January 14, 2019

September 18, 2018

The prevalence of e-cigarettes and vapes among teens has been an ongoing concern for the last couple of years. And now a new caveat has been added to the issue. A recently released survey of more than 20,000 high school students in the US reveals that the young population of the country is not just vaping nicotine but cannabis too. Even some of the vaping teens have only used cannabis products. The survey poses the question: is growing popularity of vaping making cannabis consumption more common among teens?

The survey is a part of an ongoing research project which is analyzing the connection between the use of tobacco among teens and subsequent marijuana-consumption. The study is also particularly focused on the popularity of e-cigarettes as a new way to administer tobacco. The survey provides some important bits of information that can help in understanding the use of nicotine and cannabis among teens.

e-cigarettes and vapes
e-cigarettes and vapes – Image powered by Businessinsider.com
  • About one-third of the surveyed high school students admitted that they used vapes without non-nicotine substance.
  • Nine percent surveyed students said they vaped to consume cannabis.
  • Of those who consumed cannabis through vaping, 33 percent never used nicotine-containing liquids in vapes. They only vaped marijuana products.

The researchers have done the extrapolation of the collected data to suggest that nearly 2.1 million students vape marijuana products all across the country. It is also important to note that the data was gathered in 2016. So, one can’t say if the trend of vaping cannabis is on the rise, holding steady or declining.

Different dynamics of vaping for tobacco and marijuana use

Even though vapes are on the scene for nearly a decade, but it is still a new and fringe product in the colossal tobacco market. People who smoke to consume nicotine still prefer conventional cigarettes. However, vaping is not an unfamiliar thing to cannabis consumers.

Health official in the country has already warned regarding the rising popularity of e-cigarettes and vapes among teens. FDA has recently directed big e-cig manufacturers to come up with a tentative plan to curb the use of e-cigarettes among teens in the next two months.

Different dynamics of vaping for tobacco and marijuana use
Different dynamics of vaping for tobacco and marijuana use – Image powered by Dailystar.co.uk

It is really perplexing that manufacturers have been asked to come up with such a plan. It is the job of regulators to ensure that e-cigarettes and vapes don’t land in wrong hands. It is also not clear how these measures will affect the legal marijuana industry. Cannabis oil cartridges are already becoming popular among recreational and medical consumers for its several benefits over the flower.

Vapes provide ease-of-use and portability, which makes them really hard to identify. For that reason, teens prefer this paraphernalia over conventional means of consuming cannabis or tobacco. It is also difficult for school administrations to detect the possession of e-cigarettes and vapes among students.

The apprehensions regarding vapes stem from the obscurity surrounding its use. For instance, propylene glycol, a common additive used in the making of vaping cartridges, hasn’t been comprehensively studied for its effects inside the body.

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