January 14, 2019

New York Governor Cuomo’s challenger Cynthia Nixon announced at a fundraiser early last month that were she to win she would support legalizing recreational cannabis in the state. The New York Times reported former actress turned activist was holding a fundraiser at the home of former actress and writer Isabel Gillies.

The former Sex in the City actress turned activist made some prepared remarks, including her support for legalizing recreational weed in New York. “[I] would legalize marijuana and put a tax on it,” she said reportedly pumping her fist. “She was very exuberant at that point,” writer and editor Dan Davenport who was also in attendance.

So far legalizing weed is the most vocal Nixon has been on specific policy stances. She was a very vocal advocate for improving education in NYC, so one can imagine she feels strongly about that issue. Her stance on legal weed could not be any further from governor Cuomo’s. Cuomo has come out strongly against legalizing recreational weed in New York, citing the long debunked gateway drug argument.

I Sense a Trend Forming

It’s starting to look more and more like legalizing weed is the way to go when it comes to winning elections. When current New Jersey governor Democrat Phil Murphy ran last year, he made legalizing recreational weed in New Jersey a cornerstone of his campaign. Then guess what, he won. Copying his strategy looks like a winning move at this point. Let’s face it, the Democrats don’t have many of those. They need to win big in the midterms this year, or risk losing what little leverage they have in Congress.

Here’s How Nixon Could Win

As a candidate, Cynthia Nixon has been focusing most of her campaign on criticizing Cuomo, which seems like an okay strategy; Cuomo is a pretty terrible governor, after all. However, voters are not swayed by a message that’s simply “I’m better than my opponent.” They need to hear an actual message. They need to hear what the candidate stands for.

When Nixon spoke out in favor of legalization, her reasoning was that it would be good for the tax revenue. This is just one of the many positives that have come from legalizing cannabis. For example, Nixon has long been an advocate for public education; legalizing recreational cannabis would bring in money that could be out back into public schools. There’s also the fact that legalizing recreational weed would do a lot to curb cannabis arrests. It goes without saying that New York has a pretty bad issue with prison overcrowding, among other things.

Lastly, there’s the medical aspect; medical cannabis is legal in New York state, but only in a limited capacity. It’s pretty difficult to get a medical card there, and the list of acceptable medical conditions is pretty short. Legalizing recreational weed would give a lot more people access to medical cannabis.  

There are all sorts of ways candidate Nixon could play this up, and if she does, she could and probably will, win.

Source: New York Times

Featured Image Source: theforward.cdn

Can Cynthia Nixon win the governor’s race on legal weed? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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