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February 8, 2018

Old School OG is a bud that is also known as “Pure Kush”, and is a 100% pure indica bud that is used both medically as well as recreationally. A thorough sedative, this bud can put down a grown man with so much ease, relaxing him down all the way to the bone, and it has a very tantalizing scent that you can smell from a mile away.

Old School OG is a 100% pure indica hybrid with super supreme genetics, being a direct descendant from notorious parent strain OG Kush. This bud is commonly also known as “Pure Kush”, which is also an accurate description of its effects, as they are in nature very body heavy and relaxing.

This strain is very good at inducing a sedated state, which you can feel from head to toe, and even cerebrally. Old School OG is easily one of the best ways to find a solid state of relaxation, and can eventually lull you to sleep, if you have enough of it. This bud is also a popular medical strain, and has helped many patients overcome their chronic medical conditions.

Information about Old School OG:

EFFECTS sleepy – 10
relaxed – 10
tingly – 2
happy – 2
euphoric – 2
dry mouth – 5
paranoid – 4
headache – 1
anxious – 1
FRAGRANCE citrus, earthy, grape, pungent
FLAVORS pungent, skunk, earthy, grape, citrus
MEDICAL depression – 10
eye pressure – 2
insomnia – 2
stress – 2
headaches – 2
CBD % 1%
OUTDOOR YIELD 16oz/ plant
CLIMATE warm and sunny mediterranean climate
RESISTANCE TO DISEASE resistant to common molds and mildew

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Old School OG is highly sleep inducing, so consuming this particular strain during the daytime is guaranteed to put you down after some time. This strain is one of the best sleepytime strains to consider just before its time to go to bed, as it is guaranteed to help you forget your worries and feel relieved of them.

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This plant is very relaxing, and a little will go a long way – if you want to simply chill out and enjoy being in good company, this strain is the right choice for that. Old School OG is quite potent, with THC levels reaching up to around 20%, so it is advisable to stick to a dose you can handle, if you still want to stay social.

Old School OG Effects
Old School OG Effects – Image powered by

Old School OG can be quite mind-numbing, and you will feel a strong cerebral effect that will move through your whole body and make you feel tingly all over. This strain is also very effective in making you feel happy and euphoric, your mood soaring to the high heavens and not coming down for a while.


Old School OG is very inviting based on its aroma alone, and many consistent users can detect its exact aroma from far away, as it is quite distinct. This strain smells like a potent mix of citrus and grapes, with a pungent and earthy hint that will hang in the air for quite a while.


Old School OG has flavors that will seduce you within the first puff. This bud tastes like skunk and grape on the first inhale, with its smoke tasting much like citrus. As soon as you exhale, this bud will taste more pungent and earthy, leaving a sticky-sour aftertaste on your tongue.

Adverse Reaction

Old School OG can have some adverse reactions especially for less experienced consumers, as it will feel very heavy on the body, and is high in THC. This strain primarily will cause a case of the dry eyes, which can feel irritated and itchy most of the time.

Old School OG Adverse Reaction
Old School OG Adverse Reaction – Image powered by

Other side effects when smoking this bud may include a dry cotton mouth, prompting you to feel thirsty quite a lot. Old School OG can also in some cases make you feel a little antsy, and this may feel like paranoia to many. Some users have also reported to having a slight headache when smoking this heavy bud.


Old School OG has many useful medical abilities that can help you manage your chronic disorders better. This strain comes highly recommended for the treatment of chronic and severe depression, as it can allow the patient to forget his worries and feel more relaxed about his day.

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Some patients have used this bud for the treatment of their glaucoma, as it can reduce inflammations and therefore also reduce the pain that comes with it. Old School OG may allow patients who struggle with sleeplessness overcome their insomnia by helping them create a better sleep pattern.

Old School OG Medical
Old School OG Medical – Image powered by

Old School OG can also be of great use to those who suffer from chronic stress, especially when used regularly at the end of the day. Those who seek a way of relieving their chronic headaches may also find that this bud can be especially helpful for just that.


Old School OG can be grown even by less experienced growers as it is relatively easy to cultivate without complication. This bud is highly resistant to common diseases as well as molds.

Flowering Time

Old School OG when grown indoors can produce a yield of about 13 ounces per square meter planted. This bud takes roughly about 8 to 9 weeks to finish flowering before harvest.

Old School OG grown outdoors can be expected to yield an estimated 16 ounces per plant. This bud should be ready to be harvest around the middle to the end of November on average.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Old School OG? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.



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