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June 06, 2018

Polls and surveys are always a good indicator of public mood on any given topic. However, many experts are of the thought that surveys are not always reflective of what masses think. Moreover, results of the same survey can be very different if the asked quested is projected with a slight change.  

For advocates, polls conducted by different analytical companies on the issue of cannabis legalization are an important talking point.  For instance, a recent PEW survey suggests that around 61 percent of US citizens are in favor of cannabis legalization. This number is very encouraging for every group and individuals who strive for marijuana legalization. It shows that if a nationwide referendum was held today, then cannabis would become a legalized commodity in the country. 

However, decision-makers don’t follow these surveys to devise their policies. For that matter, cannabis remains beyond consideration in the federal legislature. It is interesting to note that every year the support of legalization see an increase from the previous year. Moreover, the similar trend appears in nearly every survey on the question of cannabis.  

Polls and surveys
Polls and surveys – Image powered by Nbcnews.com
  • The majority of younger demographics and individuals with a liberal point of view are in favor of legalization 
  • The majority of older demographics and individuals with conservative tendencies strictly oppose the legalization.  

A Poll Asking the Morality of Cannabis Consumption  

Mostly, cannabis-related surveys are about the legality surrounds the strain. This might be the first time when a survey has asked the participants about the morality of consuming alcohol and marijuana. Gallup, a global performance management company, has recently asked 1000 adults about the moral aspect of consuming marijuana and alcohol.  

Nearly 78 percent respondents think it’s morally acceptable to drink alcohol. The moral support for cannabis consumption is relatively low. 65 percent surveyees are of the belief that there is no moral constraint in consuming cannabis. 

Alcohol and cannabis both are an intoxicating substance with the former more harmful to health. But still more people consider alcohol morally acceptable than cannabis. This shows that societal conditioning plays important role in shaping the morality of individuals.  

Religion: An Important Factor in Shaping Morality  

Religion An Important Factor in Shaping Morality
Religion An Important Factor in Shaping Morality – Image powered by Creativeinspirationsatmymessydesk.com

The survey also assesses the role of religion in the building the morality regarding cannabis use. The survey asked the respondents about their church visits to gauge religious inclination. It has found out that support for cannabis and alcohol both drop among frequent churchgoers. Only 41 and 60 percent of churchgoers consider the consumption of marijuana and alcohol morally acceptable respectively.  

Meanwhile, atheist and people who rarely go to church seem ok with the use of cannabis from a moral point of view. Nearly one-third of such respondents think cannabis consumption is perfectly fine on moral grounds. 

Experts, particularly, cannabis advocates think that the illegal status of cannabis also plays its part in shaping the moral values of people regarding the strain. They articulate that the moral acceptance of cannabis use has increased because of the medical and recreational legalization of cannabis in more states.

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