June 10, 2019

Grow Journal – Autoflowering Marijuana Plants:

Growing marijuana is worth the trouble, but it can be a lengthy undertaking. This is especially troublesome if you are living in a colder region of the world that tends to have a later thaw in the spring and an earlier frost in the fall.

Autoflowering plants can help northern growers with that issue since it only takes about ten weeks from germination to harvesting time. The main difference between autoflowering plants and regular marijuana plants is that, while regular marijuana plants are photosensitive, autoflowering plants stick to their schedule regardless of how much sun they are getting.

If you are considering growing some autoflowering marijuana plants, reading up on someone else’s experience can do wonders for helping educate you. In this grow journal, I started with five plants altogether: two White Widow feminized autoflower seeds, one Big Bug feminized autoflower, and two Power Plant Feminized autoflower seeds.

May 7th

Things started on May 7th, when the peat pots contained seedling starter oil as well as the seeds, which are ready to germinate. The pots are sitting on the window sill, with the soil moist. It’s just a waiting game at this point.

May 11th

The White Widows have already germinated. They are the first two seeds to do it – I can’t yet see the heads of the other seeds above the soil.

May 13th

Now everything has germinated except for one Power Plant. I will wait and see if that one will germinate properly, or if I will have to dig it up with extreme care to see if its shell has gotten stuck or if there is another issue.

Some seeds simply don’t germinate right away if they are put in the soil first thing. You can always soak your seeds in water for a full 24-hour period to see if it will spur some life.

May 17th

That Power Plant didn’t work out, unfortunately. This leaves two White Widows, one Big Bud, and one Power Plant. Today they were moved to one-gallon containers, each with their own separate one.

Each container is filled with a bit of gravel at the bottom (to maintain healthy drainage), and a mixture of organic and regular soil (half and half). Coco shells have also been placed at the very top to reduce the chances of dehydration as well as lower the number of snails that will come by.

If there are days that are particularly rainy or windy, simply put a little container made of plastic over the plants, so they are protected – remember, they are still young and delicate! Watch the weather forecast because any chance of freezing overnight means you will have to take your plants inside.

May 25th

The four plants have been sitting outside for a week and appear healthy. No pests or snails and no stress is evident. Gave them some artificial manure – just a few grains, since they are too small and young to handle much more than that.

June 1st

There was some bad weather, so the plants were placed inside of a greenhouse for several days. Only three of the plants could fit in this tiny greenhouse, so one White Widow was left outside. The White Widow’s leaves are starting to yellow from the stress of the weather and too much water, but should be healthy enough to survive.

June 8th

The weather over the past week has improved drastically, leading to some excellent growth on all four plants. The White Widow with the yellowing leaves has made a complete comeback, and now all four plants seem healthy again.

June 11th

Everything seems good and healthy. All four plants are doing well.

June 16th

There has been great weather still, and all four plants are growing well. Can’t see any indications of flowers, but the flowering phase shouldn’t be too far away.

June 22nd

The plants look healthy, strong, and growing quickly. They have begun to flower, despite all the sunshine (the beauty of autoflowers), which means they’re still taking in tons of sun. It’s great!

June 29th

You can really start to see the first flowers forming now. I haven’t been feeding them any additional nutrients, but when the days were particularly hot, I have been feeding them extra water.

July 7th

The weather is cooperating, and the flowers are growing extremely well. The bottom leaves are beginning to yellow, which means there could be a deficiency of nitrogen. Then again, it’s nearly harvesting time, so this pattern of behavior is normal. It simply indicates that the plant is dedicating its precious resources to growing its buds as much as possible. Don’t worry about pruning the leaves, as they will fall off on their own.

July 14th

The plants are budding really well, and they no longer are increasing in height.

July 22nd

You can really smell the buds now, as well as notice that they are growing in size and mass really well. If you look closely, you can see they have tons of resin.

Pests and diseases have stayed away, as has poor weather. The bottom leaves are continuing to yellow (normal behavior). The harvest time is about a week away.

July 27th

I harvested the plants today. I chose this time because there were some early indications of bud rot and because the weather was going to be especially damp the next day (which would only make the bud rot worse).

The plants are 11 weeks old and did really well. The big leaves and buds were taken and are hanging upside down in the attic. The window is open (it’s small bug somewhat effective) to allow some flow of air, and there are no heaters or fans.

August 4th

The buds from all four plants have been trimmed. There were small amounts of bud rot, but that was removed, and everything else made it okay. More than five ounces of usable weed were produced from these four little flowers in an eleven-week time span. Overall, it was a great success!

Grower: Heisenbergg
Location: Netherlands
Yield: Over 5 ounces

There are a wide variety of ways to grow marijuana, and unexpected things will always arise. To make informed decisions and to be best prepared, read lots of different grow journals, from others who have grown marijuana before. Please leave comments or questions below.

Happy growing!


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  1. By Jay ,08 Apr 2017
    I want to grow autos outside,but I need a plant that is stealthie enough not to b noticed like a ducks foot u dont offer any on your site.Why?
      1. By Asdf ,24 Jun 2017
        Roy, I think Jay was saying he needs plants that are stealthy. Ones that do not exactly look like Marijuana, but still are Marijuana. He was asking why you do not sell those type.
        1. By Roy ILGM ,26 Jun 2017
          Hmmm I see. Not sure if those exist though.
        2. By sean ,07 Jul 2017
          You can grow most autos or any feminized seed with Scrog or lst training to be a very discreet compact bonsai so most people won't know what It is! Grow it In a closet, cabinet, tent........☮
  2. By Darrin Brant ,04 May 2017
    Can auto flowers be mainlined or stressed in any way?. I've been told you can't. Please help me l love growing marijuana. DbDarr
    1. By latewood.ILGM ,04 May 2017
      Darin Brant, Not sure what you mean by mainlined. Any plant can be stressed. Stress is not a good thing. Not sure what you are asking. You should not clone, cut, or stress auto flower plants. When stressed they tend […]Read More
      1. By Rmlongyear ,06 Jun 2017
        Tried to dress auto not good
    2. By Laz ,12 May 2017
      Autos like LST (tying down or adding weight.) just don't top them. That said, I did have a "stitches Love Potion" which was topped by an insect when it was 5cm tall but still did ok
      1. By sean ,11 Jul 2017
        I tie one tie to the side of a bucket 16 gage speaker wire is great. As plant grows just tug it down a little at a time. You maybe have to do It to two or there more branches […]Read More
        1. By sean ,11 Jul 2017
          Stop smoking meds before trying to write!
    3. By John ,12 May 2017
      No way can they be mainlined! Maybe a slight LST but that's about it. Stick with photoperiods for mainlining.
  3. By Michael Reesberg ,12 May 2017
    Can you grow autoflowers inside?
    1. By Laz ,12 May 2017
      Certainly, with plenty of light
      1. By Jerry ,14 Jun 2017
        I have seven very healthy plants but I don't know the strain of any of them because I bought the mixed seeds, can I send you pictures so maybe you can identify them for me
    2. By latewood.ILGM ,12 May 2017
      Reese, Yes. Of course you can grow autos indoors. One of our staff is doing a side by side of all the autoflower strain we sell in our seed bank. Join the forum and check it out :) lw – […]Read More
    3. By DMbRI ,23 Jun 2017
      Yes yes yes. I highly recommend a 20/4 light schedule throughout-after first germinating/seedling schedule for a few weeks at 24/7. ILGM WW auto, BigBud auto, and *Especially OGK auto (all Fem Auto btw ILGM IS THE SHIT!) have treated me […]Read More
  4. By Statefarm ,12 May 2017
    Can you do a pound with auto's inside grow room..at 5 ft to 6 ft
    1. By latewood.ILGM ,12 May 2017
      Statefarm, I doubt you could get a pound from auto flower plants. Happy growing :) – I❤️GM
    2. By Roy ILGM ,15 May 2017
      That'd be about 5 to 6 auto's I reckon :) – I❤️GM
    3. By DMbRI ,23 Jun 2017
      Possibly but it may be tough because of space issues. Keep your humidity and airflow tight, add some CO2 on a timer to only turn on when your lights on (or else it's wasted), I prefer closed systems but sometimes […]Read More
  5. By Gdawg ,12 May 2017
    Had two autos. One was gorilla glue and the other pineapple express, topped both of them and they did great. Just tried not to stress them out any more after that. Both are getting close to harvest.
    1. By latewood.ILGM ,26 May 2017
      Gdawg, Thanks for sharing about your experience. :) – I❤️GM
  6. By Les ,25 May 2017
    I have a white widow growing the leaves are a purple colour & it is 11 inches tall with a lot of resin it has no branches but is one colan do I need to do anything to or just […]Read More
    1. By latewood.ILGM ,26 May 2017
      Les, It sounds like you are doing fine. Not sure why your plant has purple. 2 answers. 1. You may have a deficiency or possibly your environment is a bit on the cold side. Cab't tell without more info. 2. […]Read More
    2. By DMbRI ,23 Jun 2017
      If you are already in flower not much you can do. Continue as is. Next grow play around with tying down branches, tucking so others get light, and stripping needless fan leaves (NOT ALL OF THEM!!!) while in the VEG […]Read More
  7. By Cassie ,01 Jun 2017
    I am mot sire what auto flower os , but my babes have been in my care now almost 6weeks....what am I doing wrong...they seem to be not growing like id like.
    1. By Roy ILGM ,01 Jun 2017
      Hi Cassie, best hop onto our support forum where our experts stand ready to help you with your grow :) – I❤️GM
  8. By Ronaldus Magnus ,01 Jun 2017
    Admittedly, I'm a novice grower, but have had tons of vegetable gardening experience. These critters are an entirely different animal. I'm currently on my first White Widow auto grow, and in spite of my best efforts to kill her by […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,01 Jun 2017
      Awesome work on the first grow Ronaldus! We'd love to see your lady on the support forum :D – I❤️GM
  9. By ThePhantomGrower ,01 Jun 2017
    5 White Widow autos turned out like 3 different plants. The first plant budded at 10 inches tall before the others even flowered. A 2nd is 24 inches tall and lots of growing buds. The there are 3 "normal" 18 […]Read More
    1. By sean ,04 Jun 2017
      I've grown several ( 30+) wwa from Roberts stock, they were anywhere from ten inches to twenty seven inches tall, all bud. At least 30gr to 100gr per plant. I've scrogged the shit out of these babies, even left one […]Read More
  10. By John King ,01 Jun 2017
    Hello. I can text you pics of the white widow. The two I have left from last season. They are a lot bigger than the Amnesia Haze.
    1. By Roy ILGM ,01 Jun 2017
      Hey John, best post your pics on the support forum. Our experts there can help you out :D – I❤️GM
  11. By Baba ,23 Jun 2017
    Hi guys wondering if I can grow on horse manure instead of soil or coco, and if so what addicts and supplement can I use on. I have purchased auto white widow seeds, thanks guys!
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,11 Jul 2017
      Baba, Horse manure that is not composted would be too hot for your plants. Manure needs to be composted 6 month to a year to be broken down and safe. Composting also makes the nutrients more available. Why not join […]Read More
  12. By Mona ,23 Jun 2017
    We have a couple small plants that have curly leaves. Is this a bug or what? If so what should I do?
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,11 Jul 2017
      Mona, Curly leaves can be that the light source is too close, or it is too hot. PH being off also can be considered curling or twisted leaves.
  13. By Ron ,23 Jun 2017
    Wow,the autos are amazing, I'm still learning to get them as big as possible before they start the budding process, any suggestions please.THANKS RON.
    1. By Roy ILGM ,26 Jun 2017
      Hi Ron, although they don't flower dependent on a light schedule, they do thrive under more light. So give them as much light as you can during the veg stage.
  14. By Sweb ,24 Jun 2017
    My problem is that I don't have much success getting the seeds to grow after the hulls crack. Seems like I have to try n sprout a bunch just to get a few to grow
    1. By Roy ILGM ,26 Jun 2017
      Hi Sweb, maybe you can put your seedling process on the support forum for our experts to see. They might be able to pinpoint what you can improve on.
    2. By latewood_ILGM ,11 Jul 2017
      Sweb, Have you downloaded Robert's Free grow Bible? There are some proven techniques for starting seeds in this free tutorial. :)
  15. By Al ,29 Jun 2017
    Hi..Al.....I put my auto ww seed in water for about 17 days,the strip on the edge,came off ok.And it cracked ok,but,never srouted at all....Do you think it might be something in the water?...I want to use miraclegrow as soil,should I […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,29 Jun 2017
      Hi Al, I think the best place to get answers to your questions is our support forum. There are many experts there that are very willing to help you out.
    2. By latewood_ILGM ,11 Jul 2017
      Al, Your seed may have drowned. You only keep a seed in water for a day or 2. If seeds do not split open and show a tail, (fresh seeds), then there is an issue. I suggest you look into […]Read More
  16. By Al ,29 Jun 2017
    Hi..Al...p.s....I deluted the miraclegrow,to a eye dropper,of two drops.To a gallon of water?..can I do that?..TY Al
  17. By dave ,04 Jul 2017
    how long does it take for auto- flowering how long yeg and how long to bud I will be doing it inside need all the help I can get???
    1. By Roy ILGM ,05 Jul 2017
      Hi Dave, it's probably best to start a topic on the support forum. Our experts there are able to help you with all your questions about your grow.
    2. By latewood_ILGM ,11 Jul 2017
      dave, Auto flower genetics do not need inducement of a flowering photo period. The Auto flower genetics ...well, err... auto flower. You can use any photo period you want. Some auto enthusiast like to use 24/0 photo, while more expert […]Read More

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