January 17, 2019

Radix Laboratory Grade Plant Rooting Compound 1-0-0:

Roots are the lifeline of crops. It absorbs water, oxygen, minerals, and nutrients. It sends all crucial elements up through the entire plant to interact with light. This, in turn, gets transformed into energy and sugar growth.

Maintaining a vigorous root system is vital to get an ample and potent yield upon harvest. Restricted or damaged roots can limit the capacity to perform essential functions. Crops can grow and produce only as much as the roots allow it to.

The nutrients that are taken in for growth are also stored by the roots for future use. Additionally, the root system anchors and stabilizes the crop to the growing medium. It synthesizes the hormone called cytokine which controls vegetative growth with apical dominance. Furthermore, for continual access to carbohydrates, it also establishes a symbiosis with mycorrhiza, a fungus which trade accelerated absorption of nutrients.
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Promoting a Healthy Root Growth

Radix Laboratory Grade Plant Rooting Compound 1-0-0The first three weeks is when cannabis is the most vulnerable since this is the development stage of the root system. Clones and seedlings are dependent upon this phase to be able to send water up through the stems for the purpose of photosynthesis.

Give the young plants its best start by promoting healthy root development during this stage. It is guaranteed to result in larger and more vigorous plants that can withstand disease and pests and produces higher yields.

It is important to not give in to the temptation of feeding the young crop at this stage. Use a specially designed neutral soil for seedling and avoid watering excessively. Once it’s time to add the feed to the water, start off gently with one eight of the standard veg stage strength.

Beneficial Microorganisms

A healthy organic soil contains many fungi and bacteria. These microorganisms are valuable to overall disease resistance and root growth. The roots have a symbiotic relationship with these organisms and can aid in improving the final yield.

Comparatively, beneficial bacteria can be added to the medium or soil to facilitate nutrient uptake, break down organic matter, and add protection against pathogens.

The greater the beneficial bacteria population, the faster it can break down organic matter and eliminate pathogenic microorganisms. Plants are likely to have a robust root system if it has a bountiful population of beneficial bacteria.

Nutrients and Strong Roots

Apart from ensuring that adequate oxygen gets into the root system, proper nutrient uptake should be closely monitored as well since its role is as crucial to the root’s health. A quality blooming fertilizer usually has all the appropriate elements needed for a fantastic root growth.

In terms of root development, potassium and phosphorus are considered the two primary nutrients. Most growers prefer to use a blooming base fertilizer during the cloning and early growth stages because a higher ratio of potassium and phosphorus to nitrogen is in it than the vegetative base fertilizer.

These elements promote the put out of new root shoots and assist in strengthening existing roots as it continues to develop. A one-quarter of normal strength or a diluted bloom fertilizer makes a suitable solution for conditioning stone wool, aerobic clone machines or other clone media.

Root Stimulators

Although feeding nutrients to young cannabis plants are not advisable, using a root stimulator on seedlings can have a huge impact on the plant’s potential.

Naphthylacetic acid and indole butyric acids are Auxins or plant hormones that can be utilized to stimulate the development of roots. These hormones are normally found in rooting gels and are considered as stimulators. It is more suitable for cuttings versus seeds since it encourages lateral root growth.

Root stimulators in the market today contain macronutrients which develop and enhances the main root system of seedlings. This is to be able to support a robust growth during the vegetative stage and absorb nutrients in an excellent manner.

Moreover, a clone or seedling root stimulator reduces the overfeeding tendencies and leaves yellowing with reduced photosynthesis. Other stimulators are designed to foster vigorous growth all throughout the entire life cycle of the crops.

The key factors to look for in root stimulators are its packed with multiple vitamins, enhances resistance to diseases, has natural ingredients, easily absorbed and can be used beyond the seedling phase.
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Radix Laboratory Grade Plant Rooting Compound

Radix Laboratory Grade Plant Rooting Compound 1-0-0Radix laboratory grade plant rooting compound has been carefully developed to include humic, fulvic, amino acids, protein hydrolysate, and a few other proprietary ingredients that act as beneficial natural biostimulants.

No other rooting compound on the market is known to combine all of these ingredients into a stable solution specifically designed for crop specific root promotion.

This rooting stimulator with humates (organic acids, macromolecules of amino acids, amino sugars, & peptides) is available at Growers House for $36.80 for 250 ml, $108 for one liter and $1,520 for the 20-liter size.

Radix was manufactured in a laboratory grade nutrient facility in Canada to ensure that each bottle has consistent ratios of all of its constituents. Its designed for crop specific use of medicinal plants.

Radix NPK ratio is 1-0-0. It is very common for root promoters to have low NPKs because the beneficial ingredients contribute very little to macro nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium), but act as biostimulants instead.


Add every feeding from seed through first four weeks of the flowering phase.

Add 1 ml per gallon for hydroponic methods and reservoirs with continuous oxygenation.

Add 1.5 ml per gallon for all media including soil, coco coir, Rockwool, and reservoirs without continuous oxygenation.


  • Total Nitrogen (N) 1.0%
  • 1% Water Soluble Nitrogen
  • Derived from Plant Protein Hydrolysate
  • Also Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients
  • 0.06% Humic Substances
  • Derived from Leonardite


  • Harmful if swallowed.
  • For plant use only.
  • Wash hands after use.
  • Keep out of reach of Children.

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