January 14, 2019

August 27, 2018, Pennsylvania

After successful execution of the MMJ program in Pennsylvania, cannabis reformists and advocates are now striving for legalizing adult-use marijuana. For instance, Jack Wheatley, a local house representative, has announced to introduce the legalization bill in the state legislature soon. Wheatley has also launched an online petition to gather the required support for his bill.

According to him, the benefits of legalizing recreational use outweigh its downsides. He urges the public and lawmakers to take a look at all those states that are reaping benefits by legalizing both recreational and medical cannabis. To substantiate his claims, Wheatley has also presented an early estimate of the tax revenue generated from an all-legal cannabis market of the state.

According to the forecast, Pennsylvania can collect over $550 million dollars from the legalized sales of MMJ and adult-use cannabis. One has to commend Rep. Wheatley for his extensive homework on the issue of legalization. He has eloquently talked about all the areas that would get benefits from statewide legalization of recreational marijuana.

Pennsylvania recreational cannabis bill
Pennsylvania recreational cannabis bill – Image powered by Blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com

For example, decriminalization and legalization of adult-use marijuana will free up law enforcement bodies and the judicial system from the unnecessary work of apprehending and prosecuting minor cannabis crimes. When cannabis won’t be an illegal commodity anymore, the state police will have the chance to readdress its priorities. Similarly, the legalization of cannabis will cut off substantial revenue for organized crimes that control the black market of the strain. Besides that, the money coming from the legal sales of marijuana will help out the state in streamlining many of its projects centered on public welfare.

The bill, Wheatley has promised to introduce in the House, would also expunge the past criminal records linked to cannabis. Expunging past cannabis convictions will set thousands of citizens free and allow them to lead a normal life again.

The opposition is also there

The opposition is also there
The opposition is also there – Image powered by Weedist.com

Soon after Wheatley revealed its intention to introduce a legalization bill, spokesperson of GOP lawmakers Stephen Miskin denounced the proposal. He even equated marijuana with fatal drug substances such as cocaine and heroin. Patrick Nightingale, the director of NORMAL’s Pittsburgh chapter, was quick in responding to the scaremongering of the GOP spokesperson.

She has censured Miskin on resorting to baseless assertions against marijuana. Nightingale thinks that Miskin is just avoiding the honest debate on the issue. It is true that drawing parallels between marijuana and other deadly drugs are uncalled for. Not a single case in modern history has been reported where a death has occurred due to marijuana overdose. This single fact is enough to not put marijuana with the likes of cocaine and heroin. The ridiculous statement from Miskin also indicates that any adult-use bill will face a tough opposition from GOP lawmakers.

Pennsylvania legalized medical use of marijuana two years ago. In February this year, they the legal sale of marijuana was also started in the state. As of now, the state’s MMJ program is serving more than 50,000 patients and over 700 physicians are registered to make marijuana recommendations.

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