January 17, 2019

Photosynthesis is the natural process that uses and converts light into chemical energy in sugar. Hence, the source of light itself plays a critical role in growing healthy buds.

In an indoor garden, using the right (or the wrong) lighting system affects the plants and its yield. While there are many factors including the medium, nutrients, and water, it is light that makes it possible for plants to utilize food and energy in developing flavorful and potent flowers.

The importance of grow lighting system becomes evident when setting up a grow room. In fact, it is one of the first things that growers should think about. Often, it comes to the question of priority – is it the room itself or the light the matters the most?

Better light means bigger buds with regards to cannabis cultivation. Not only should it be accessible, it also has to produce the right spectrum conducive to growth. Furthermore, it must provide an adequate light intensity to induce sufficient energy that is essential to growing remarkable buds.
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Phantom 50 Series Commercial DE Open Lighting System

Phantom 1000W 50 Series Commercial DE Open Grow Lighting System An ideal ballast choice for efficient growing is the Hydrofarm creation, Phantom 50 Series Commercial Double Ended (DE) Open lighting system. Utilize the industry’s double-ended 1000W and 750W HPS lamps with a state-of-the-art microprocessor technology.

Phantom 50 Series Commercial DE has a unique technology feature that evenly delivers ideal PAR value over a broad footprint. This system provides a one-of-a-kind ability to move the ballast from the reflector for remote use. Thus, it enables ballast operation outside of the grow area to manage the heat load effectively.

At the heart of the entire system is the Phantom PHB5010 Commercial DE Ballast. Its high precision microprocessor design makes it exceptionally efficient and reliable. Additionally, it is lightweight, noise-free and generator ready

It is flexible in multi-voltage operations (120V, 208V, and240V). Furthermore, it comes with RJ12 to RJ12 cable, USB to RJ12 cable, RJ12 splitter, an 8-foot power cord, and instructions.

A control port on the panel in front that enables data communication and connection with the Autopilot PX1 Lighting Controller via USB is also included.
Its USB interface can be linked with the Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller or APDPX1.

The APDPX1 gives dual-zone, centralized digital control of the Phantom 50 Series Commercial DE lighting. It allows users to boost switch, and dim multiple USB-compatible Hydrofarm ballasts at once. It could handle a total capacity of 512 ballasts with up to 256 in each of two individual zones.

Using the APDPX1 controller, of course, is optional as it is particularly useful only in large-scale commercial cultivation.

Phantom Commercial DE ballasts operates flawlessly regardless if manually of with the use of the controller.

A European-made premium DE lamp with a rated PAR output of 2100 µmol and DE1000Lh Open Reflector is included in the kit.

The Phantom 50 Series Commercial DE Open Lighting System is available at Growers House for only $589.99. Besides the support provided by the widely recognized online retailer, this unit is also backed by 3 years of warranty by Hydrofarm.

PHB5010 Ballast Features

Phantom 1000W 50 Series Commercial DE Open Grow Lighting System

    • USB interface provides full compatibility with Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller
    • High-precision microprocessor control
    • Six-way wattage output control: 600W, 750W, 825W, 1000W, and 1150W + PX1 control mode
    • Robust commercial design and superior reliability
    • LED status indicator
    • Internal RF shielding
    • Patented ignition control
    • End of lamp life signal
    • Auto-restrike feature protects valuable lamps from damaging power interruptions
    • Cooling fins for maximum heat dissipation
    • Suitable for use in damp locations
    • Features an IEC power connection and comes with an 8′ 120V 16/3 AWG power cord with EMI suppression and NEMA 6-15P plug
    • Includes 15′ USB-RJ12 Controller Cable Pack

Premium DE Lamp Features


      • High proportions of red and blue light guarantee efficient photosynthesis
      • Excellent PAR output (2100 µmol/s)
      • Quartz glass outer jacket for superior optical quality
      • Lamp design eliminates shadowing from arc tube support
      • Designed for use with Hydrofarm and PARsource high-frequency DE fixtures and ballasts

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DE1000Lh Reflector Features

        • The double-ended system delivers higher PAR value with excellent uniformity
        • Patented open roof design for ideal lamp operational temperature
        • Premium aluminum European hammertone interior: 99.85% pure, 95% reflectivity
        • Directs light down in a focused pattern
        • Compact design minimizes interference with the sun in greenhouse applications
        • Excellent efficiency at higher mounting heights
        • Requires fewer reflectors to meet desired light levels
        • Compounding performance in multi-light configurations
        • European-made VS K12 x 30s high-temperature lamp holders
        • Patented reflector design: D731,109 (and other patents pending)

Environmental Controllers

          • When setting restrike delays with your environmental controller, it is best to set a restrike delay at 20 minutes or longer to prevent constant restrikes throughout the day.
          • When installing your controller, it is best to program the controller for a staggered start with 40 luminaires or less on each start.
          • It is best to use special HID relays and high inrush circuit breakers to ensure proper performance. Lighting sub-panels should have a fan installed to prevent high heat of the sub-panel and optimum performance.

Autopilot PX1 Controller

The Autopilot PX1 controller is designed to work with the Phantom Commercial DE Electronic Ballast. Follow the PX1 Controller instructions for proper operation and to avoid ballast damage.

A typical setup for the PX1 Digital Lighting Controller is shown below.

Autopilot PX1 Controller
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Operating Environment

Phantom 1000W 50 Series Commercial DE Open Grow Lighting System

          • Always provide a well-ventilated environment where ambient temperatures do not exceed 40°C (104°F) regardless of whether the ballasts are in operation or off. Excessive temperatures can inhibit performance and may cause damage or shorten the life of the ballasts and void the warranty.
          • Do not run or store lights in the greenhouse unless proper environmental cooling systems are in operation. Greenhouses that are “shut down” can record excessively high temperatures resulting in premature equipment failure.
          • When calculating cooling needs for your greenhouse, take into consideration the excessive heat that can be shed by HID lighting.
          • This ballast is intended for indoor or greenhouse use only. Do not run lights where water will come in direct contact with the ballast or lamp.
          • Weight: 18.8 lbs.
          • Dimensions: 25.4L x 13.2W x 11.4H
          • Watts:1000w
          • Voltage:120-240v

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