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August 03, 2018, US

Every other day a poll is conducted to see whether marijuana should be legalized. A recent survey has been carried out by Harris Polling— an analytics company. The result of this survey is very similar to all such polls conducted in the last couple of years i.e. the majority of the US population is in favor of legalizing cannabis. 85 percent of U.S. citizens support the legalization of cannabis for therapeutic use. On the other hand, 57 percent endorse cannabis legalization for recreational purpose. The survey was commissioned by a health website to find out the opinion of masses on cannabis.

Deputy Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Paul Armentano, has talked to the website on the results of the survey. He believes that decriminalization and legalization of marijuana are not partisan issues anymore. People have seen how badly prohibition laws and the war on drugs have failed in yielding desirable results. He stresses upon the need of legalizing marijuana by explaining that it is for the common good. Armentano urges lawmakers to comprehend the issue of marijuana in the light of public support and growing body of evidence of its therapeutic benefits.

Legalizing Marijuana
Legalizing Marijuana – Image powered by Valleynewslive.com

It is important to note that the majority of respondents want regulated and controlled marijuana reforms. Nearly 80 percent of surveys highlighted that MMJ should only be made accessible through physicians’ prescriptions. Similarly, the majority of them consider FDA approval mandatory for MMJ products.

Survey also indicates that opioid crisis has played an important role in shifting the opinion regarding cannabis legalization. For instance, 53 percent of respondents think that the availability of legal marijuana will reduce the number of opioid-related deaths. Many states with MMJ programs are considering adding opioid addiction in the list of qualifying conditions. In fact, some have already done that.

Kids: The Major Reason for Opposing Marijuana Legalization

Among the respondents opposed to legal marijuana, 57 percent are worried about the easy access of marijuana to minors. Managing director of Harris Poll also thinks that the opposition of recreational and medical marijuana originates from the fear that it will end up in wrong hands.

Kids The Major Reason for Opposing Marijuana Legalization
Kids The Major Reason for Opposing Marijuana Legalization – Image powered by Civilized.life

Despite this opposition, there is a silver lining. Majority of the people opposed to the idea of marijuana legalization are not against the strain itself. Instead, they have reservations about the unrestrained levels of accessibility. This is indeed a significant development because until a few years ago marijuana was considered a harmful drug by the masses.

What has brought About This Change of Heart?

Cannabis analysts think that the exponential increase in the use of cannabis for therapeutic reasons has considerably changed public opinion. In the U.S., 30 states have legalized marijuana for therapeutic use. It is definitely an exhibition of increased public acceptance for the drug. Regardless of changing public opinion, the federal government is still hell-bent on its standing on the strain. Cannabis, like other deadly synthetic drugs, is still classified as Schedule I substance.


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