabis company that runs manufacturing facilities and dispensaries in 12 legal states including New Jersey. The company has already put MMJ vapers on the shelves of their New Jersey Dispensary. The dispensary is offering MMJ cartridges in four different flavors. The addition of flavor makes the consumption of medical marijuana easier for all those patients who are not used to smoking.

George Schidlovsky, the president of company’s New Jersey chapter, has termed the decision a blessing for all those patients who can’t administer MMJ in topical or oral form. He also says that vaping is a quick form of administration, suitable for patients who administer MMJ for epileptic seizures.

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