January 14, 2019

April 19, 2018, Louisiana 

In a momentous turn of events, New Orleans is going to get its first medical cannabis dispensary. Louisiana’s pharmacy board has awarded an MMJ dispensary license to a drug store that has been operating for more than 50 years in New Orleans. This Tuesday, the board awarded H&W drug store the license to open one of the first nine MMJ dispensaries of the state.  H&W, a pharmacy business being operated by second generation of the Henry Family, has been running their drug stores at different locations in the city’s 9th ward. 

It’s worth noting that in start, H&W Drug Store was not a likely candidate to get one of the first few MMJ business permits. One sub-committee of the state’s pharmacy board ranked them second to last for Region 1 of Louisiana. This region includes New Orleans and some neighboring cities.  

However, things worked out for H&W drug store somehow. For instance, the pharmacy board rejected the first recommendation of the subcommittee. Rx Greenhouse was the first pick of the subcommittee, but board denied them license because of their inappropriate choice of location. Rx Greenhouse was planning to establish MMJ dispensary in the building that had an indoor recreational area for children.  

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Louisiana
Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Louisiana – Image powered by Laweekly.com

Moreover, the board was also convinced by H&W’s long history of serving the local community. Experience of more than 50 years in dealing with pharmaceutical products ensures that the business can be trusted with its ethics and operations. So, eventually all nine of the board members voted in favor of H&W as the rightful candidate to run MMJ operations in region 1 of Louisiana. 

The existing medical cannabis laws of Louisiana divide it into nine regions and initially each of them is getting one MMJ dispensary. The pharmacy board has a plan to increase the number of these dispensaries in the coming days in accordance with the demand of MMJ products.  

It should be kept in mind that these dispensaries will be allowed to sell certain types of marijuana products. Louisiana’s MMJ laws don’t allow the sales of dried flowers and leaves of cannabis, which means MMJ patients won’t be able to consume their therapeutic doses through smoking. However, MMJ products in the form of topical variants, oils, and pills can be put on sale by the dispensaries.  

Louisiana’s MMJ
Louisiana’s MMJ – Image powered by Weedjournal.org

Like most of the MMJ programs, patients here in Louisiana will also need doctor’s recommendation to get their medicines. Nine chronic and debilitating diseases including Crohn’s disease, cancer, and muscular dystrophy are enlisted in the qualifying conditions of Louisiana’ MMJ program.  

There is another restriction outlined in medical cannabis laws of the state. MMJ dispensaries can only sell products that are made of raw cannabis plants cultivated in the agriculture facilities of Louisiana University and Southern University. According to experts, that specific marijuana strain is medical grade and contains amount of THC suitable for MMJ patients. 

As the things are proceeding, patients in Louisiana will get MMJ products from their local dispensaries in the next couple of months.

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