January 14, 2019

August 06, 2018, New York

New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, has formed a workgroup to draft bill for the adult-use marijuana legalization in the state. The group consists of professionals with specialized knowledge of different facets of legal cannabis operations. It includes people from the field of public health and safety, economists and decision-makers from pertinent law-enforcement agencies.  

The workgroup has been tasked to engage all those quarters that have some stake in the legalization. So, the group will get feedback from the state lawmakers, cannabis activists, and sponsors on the proposed legalization draft.  

It is worth mentioning that unlike many legal states, New York has taken the legislature’s path for adult-use legalization. Once the draft is finalized, it will have to be approved by both the Senate and House before receiving the final seal of endorsement from the governor’s office. 

New York governor, Andrew Cuomo
New York governor, Andrew Cuomo – Image powered by Vapenews.com

In a press release, Gov. Cuomo has mentioned the reason to move ahead on the issue of recreational legalization. Earlier this year, he commissioned a multi-agency study on the implications of the blanket legalization of marijuana. The study, concluded last month, has declared that the benefits of legalization prevail over the risks associated with it. He discussed the provisions of the study with the state’s health commissioner before forming the workgroup.  

The report has highlighted several benefits of having a legalized and regulated cannabis market in the state. The Department of Health has assessed that the government supervision of production, testing, distribution, and labeling of cannabis would benefit public health. The report also suggests that only a legal and regulated market can empower the government to ensure consumer protection and quality control.  

The report also particularly underlines the significance of legalization in addressing racial inequalities caused by marijuana law-enforcement. The legalization will result in reduced cannabis-related incarnation rates.  

Gov. Cuomo is really proactive in taking cannabis reforms to the next level. He hasn’t just stopped on appointing the workgroup. His counsel will constantly oversee the progress of the workgroup and provide them with all the help they will need.  

Bill for recreational marijuana
Bill for recreational marijuana – Image powered by Nyhealthlawblog.com

Drafting of the legalization bill is, in fact, no mean task. The workgroup will have to carefully iron out many complex issues in order to come up with a workable legislation.  Nevertheless, the report furnished by multiple state agencies has termed the legalization and regulation of marijuana an attainable goal. Professional with expertise in mental health, substance abuse, transportation, public safety, and economics are in agreement regarding this assessment. 

Aside from expert assessment, everyone who keeps a close eye on cannabis landscape of the country would come to the same conclusion that there are no insurmountable obstacles in legalizing and regulating marijuana. A precedent has already been set in many states regarding the legalization of recreational cannabis. New York state authorities can get the inspiration from the pertinent legislation of all such legal states to devise their own laws. In addition, public support will make it easier to enforce adult-use legalization.

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