April 1, 2019

July 18, 2018, New York

In the start of this year, the governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo commissioned the state’s health department to study and assess the implications of cannabis legalization. The department has finalized its report this Monday. In the report, the department has talked about a wide range of implications of the legalization and a regulated market of recreational cannabis. The report has given cannabis advocates a good enough reason to furiously move for cannabis legalization. Even if we look at it from an objective point of view, the report would have a significant impact on the future decision-making regarding drugs in New York. 

When Cuomo asked the department to commence the study, he wanted it to be centered on some key areas. For instance, Cuomo wanted to know the economic, social and health consequences of legalization. Moreover, he was interested in knowing the effect of legalization in neighboring states (Vermont and Massachusetts) for New York.  

After thoroughly assessing all the facets of legalization for months, the department has reached the conclusion that the beneficial features of a regulated cannabis market in the state prevail over the potential downsides. The report further suggests that all the apprehensive implications of legalization can be mitigated through robust regulation and better public awareness. The report talks about some of these key implications of the legalization.  

Recreational Marijuana
Recreational Marijuana – Image powered by Wktv.com

Health Implications  

The department has substantiated through data how cannabis use can help in reducing the menace of opioid and to lower down the number of related deaths and prescriptions. The report also points out that a regulated access to natural strain can help in impeding the use of detrimental synthetic marijuana. 

Social Implications  

The report also backs the assertions of gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon that the legalization of cannabis would be the first stage of dealing with discrepancies towards marginal colored communities. Racial injustice through cannabis incarceration is considered a massive social issue in the state of New York.  

Economic Implications  

New York Economic Implications in marijuana
New York Economic Implications in marijuana – Image powered by Tapchitaichinh.vn

The report has also touched upon the tangent of the economic implications of legalization. Without furnishing any numbers, the report maintains that legalization will help in creating more jobs and increasing the state’s revenue stream.  

In the last section of the report, the implications of legalization in neighboring states have also been discussed. According to the department’s assessment, more residents will travel interstate to get legal stuff. The report has also quoted law enforcement data from the nearby counties where there has been an increase in marijuana-related arrests. So, failing to legalize cannabis would not only deprive the state of tax revenues, it would also result in a wave of criminalization in the bordering areas 

Different surveys suggest that the majority of New Yorkers support legalization. Incumbent governor Cuomo didn’t have such proactive approach towards cannabis. However, the progressive opponent with a really distinguishing policy for cannabis has forced him to change his stance.  Many notable local lawmakers also have a really progressive approach towards cannabis. All these developments are giving cannabis activists hope that the strain would soon become legal for adult-use in New York.  

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  1. By Slick Willy

    ,15 Feb 2019
    Good info. Thanks for the update!
    1. By Hilda Beast

      ,15 Feb 2019
      "Does it really MATTER at this point?!?!"

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