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October 04, 2018, Ohio

Cannabidiol (CBD), the active compound of cannabis, is widely known for its therapeutic benefits. Nevertheless, it seems to be always trapped in the legal grey area. For instance, CBD extracted from hemp enjoys broad legal immunity because the plant is considered a commercial crop. On the other hand, the same CBD extracted from cannabis is deemed illegal because of the prohibitive legislation surrounding marijuana plant.

MMJ advocates have been tirelessly working for years to make legislators and public realize the therapeutic benefits of the whole plant of cannabis and its active compounds. Ohio approved the use of cannabis for medical reasons in 2016. It was a victory for advocates to get official acknowledgment for cannabis and its active compounds as therapeutic compounds.

But instead of expanding CBD access, the law has made all once-legal CBD products illegal. Consequently, all those selling and using these products can face criminal charges. It is important to explain how MMJ laws in the Buckeye State have inadvertently restricted the patient access to CBD.

CBD extracted from hemp
CBD extracted from hemp – Image powered by Centarnews.net

Ohio medical marijuana laws affect hemp-based CBD market

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy spelled out this Monday that the state’s MMJ laws classify cannabidiol as medical marijuana. This implies that all CBD products, regardless of their source plant, can only be legally sold on licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. Similarly, only those with MMJ cards will be allowed to purchase these products.

The implementation of this provision means all those Ohio retail stores selling hemp-derived CBD products for years won’t be able to continue the sale. Hemp doesn’t contain THC. Therefore, products extracted from it are free of any psychoactive tendencies. According to shop owners, these CBD products were really popular among older customers. CBD is believed to have therapeutic benefits for a range of medical complications associated with old age.

Ohio medical marijuana laws affect hemp-based CBD market
Ohio medical marijuana laws affect hemp-based CBD market – Image powered by Kinnermcgowan.com

Anticipating the possible law enforcement actions, Ohio retailers are now trying to empty their shelves by offering non-psychoactive hemp-derived CBD products at a discounted price. Frustration and anger also seem to be lingering among the affected businesses owners because it has been reported that CBD products have become a top selling product for small retailers.

Cannabis advocates are lambasting that state authorities for thwarting the affordable access to CBD even before the commencement of MMJ retail operations in the state. It is worth mentioning that the state promised to begin retail MMJ dispensary options from September 8. 58 dispensaries have already been licensed by the state regulators. However, not a single MMJ dispensary has gone operational so far.

The state hasn’t categorically announced to execute law enforcement action against retailers selling CBD products. However, it’s given that eventually all those businesses will have to bear the brunt of law enforcement. This unnecessary criminalization of retail CBD by Ohio Board of Pharmacy will affect both businesses and people who are using this non-psychoactive product range for therapeutic reasons.

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