The Best OG Strains

The OG marijuana strain has a complex history. Many people claim that it stands for “Original Gangster,” in part because of the popularity of these strains among West Coast ra[...]

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Best Cheese Strains

There’s nothing like a good savory strain of weed, and Cheese strains are some of the best savory options out there. There are plenty of strains to choose from; a full cheese st[...]

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Top Fruity Strains

Sometimes, you just want something sweet. When your sweet tooth has kicked in, there’s nothing quite like a fruity, delicious strain to scratch the itch.  Fruity marijuana [...]

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Slurricane Strain

If you enjoy fruit punch and don’t mind a very potent buzz, you’ll love the Slurricane strain. A 60/40 indica dominant hybrid, it’s a great choice for those who like strong [...]

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10 Legendary Weed Strains

Just like apples, there are many varieties of cannabis. For example, green Granny Smiths are a bit tarter than yellowish Golden Delicious, which have skin that’s a little more t[...]

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Best Indica Strains – Our Top Ten Picks

Cannabis aficionados’ are well aware that their favorite plant comes in two distinct varieties: Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. Take a look at our picks for the best in[...]

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Freezing Marijuana – Pros and Cons

When you grow marijuana, you need to know how to store it. After all, you can’t just leave it lying around and expect it to stay potent. Some growers stick to freezing marijuana[...]

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Should you be dabbing?

In this article I’ll answer: What Are Cannabis Dabs? What Are the Advantages of Dabbing Marijuana? Behind the Myth: Are Dabs Dangerous? Is Dabbing Hurting the Pos[...]

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Defoliation 101 – How Careful Pruning Can Im...

Have you heard good things about pruning, but were concerned you might hurt your plants? Overdoing it while pruning is a reasonable concern. However, you should still do it becaus[...]

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