January 14, 2019

May 31, 2018, New York

It is heartening to see that the debate on marijuana has become very inclusive. Lawmakers are now also taking about MMJ care for pet animals. For instance, a bill was introduced in the New York legislature in March that entails the legalization of MMJ to treat different medical conditions in pets. It will be soon to say anything whether or not the bill will be approved by the lawmakers.  

The State’s Senate and Health Committee have yet to review the bill. If passed, the law will become part of New York’s MMJ program.  

The Concept is not New  

The concept of medical cannabis for pets is not new. Veterinary school of the University of California conducted a research on the effects of medical cannabis on pets last year. The study found out that pet responded positively to CBD, an important therapeutic constituent of cannabis. Pet owners indeed reported that MMJ administration rich in CBD helped in relieving pain and seizures in their animals.  

The Concept is not New
The Concept is not New – Image powered by Marijuanabreak.com

Inadequate Pet Care Led to the Bill  

This bill came to life because many owners are of the thought that veterinary doctors have failed to provide sufficient medical care to pets. But veterinaries can’ be blamed for that. They are already available with limited medication options to treat pets and opioid crisis have added insult to injury. Before the menace of opioid began, vets would regularly prescribe opioid painkillers for pets.  But then few cases were reported where owners abused opioid-based prescriptions of their pets.  This substance abuse has restrained many vets from prescribing opioid medications for pets. 

Amy Paulin, the Democratic Assemblywoman, presented the bill on the floor by citing the similar reasons. She is of the belief that MMJ will provide another option to caregivers and vets to devise better pet care. Many MMJ proponents have backed the decision because of the effective results of the strain against chronic pain.  

Chronic pain also affects pet animals.  Different symptoms can tell owners that their pet is suffering from debilitating chronic pain.  

MMJ Pet Care is Far From Realization  

MMJ Pet Care is Far From Realization
MMJ Pet Care is Far From Realization – Image powered by Thecannifornian.com

According to experts, the bill is good for the optics of cannabis reforms, but it is highly unlikely that it will become part of the legislation. They provide two legitimate reasons for that. 

Not Enough Research on the Subject  

While some initial studies have shown promising results of MMJ for pet care, but still more research is required to fully ensure that the MMJ products can be specifically produced for pets with no adverse effects. It will surely take time to gather enough scientific evidence of MMJ benefits for pets.  

THC is Harmful to Pets  

Like CBD, THC is also a constituent of cannabis strains and it has harmful effects for pets.  A large dose of THC can be fatal for pets, particularly smaller breed of dogs and cats. So, an MMJ product for pets can’t be green-lighted without making it certain that it doesn’t contain any trace of THC.

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