January 14, 2019

Marijuana has a lot of therapeutic properties which is why it has gotten such deserving hype. While it can help with several illnesses like epilepsy, there are states in the United States that do not offer MMJ for Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. One of such states is Colorado.

However, the recent good news is that after going through several trials, the state officials have finally decided to add PTSD to its Marijuana Program. It hasn’t happened yet, but things are on the verge of this favorable change. This happened last Tuesday when the Senate approved doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to patients suffering from severe anxiety disorder. It is now up to Governor John Hickenlooper if this bill turns into a law or not.

Colorado Flag with Strain – Image powered by 123rf.com

Although nothing is certain, supporters of the bill are certain that the Governor’s decision will go in their favor. Steve DeFino—one of the supporters—said in an interview,

“I’m really excited to see this option being afforded to veterans because they really need this,”

The concern that arose, however, was that although the bill was to primarily assist the veterans, it can easily give kids access to marijuana. To cope with this matter, a far stricter qualification criterion was set for underage PTSD sufferers.

As per the amendment, all those under the age of eighteen will require a pediatrician’s permission to get the drug. The permission can also be granted by a child’s psychiatrist or a family doctor who is licensed. There were also some other suggestions but they were discarded for being too conservative. One of the recommendations was to ban PTSD-suffering minors from the use of this drug altogether.

Medical Marijuana and PTSD
PTSD and Medical Marijuana

Unfortunately, the recreational marijuana for PTSD bears high costs which make it far too difficult for people living mediocre lifestyles to gain access to marijuana, even if they are over 21 and suffer from PTSD. The advocates of patients argued that people are not able to pay such high taxes on the use of this drug.

This problem is of such great extent that a lot of people might even suffer from deteriorated health conditions, just because they could not afford the drug. The result is that some of these people then turn towards the black market to avoid taxes, while others learn to live with the deteriorated health conditions. According to DeFino,

“There’s a lot of guys that have run out of options, can’t afford recreational prices, and being able to allow medical as a qualifying condition is very huge for some people,”

The struggle to make Colorado Department of Public Health consider PTSD as a qualifying condition for MMJ use has existed for quite a while now. Unfortunately, every single time they were approached with the matter, it got refused. However, the recent bill on the matter has already come a long way. The approval of Governor Hickenlooper is the final step to be cleared. If he signs the bill, making it a law—which many are hopeful he will—Colorado will become the 16th US state where patients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can access medical marijuana.

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