January 14, 2019

October 31, 2017

Psychedelic mushrooms are officially inducted in the list of dangerous drugs present on the face of earth, in both the UK and the US. This is wrong due to two reasons:

  • Different variants of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, mescaline and psilocybin are not hazardous to health. On contrary, they are among the safest among all the drugs backed by scientific evidence.
  • A recent scientific study suggests that there are strong chances that these drug strains can help in making users compassionate and less inclined to violent behavior, resulting in reduced crime rate.

Psychedelic Drugs Have the Highest Safety Ratio

Safety ratio is the measure of hazardousness of any drug to one’ health, it is obtained by dividing drugs deadly dose to its effectual dose. For instance, heroin has the lowest safety ratio of 6, it entails that a heroin shot is only six times stronger than the amount required to feel its fatal effects. Other drugs with lowest safety ratio are cocaine and methamphetamine with safety ratio of 15 and 10 respectively.

Psychedelic Drugs
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On the other hand, even the conjectural safety ratio of LSD is around 1000. There is only one example where the use of LSD proved to be deadly when the deceased individual consumed around 320mg of it, an exponential 320,000 times more than the recommended dose. Cannabis, which has the safety ratio of more than 1,000, can hypothetically be fatal but it hasn’t killed anybody and no one knows how much amount of marijuana would be classified as fatal.

A Bad Trip Is The Only Risk

The only moderate risk associated with psychedelic drugs is the instance of a bad trip in which temporary feelings of bewilderment and uneasiness in the user. And even that short bad experience can translate into more productive upshot with relief from mental health issues of depression and anxiety.

The research study focused in the years long data of National Survey on Drug Use and Health which has the accounts of drugs use and criminal activities of nearly half a million adults. The extensive data research concluded that past consumption of psychedelic drug is linked to 18% drop in chances of getting arrested for violent crimes and a 22% drop in chances of getting arrested for property-related felonies.

Different Conclusions

Different Conclusions
Different Conclusions – Image powered by

However, the conclusion is not same for all drugs because there are pointers suggesting a correlation between illegitimate use of other drug substances and crimes. These findings are the perfect testament that psychedelic drugs can be used clinically to treat people with behavioral problems leading to crimes.

The research officer on the study, Peter Hendricks said,

There arises a million dollar question: if psychedelic drugs can have a social benefit (reduced crime) on such grand scale then why there are so many restrictions associated with its usage? Isn’t it just a case of social control?


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