September 20, 2019

Oxygen Pot Systems Super-Flow XL Analog 12 Site:

Ebb and Flow system, also known as Flow and Drain, is currently the most popular hydroponic method for growing cannabis. This easy-to-use technique can potentially produce potent quick-flowering plants. s

This all-in-one hydroponic system that has crops grown in a medium, where stems develop and roots grow through and down into the nutrient solution. This solution is filled in the growing bed, at the bottom layer using a pump on a timer that waters and feeds the crops. Once the timed pump shuts off, the nutrient solution drains back into the reservoir.

A standard Ebb and Flow system have pots and plants on a growing bed that is individually set up on Rockwool cubes or some other appropriate growing medium. Typically, the bed can hold around 2 inches of nutrient solution. This solution is then pumped into the bed to push out oxygen and flood the growing medium from the bottom to the top. A drain pipe gets filled once the liquid solution hits its maximum level.

This system makes use of a timer to periodically flood and drains the solution in the growing medium using a pump. This technique is often designed using two pots or tubs, one sitting on top of the other. The top tub contains the crop while the bottom tray has the water pump, a nutrient solution reservoir, and an air stone, for healthier roots. A pump tubing into the top tray is connected to the bottom by a single hole. Once the pump shuts off, the liquid drains back to the reservoir via the same hole it came out of.

Utilizing another hole to drain the solution to bottom plate is recommended to prevent unplanned flooding. The pump can be set up to run using the 30 or 15 minutes on and off common interval cycles, depending on the growing medium used.

The nutrient and pH issues can be corrected in the reservoir without fiddling with the actual plant. Additionally, although easy to set up it needs to be carefully monitored since an undetected pump failure can be catastrophic to the grow operation.
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Ebb and Flow Growing Mediums

Oxygen Pot Systems Super-Flow XL Analog 12 SiteWith the increasing popularity of growing mediums in the hydroponic world, aside from the popular mediums like sand, gravel, volcanic rock and perlite, there is new substrate are also out in the market. Some of the sought-after substrates are coco coir, clay pebbles, and Rockwool.


Rockwool is widely used in hydroponic systems, primarily in growing cannabis and it’s an excellent insulating material. In using this substrate, growers need some experience and time to set up and run. Cultivators must ensure that the pH of the cubes is about 5.5 before placing the seeds to germinate. Rockwool cubes must be immersed in a nutrient solution with an EC with the nutritional value of 0.5 to 0.6 and a pH of around 4.5 for 24 hours, in order to achieve that. If the pH has not reached the desired level after such time, immerse the cubes for a few more hours while checking regularly to get the necessary 5.5 pH.

Coco Coir

Coco Coir is a popular substrate in growing, particularly amongst Asian grow operations. This medium is a natural byproduct that came from coconut plantations, specifically from the outer shell of the coconut. This renewable waste can absorb water more efficiently and hold moisture better than soil.

Moreover, it has a neutral pH value and has nutrients naturally present. It is a fantastic option for indoor growing and can be used for up to five years. And although Coco Coir retains water for extended periods of time, it does not develop any fungi, making it a great choice for novice cultivators.

Clay Pebbles

Another substrate for hydroponics that is growing in popularity is clay pebbles. This medium is well-known for its ability to provide excellent oxygenation for the roots. If properly irrigated, the roots can have the potential for colossal growth.

Additionally, clay pebbles allow an easy nutrient absorption, without placing the roots under any stress, provided that quality clay pebbles are used. These are the ones that have already been washed and the pH adjusted.
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Oxygen Pot Systems Super-Flow XL Analog 12 Site

Oxygen Pot Systems Super-Flow XL Analog 12 SiteOxygen Pot Systems Super-Flow XL Analog 12 Site is a premium hydroponic system that introduces an all-new technology to the Ebb and Flow Bucket technique. It can expand the plant’s roots and inevitably increase the harvest by taking the gardening performance to the next level. It retails for $749.99 at Growers House.

This system uses fabric instead of plastic pots in order to provide superior root development. The breathable fabric pots improve drainage and increase oxygen levels in the root zone, leading to optimum plant health. Not only do fabric pots provide optimum conditions for supercharged growth rates, but it also improves yields significantly and prevent root diseases.

The spacious Oxygen Pot XL Super Flow 4.5-gallon green grow sites give the roots room it needs to grow to its full potential and maximize yields. The system can expand up to 18 sites maximum with the 66 Gallon Covert Collapsible water tank reservoir, also included. The Super-Flow can expand to fit any size growing space as well.

Systems larger than 18 sites will require a larger capacity reservoir than the included 66 Gallon Covert Collapsible water tank reservoir, which can be bought separately.

This patent-pending Oxygen Pot Ebb and Flow feature the Gro-Commander Controller Module that comes with four, 3/4 inch outputs, which allow system expansion up to 36 sites. Six bucket add-on kits, sold separately, can be used to expand the system beyond six sites. Buy Oxygen Pot Systems Super-Flow XL Analog 12 Site Click Here!

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