August 16, 2019

The changeover from vegetative growth to flowering is referred to as the transition period. This normally lasts about a week or two and begins once flowering is initiated. In general, transitional feeding for Sativa’s is longer than Indica’s since it takes the former longer to complete bud set.

The plant still needs the same levels of nitrogen during the first week or two of the flowering stage as it is still vigorously growing new leaves, shoots, and branches. Flowers will develop at a later time, after bud set, during which a ratio of flowering fertilizers should be used.

Optic Foliar Switch Reverse Nutrient is a formula made specifically for transitioning from vegetative to bloom stages. By not depriving crops of a high nitrogen diet and pairing it with the right light cycles, it will grow heartier and stronger. Giving plant tissues a chance to store a little more nitrogen helps it to stay green and healthy until harvest time comes.

Optic Foliar Switch is a great way to give plants the chance to come to full fruition, by still having the ability to photosynthesize during the ripening process.
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Optic Foliar Switch Reverse Nutrient

Optic Foliar Switch Reverse NutrientUtilizing Optic Foliar Switch Reverse Nutrient in the first two weeks of bloom ensures growers that plants will begin to form robust bud sites and flower growth is maximized. This nutrient assists in the seamless transition of nutrients from veg to bloom.

In addition, it prevents and combats key stress factors that may delay the formation of bloom sets. Its available at Growers House in one and four-liter sizes, for $16.14 and $53.50 respectively.

The use of Optic Foliar Switch Reverse Nutrient has also shown to stop the maturity of male flowers or ones exhibiting male traits like hermaphroditic plants. It prevents male flowers from forming and has a fast reversal of action against already existing male flowers.

Usage Directions:

  • Use Optic Foliar Switch with Optic Foliar Transport at a rate of 10 ml per liter or 2 teaspoons per quart (40 ml per 4 liters or 8 teaspoons per gallon). Do not dilute Optic Foliar Switch with water.
  • After adding Optic Foliar Transport, shake vigorously.
  • Spray on to plants. Mixed product must be used within 15 minutes.


  • Spray plants on day 7 and 17 of bloom cycle or at the first sign of flower stress.
  • Safe to be sprayed with lights on.
  • No need to adjust pH of the solution.
  • Do not spray on electrical equipment.
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Growth and Bloom Feed

Optic Foliar Switch Reverse NutrientPlenty of growers continue to give plants growth nutrients into the first or second week of the flowering period then go straight to bloom nutrients. It is during this transition phase that some crops get stressed due to these nutrient changes. Using transitional nutrients such as Optic Foliar Switch Reverse helps avoid such issues from occurring.

Proper nutrients and timing are key in making sure plants and buds end up somewhat bigger. Naturally, it still would depend on the actual bloom feed. This feed should effectively stimulate the plants to switch its attention and resources more towards bud formation than increasing its size.

In this way, growers can play around a bit in giving nutrients to get the desired eventual size of the plant. If the size of the crops is adequate enough and prefer it to remain a little compact, due to space constraints or other reasons, immediately providing bloom feed is the best course of action.

On the flip side, if the plants are on the smaller side and grower is more in partial to increasing the entire structure size, extending the growth feed a while longer can stimulate this. It is important to note that although the difference will not be huge, a few centimeters here and there matters to some.
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Switch and Reverse

Some cannabis varieties have different increase rate in bud size as each individual strain blooms in its own way. A great deal of crops increases very rapidly between the third and fifth week of blooming while others put its real weight on as measured in grams in the last weeks.

Since this is the case, it entails a careful monitoring of the specific plant’s nutritional needs at any Particular moment.

Optic Foliar Switch Reverse Nutrient assures no loss in growth, quality or yield. It works well in aiding cannabis crops for a stress-free growth cycle transition. Equally noteworthy is its ability to stop male flowers from occupying a space in the hefty harvest. Buy Optic Foliar Switch Reverse Nutrient Click Here!

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