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November 03,2017 New Jersey

New Jersey’s appellate court has given its verdict to revise cannabis’s official classification in the milieu of growing body of research revealing the benefits and harmlessness of the plant. The court in its ruling used the phrase “abundant and glaringly apparent” regarding the health advantages of cannabis.

The court also declared the former director of the Division of Consumer Affairs on fault when he yielded to the federal government on the classification of marijuana. This was ruled on the grounds that 46 years ago when the state adopted the federal Schedule’s I categorization, the health benefits of marijuana were not known. Schedule I, a part of federal legislation, includes deadly substance like heroin with marijuana in the list of drugs that are not approved for medical use. Therefore, the court asked the state administration to reassess cannabis classification since it is now being consumed to treat a range of illnesses.

Joseph Linares, a lawyer who has clients serving jail time due to the state’s rigid laws regarding medical marijuana, declared the court ruling as a judicial recognition of the prevalent approval of cannabis use for therapeutic purposes. He termed it as a step in the right direction.

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While, New Jersey’s Attorney General Office notifies that they have the plan to appeal the appeals court ruling in the apex court.

A lot of legal proceedings contesting the DEA’s Schedule I Classification have gone in vain in all these years. For instance, Americans for Safe Access, a cannabis advocacy group filed a petition in the DC court of Appeals saying that the federal classification of marijuana is subjective and illogical which are in conflict with the recent scientific studies. But judges remained unconvinced and petition went into trash.

There is another fresh court case in New York’s Southern district where petitioner sued the US Attorney General, DEA and the Department of Justice in an attempt to prevent the federal administration from putting into effect the Controlled Substance Act because the archaic act is still pertinent on marijuana. The petitioner said in the filed suit, “The Federal Government has admitted repeatedly in writing and implemented national policy reflecting that Cannabis does in fact, have medical uses and can be used and tested safely under medical supervision.”

New Jersey Medical Marijuana
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One lawyer on the case told local news that the point of the petition is to articulate the point that the Congress ratified a decree that’s entirely illogical to be a part of legislation.

Medical cannabis has been a legalized substance in the state of New Jersey for more than seven years. The incumbent Governor has incessantly question the benefits of medical marijuana and tried to hamper the process of legalization. However, the good news is he is leaving the office in the coming January.

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