Ona Pro Block 6 oz

November 22, 2019

When it comes to stopping the smell in the grow room, there really are not a lot of options. Growers can either use a device to scrub smell off the air or find a product to mask it.

Some cultivators even attempted to use incense or colognes just to coat the scent of the flowering crops but such products are not strong enough to last for a long term.

In choosing an odor neutralizer to manage the smell, consistency is always key. This is vital since the aroma only heightens as time progress, from the flowering stage onwards.

Thankfully, the cannabis market offers several items specifically made to cover the smell of cannabis. This is the case with the sprays, blocks, and gels sold by Canadian brand, Ona. These products are meant to be placed in areas where odors need to be neutralized.

Ona Pro Blocks are ideal for small areas such as foyers, closets, attics, cupboards or vents. It helps mask odors in the gardens or grow rooms without too much effort. It is also beneficial in presenting an effectual cover against the cannabis aromas.

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Ona Pro

Ona Pro Block 6 ozOna gels and blocks were initially developed to control the indoor stench from sewage facilities. Since then, these products have grown popularity with cannabis enthusiast due to its remarkable effectivity in neutralizing odors.

These odor neutralizers are very quick and easy to use. Simply punch several small holes in the cap or remove the cap then place it in the desired location. These blocks measure 3 x 3 inches and will fit in most places. A six-ounce Ona Pro Block costs $8.55 at Growers House.

Ona blocks work by releasing powerful odor neutralizing agent to keep the area free from undesirable odor. Its designed to bind with unpleasant stench in such a way to neutralize the air. Unlike carbon filters, odor neutralizers do not scrub the smells from the air, instead, it covers up the smell of the marijuana garden.

By using Ona Pro Blocks in the den, living room, or other open areas, no hint of the cannabis will reek out even if the crops are only a room away. These blocks work quite well to the extent that it can alter or reduce the flavor of the buds over time if it shares the same air as the buds. That is why it should only be placed outside of the tent or grow space. It is highly effective in neutralizing smells outside of the space.

One or two blocks should be sufficient to cover up almost all of the odor of a few plants inside a closet or tent. If there is a need to mask the scent coming out of the exhaust, that exhaust air can be set blow
over an Ona block before being vented outside.

These blocks typically work for a relatively short window of time and last about four to six weeks, depending on the humidity and/or temperature in the space. A few blocks should be enough to provide coverage all throughout the flowering phase until harvest. These vessels will no longer be effective once the contents dry out so replace as necessary.
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Effectively Neutralizes Odor

Ona Pro Block 6 ozOther odor neutralizers like wall plug-ins and household sprays just are not strong enough to cover up the smell of a cannabis grow space for long, if at all. Most of these products also have a fragrance that is too strong to overshadow the smell but can consequently irritate the nostrils.

Fortunately, there are a few heavy-duty products in the market that are effective for a small-scale cannabis grow rooms, such as the Ona Pro Blocks. These blocks are amongst the revolutionary add-ons that can successfully cover the smell of the area. Buy Ona Pro Block 6 oz Click Here!

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