December 10, 2019

Grow Journal for Outdoor Hydroponics:

If you are interested in growing the biggest marijuana plants that you possibly can, an outdoor hydroponics setup is certainly for you. Massive marijuana plants produce huge amounts of buds (think more than a pound of weed) at eight feet tall.

If you are growing hydroponically, your marijuana plants can be fed automatically. This is great for growers who need vacation time once in a while, or simply can’t commit to feeding their plants consistently during the entire growing season.

You may also be surprised to learn that the setup costs aren’t outrageous. You could spend $100 for all new equipment, or even less if you use secondhand equipment. Studying a grow journal is the perfect way to understand what you can expect with a new way of growing, so read carefully!

• 2 Santa Maria feminized seeds
• 1 old table
• 2 double 17-gallon cement buckets
• 35 gallons of clay pellets
• 1 25-gallon cement bucket (used as your water container)
• 1 water pump
• 1 water hose
• A few garden connectors

April 27th

The system is totally recycled, running on discarded aquarium water (20 gallons per week). The TDS levels will remain low throughout the growing cycle, but some nutrients will be added in a few weeks.

Every month the water tank is cleaned out. Every week new water is added as needed. Besides that, the system runs itself and doesn’t need much in the way of hands-on efforts. Nonetheless, lots of marijuana will come out of it.

The timer runs five times a day for fifteen minutes so the plants can get plenty of water.

May 31st

The temperatures have been fluctuating a lot over the last month, with hot and sunny days as well as cold ones taking turns. There was rain and some hail as well. The plants nonetheless are doing fine.

You can already tell they are going to be huge.

I’ve cleaned the water tank, and the plants are getting some Canna nutrients. The TDS is at 750 (EC 1.5), and the pH level is at 6.3. I used Canna Aqua Vega A & B for the vegetative phase.

June 21st

The weather has been nice lately, and the plants are clearly better for it. They are getting lots of sunlight, which means more growth and eventually more buds. We’ll put in a grow net after a few weeks. This will prevent the branches from snapping when the huge buds begin to get too heavy (a great problem to have).

July 11th

These plants are using three gallons of water per day, and they have already grown to the height of the roof gutter. Because they use so much water, I’m refilling the tank more often. Some nutrients are added once per week.

July 25th

The weather has been great, and the plants are doing really well. They are now taking in approximately five gallons of water every day. A bigger tank is necessary since they are taking in so much water (the 25-gallon tank originally used is not big enough). Pruning and cloning would best be done during this time.

August 8th

The plants have surpassed the eight-foot mark in terms of height. The weather hasn’t been as nice as August weather usually is (colder than normal), but they are still growing well and using up five gallons of water every day.

You can begin to see some early signs of flowering. The plants are getting Canna Vega A & B still, however. The stems are quite thick, which means they are efficiently transporting water and nutrients throughout the plant.

August 22nd

The plants have surpassed the eight-foot mark in terms of height. The weather hasn’t been as nice as August weather usually is (colder than normal), but they are still growing well and using up five gallons of water every day.

You can begin to see some early signs of flowering. The plants are getting Canna Vega A & B still, however. The stems are quite thick, which means they are efficiently transporting water and nutrients throughout the plant.

September 2nd

The plants finally stopped growing taller and now are growing their buds instead. They are taller than 8 feet and have fully converted to the flowering phase now.

The nutrient regimen has been changed to Canna Flora A & B, which has all the requirements for a healthy flowering phase.

September 13th

Heavy dew has been forming in the mornings lately, so any amount of wind is good – particularly when the weather is cloudy (to prevent mold). The buds are growing, and the plants are taking in the sun.

September 18th

The days have been sunny, which means there is more evaporation and therefore a greater consumption of water. The plants are taking in more than six gallons of water per day.

In additional to the Canna Flora, the plants are getting a shot of shooting powder (much like PK 13/14). You can add one sachet per every 25 gallons of water that are in the tank. This increases the TDS to 250, with an EC of 0.5.

September 19

Just some green porn 😉

September 23rd

Bud rot has afflicted our plants. It was hard to catch because of the massive height of the plants. One branch was absolutely decimated.

The affected branch was removed, and careful inspection of the other branches was done. The other branches appear to be fine, however. Bud rot is a constant risk when the climate is cool and moist.

September 27th

The buds are getting bigger and bigger, but there have also been more instances of bud rot. If it worsens then the harvest will need to be done right away – better save what we can rather than risking it all.

The plants are back down to absorbing 5 gallons of water per day. They still look happy and healthy.

September 30

Just some pictures…

October 2nd

Today was the harvest day. There were some strong winds last night, causing some damage, and the bud rot was spreading – so the harvest needed to happen now.

Although the buds weren’t as ripe as a grower would prefer, it is enough to smoke plenty of weed for the next year.

The plants are hanging upside down in a shed to dry. There is a small fan aimed just beneath the buds, with a little electric heater preventing nighttime temperatures from getting too low.

Grower: Bambo
Location: Netherlands

There are a wide variety of ways to grow marijuana, and unexpected things will always arise. To make informed decisions and to be best prepared, read lots of different grow journals, from others who have grown marijuana before. Please leave comments or questions below.

Happy growing!


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  1. By DAVID ARMSTRONG ,07 Apr 2017
    WOW !SURE GLAD I FOUND YOU ROBERT...and YOUR SITE=WEBPAGE..I HAVE GROWN for some 20 years ,but never had the help I now get from you and your site '' .GOOD ONE ! ''
    1. By Roy ILGM ,07 Apr 2017
      Glad to be able to help David, enjoy!
  2. By Mark martin ,07 Apr 2017
    I never ran co2 from tanks .I have been using the Xhale bags.every bodyso telling me I will see a big change 50% or 75%and then I heard 30%..what' do u think.30 50 or 70%
  3. By Mark martin ,07 Apr 2017
    I got a 4ft. ×4ft. Tent and a co2 tank how many minutes on and off like 15mins. On 15 off or 30 on 30 off please tell me it came with a chart but I can not figure it […]Read More
    1. By latewood.ILGM ,12 Apr 2017
      Mark Martin, IN order to use and read Co2 ppm; You need a TDS meter for Co2, that can read the ppm for you. It reads how much is in the air. It is important to know how much Co2 […]Read More
  4. By Buddy ,07 Apr 2017
    I know this must sound stupid,but how does feminise seeds. I have about two kgs of good Swazi
    1. By latewood.ILGM ,12 Apr 2017
      Hey buddy, Not sure what you are asking about feminized seeds. Perhaps you would like to join our support forum ilovegrowingmarijuana.com, and we can help you find the information you seek, :)
  5. By run_thc ,07 Apr 2017
    That's fascinating. I've always wanted to do hydro outdoors
    1. By latewood.ILGM ,12 Apr 2017
      run_thc, We are so glad you found this information useful. Happy growing :)
  6. By CD ,08 Apr 2017
    last year you had a section on CLONING but I can't seem to find it on my laptop. It was fairly simple but took a while for the stems to root using ROOTING POWDER. please could you send the article […]Read More
  7. By Leco Jucá ,10 Apr 2017
    congratulations for your knowledge man, very efficient and simple...the plant got huge...i will try soon!!..
  8. By paul ,11 Apr 2017
    love grow stories....im starting hydro then outside in fox fire and make them flower when i want.....also hydro from start to finish...
  9. By paul ,11 Apr 2017
    my biggest issue is root rot. but have come along way with my nor.cal friends.
  10. By Gene ,14 Apr 2017
    Question... do you germinate the seeds in start in soil blocks or do you somehow put the seed right into the clay pellets? Basically, the shopping list said seeds and then the picture shows seedlings. Wondering how it suggested to […]Read More
  11. By Andre ,01 Jun 2017
    In the southern hemisphere, we are entering winter and because our temperatures outside vary from 11 at night to 26 during the day (Celsius) we wish to apply nutrients but importing the fertilisers is too costly. To this end, we […]Read More
    1. By latewood.ILGM ,03 Jun 2017
      Andre, This too vast a topic to address here in the blog comment section. Please join our forum and look me up. We have many growers from your area on the globe and I am sure our experts and members […]Read More
      1. By Robert ,30 Nov 2018
        Amazing grow thanks for sharing.... I am just so amazed by the size of the plants vs the size of the container. I thought my pots where to small haha
  12. By steven ,03 Nov 2018
    hello where you find this seeds of the santa maria feminized ? with bank regards Steven
  13. By Jacob ,16 Jan 2019
    Dope. Why not dwc? Have you had experience?

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