January 17, 2019

Optic Foliar Atak Concentrate 1L:

The growth of powdery mildew or PM is one of the most common problems in cannabis horticulture. This problem came from a mix of a variety of fungi and any garden can be vulnerable, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

This disease can cause photosynthesis to be severely compromised and the plant’s defenses to be weakened. This makes the crop susceptible to other diseases and pests and inevitably ruining the entire grow operation.

Therefore, the ideal way to deal with this issue is to prevent its growth in the first place.

The second best thing is to control it when it attacks. Now, in order to accomplish such task, growers must be familiar with the disease.
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Controlling Powdery Mildew

Optic Foliar Atak Concentrate 1LTypically, PM has the gray or white color and the bold contrast it creates on the leaves are indications of its presence.

The culprits are the spores that float freely on the wind through ventilation systems, pets or any other living things. It’s an issue that is difficult to detect when it will attack since it stays dormant until the environment becomes ideal for it to strike. It thrives in overcrowded damp grow rooms with little air flowing in the space.

Additionally, it normally feeds on the youngest crops and consumes it entirely. Once it spreads, it will be extremely hard to eliminate. As its reach grow deeper on the crops, the leaves and the entire structure will turn yellow, then brown, until it perishes completely.

Hence, it is critical to hinder these fungi from reaching this point. Keeping a close eye on the crops is key to control the problem.

Signs of PM Outbreak

Checking the cannabis leaves for any odd changes can help stop an infestation. An early indicator is the appearance of small bumps on the topsides of the leaves. Another most common sign is the fuzzy, powder-like round patches on the leaves can be spotted easily. If left unchecked, it could grow into a gray or white powdery compound which can cover a large area of the leaves. These spots will eventually mottle and wilt the infected area. Right around this time, it will begin to contaminate nearby leaves and eventually the entire crop.

The leaves turning to yellow from vibrant green is another indicator to watch out for. Moreover, its typical for molds to appear also as the humidity increases. It is then to be expected that various types of molds can join PM in wreaking havoc to the plants.

Getting Rid of PM

Immediately after noticing the early signs of PM, it is imperative to remove it as fast as possible. Fortunately, there are several effortless ways to control the problem.

Homemade remedies using apple cider vinegar, oil from neem and sesame seeds, fish oil and even milk sprays can do the trick. These sprays can also be used as a preventive measure.

Gently wiping the areas with a wet paper towel is another easy way to get rid of the problem. Effective PM sprays can be purchased as well.

Avoiding PM invasion

To further reiterate, the best way to deal with PM is to prevent it before it even starts. Some methods to guarantee PM-free cannabis plants includes buying strong high-quality seeds from reputable sources. Allotting an adequate grow space to avoid plant overcrowding and ensuring there is constant air flowing can also fend off this issue.

Ample lighting using UVC light makes it hard for the spores to attach to the surface and grow. Providing sufficient hydration without overwatering helps too.

Other sprays composed of oil from coriander, cinnamon, clove, cottonseed, limonene, hydrogen peroxide, garlic, and jojoba are great preventative sprays as well. These sprays are known to also heal infected plants.
Similarly, commercial products are alternative methods for helping the plants resist PM.

By ensuring the grow environment does not encourage the spread of these fungal spores, the problem can be smartly averted.
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Optic Foliar

Optic Foliar Atak Concentrate 1LOptic Foliar’s mission is to manufacture the highest-quality and best-performing foliar sprays in the industry and to be the first product a consumer reaches for when purchasing a foliar spray. To achieve this goal, the brand strives to develop cutting-edge, innovative foliar technologies that push the level of performance of its products by working together as a highly efficient, growth-promoting system for the plants.

Atak Concentrate

The dual action of Optic Foliar Atak immediately combats and eradicates powdery mildew on the leaves while also signaling the plant to increase its SARS response to boost its own immunity and internal defense systems. It is available at Growers House, priced at $30.03 for one liter.

Atak wipes out any powdery mildew (PM) and increases plant health. Utilize Atak to prevent or to combat powdery mildew, and increase plant health anytime from cuttings to late stages of flower.

Maintain healthy plants throughout veg and into late flower with Atak. It will ensure plants receive all essential trace minerals to optimize plant health in all stages of growth including late bloom.

Atak is available in concentrate and Ready-To-Use (RTU) Spray.

Atak RTU (ready to use) is premixed with transport for convenience and ease of use. Atak Ready to use will treat PM and boost the plants overall health. The dual action of Atak immediately combats and eradicates PM on the leaves while also boosting the plant’s overall health to help prevent and combat PM naturally. Utilize Atak concentrate to prevent and combat problems in any stage of growth from cuttings to late stages of flower. Buy Optic Foliar Atak Concentrate 1L Click Here!

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