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October 27, 2017 New Jersey

Seven years ago, the then governor of New Jersey, Jon Corzine, on his final day in office ratified a bill allowing marijuana for medical uses. He passed the bill and preferred it among a whole list of other bills. Even though the residents of the state are eligible for using medical marijuana for seven years but things are not panned out the way they were imagined. Soon after its ratification, the bill became famous for its unbending regulations and harsh rule of use. One fine example of the rigidity of New Jersey’s medical marijuana program is the short list of medical conditions (only 11) in which patients are allowed to use medical cannabis.

The successor of Corzine, Chris Christie, also made the issue of cannabis use more convoluted since he has been notoriously opposing the use of cannabis in general. Nevertheless, he allowed a new entry in the qualifying conditions and also provided his affirmation to the non-adult use of medical cannabis in the state.

But things might get more relieving for patients in New Jersey because Christie’s final term will end in January 2018 and both of the strong prospects in line (from both parties) for the next Governor have pledged for major changes in the existing laws of the state regarding cannabis.

New Jersey Flag with Marijuana
New Jersey Flag with Marijuana – Image powered by Thedailychronic.net

Good News for Patients

Amid all of this, a good measure has been taken to improve the state’s MMJ program. After a long time of considerations, the Review panel looking after New Jersey’s MMJ program has formally added five more medical conditions to be eligible for medical marijuana treatment. These conditions are:

Medical Cannabis
Medical Cannabis – Image powered by Leafly.com

Chronic fatigue and asthma were also part of the proposal but all the members of the panel rejected these two medical conditions to be added on the list. However, future is looking better since the Democratic forerunner, Phil Murphey, has the plan to allow adult-use marijuana in the state which means patients of any medical condition will be able to use cannabis one way or another.

There is still one obstacle the newly proposed five medical conditions have to go through. The final seal of the approval will be done by the Health Commissioner and she is also known to have strict views about the cannabis use. She will have six months to decide the fate of the new proposition of New Jersey’s MMJ program. Let’s hope that she will provide her approval to the newly proposed medical conditions for the sake of thousands of people suffering from proposed aliments.

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