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Is Weed Legal in Jamaica?

Mention the beautiful island country of Jamaica, and most people think of sun, sand, Bob Marley, reggae music, a laid-back culture—and marijuana. The locals call it ganja, a term that derives from the Sanskrit word for treasure.   Please note: […]

Seed Banks that Ship to USA

Are you looking for the best marijuana seeds in the United States and reputable seed banks that ship to USA? Well, you’re certainly in luck. I Love Growing Marijuana has got you covered with feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds and we […]

Seed Banks That Ship to Australia

Live in Australia and want to grow weed or find a seed bank that ships to Australia? You are not alone. Australia loves marijuana! It even has a rich cannabis history, although the country traditionally isn’t known for weed. In […]

The Best OG Strains

The OG marijuana strain has a complex history. Many people claim that it stands for “Original Gangster,” in part because of the popularity of these strains among West Coast rappers. A more likely claim is that it stands for “Ocean […]

Best Cheese Strains

There’s nothing like a good savory strain of weed, and Cheese strains are some of the best savory options out there. There are plenty of strains to choose from; a full cheese strain list would include dozens of delicious options. […]

Top Fruity Strains

Sometimes, you just want something sweet. When your sweet tooth has kicked in, there’s nothing quite like a fruity, delicious strain to scratch the itch.  Fruity marijuana tastes good, and it helps you feel good. Plus, there are plenty of […]

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