January 14, 2019

January 17, 2018 New York

The commute of millions of New Yorkers’ everyday depends on the city’s subway system. But with each passing day, it takes longer to reach your destination because trains are not on time and several platforms are shutting down. To be precise, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is going through a chaotic phase and needs massive overhauls.

It will require of course a huge sum of money which can’t be allocated with the current tax net. So, a gubernatorial candidate has suggested the solution to get funds for this by legalizing cannabis.

Joel Giambra, NYC gubernatorial candidate, was not known for his pro-cannabis stance. But his suggestion to legalize cannabis has certainly made him popular among cannabis advocates.

Giambra made his political foray as a County Executive. During his tenure, his record can’t be deemed exemplary because he cut off several public services and fired many county workers. He was even investigated for corruption charges.

Joel Giambra, NYC gubernatorial candidate
Joel Giambra, NYC gubernatorial candidate – Image powered by Nycfpac.com

But Giambra has always had a lenient view regarding marijuana. Back in time, he wrote an opinion article where he censured the war on drugs and demanded decriminalization. He also emphasized on more research for the sake of legalization. He also joined a cannabis advocate group, New York Grows, a year ago.

Few days ago, Giambra announced to run for governor’s office. In an informal first statement as a gubernatorial candidate, he hinted that he would expand tax net by legalizing adult-use cannabis to overhaul the state’s deteriorating public transit system.

He said that marijuana taxes can be put to use for rebuilding the transport infrastructure of the state by revamping roads, bridges and subways. Nevertheless, Giambra still has to put forward a formal proposal of his legalization plan.

It is interesting to note that a Republican candidate is advocating the legalization when the current Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo has already opposed the legalization of adult-use marijuana.

Marijuana Taxes can be put in New York
Marijuana Taxes can be put in New York – Image powered by Dopedirectory.com

But we are not sure of the Giambra’s plan which hasn’t been finalized yet. However, his statement has already made an impact because legalization and public transit both are popular issues across different demographics of the state. It also might help GOP to get its political footing in New York City. But on the contrary, it can also upset the conservative base of the party in the state.

Apart from that, no study has been done on the subject as how recreational legalization can generate taxes that can support the short and long term overhaul of the transport system in the state. All gubernatorial candidates are on the same page regarding the abysmal condition of public transit in the state but no one has a substantial plan to address the issue.

In the states like Oregon and Colorado, the legalization has already become a tool for increasing revenues which is then used for investing in education sector and other public domains. With country’s infrastructure completing its operational life and tight tax collections, we will see more political candidates voicing the need of legalization for revenue generation.

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