January 26, 2018

Rick Simpson is known for his remarkable influence in the health and marijuana industry. Sometimes bad news can lead to golden opportunities, which is definitely the case in Rick’s situation. His personal battle with cancer took him down a path of discovering that marijuana cures cancer.

According to Simpson, it is hemp oil specifically that holds the cure to all forms of cancer, along with several other diseases. Due to him bringing to light marijuana’s potent cancer healing powers, he has helped change the lives of many people worldwide.

Introduction to Marijuana

Introduction to Marijuana
Introduction to Marijuana – Image powered by Scienceoholic.com

Rick Simpson was born in 1949 in Canada. In 1997 he began to suffer from a brain injury that resulted in intense ringing in his ears. He tried all the medicine prescribed by doctors to no avail. One day he decided to give marijuana a try after watching a program about medical marijuana. After smoking weed, he noticed a huge relief that was far greater than any prescribed medication he used. Simpson went to his doctor to get a medical marijuana prescription but was denied.

Hemp Oil

Unfortunately, his condition grew worse over time. Remembering how smoking marijuana gave him relief, he began researching the effects of a cannabinoid concentrate in the form of an oil. Using the female flowers of marijuana plants he made an extraction that he could consume orally on a daily basis. This led to improved sleep, lower blood pressure, weight loss and an ability to experience a better quality of life.

In 2003 Rick received news that he had basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. The signs of this illness were visible on his body with cancer spots showing on his face and neck. This diagnosis changed his life and soon the lives of many others from that day on.

Rick started off with the traditional medical approach of getting surgery to help with the condition. However, this failed to get proper results, and cancer would reappear right after the surgery. After failed surgery attempts he decided to go with a different approach. He was already orally consuming oil taken from a cannabis plant for about a year for a different reason. However, now that he had cancer, he remembered hearing about THC found in cannabis having the ability to kill cancer in mice. Rick heard this report while listening to the radio in his car in Nova Scotia.

Hemp Oil
Hemp Oil – Image powered by Ameliasorganics.com

Studies coming from the University of Virginia also determined that multiple chemicals in marijuana served to fight cancerous tissue in mice and taken from them. Thinking about this information, Simpson thought to himself, why not try this for himself since apparently there has been success with mice.

Simpson had great experiences with hemp oil in the past with it alleviating pain, lowering high blood pressure and getting rid of headaches.

His strategy was to put the cannabis oil on the cancer spots using bandages that he rubbed the oil on. Rick left the bandages on the skin cancer for up to 4 days then removed it to check for progress. He was thrilled to see that the cancer spots were completely gone. It was clear that the cannabis oil had been a success and he was cured.

Creating and Distributing the Cure

After Rick’s great discovery he was eager to share the good news with his doctor; however, he was not greeted with listening ears. His doctors had no interest in the source behind his successful results and completely rejected it. Rick went as far as to reach out to the cancer organizations for help. Unfortunately, he was still met with deaf ears.

He was left with no choice but to venture out on his own.

At this point, he had a niche market he could focus on helping, so he started experimenting with growing marijuana in his own backyard to make hemp oil. Rick made this oil available at no charge to all who requested his help. His supporters continuously grew in numbers very quickly as the word spread about the cure.

Creating and Distributing the Cure
Creating and Distributing the Cure – Image powered by Ballparkdispensary.com

He treated several people suffering from various skin conditions such as psoriasis and melanoma. Rick’s hemp oil was successful in cancer patients and diabetics alike. His treatments with multiple patients showed that to experience total healing, a dose of 60 grams of oil would be necessary for the most severe ailments.

Simpson is no medically trained expert and can’t provide substantiated proof of his claims. He is a passionate advocate who strongly believes in the power of marijuana because of his own experiences and numerous testimonials from other people.

Trouble with the Law

Rick’s kind heart and desire to help didn’t always go smoothly. He had to deal with his home being raided several times and more than 2,600 marijuana plants destroyed. Simpson was questioned about his activity many times by the Canadian police and eventually imprisoned.

Trouble with the Law
Trouble with the Law – Image powered by Medicalcannabis.co.za

After being awarded “Freedom fighter of the year” by High Times magazine, Rick had yet another run-in with the Canadian police. This did not cause him to lose his momentum and drive to distribute this healing oil to others. He made the decision to move to Europe to escape being treated like a criminal in Canada. There he continued his great work producing his cannabis oil.

Marijuana Advocacy & Testimonials

His work has been so great that his story was in a documentary on YouTube, “Run From the Cure,” in 2008. This film does a fantastic job of documenting Simpson’s discovery as well as great knowledge of marijuana in general.

Over the course of several years, Rick’s hemp oil has been given to over 5,000 people, not including the large numbers of people worldwide who have used cannabis on their own to heal because of his story. These patients suffered from bacterial and viral diseases, glaucoma, warts, chronic pain, melanoma, leukemia, diabetes, and cancer. Around 70% of those treated were cured of cancer.

Even those who were too far along in their stage of cancer were at least able to experience a better quality of life before passing away.

Marijuana Advocacy & Testimonials
Marijuana Advocacy & Testimonials – Image powered by Healthyhempoil.com

Simpson and other cannabis advocates have stated that they believe there is a Big Pharma/Big Government conspiracy to withhold any and all research or medical breakthroughs regarding how effective cannabis is for healing an array of conditions. Many believe the medical industry makes more money keeping people sick. Rather this is true or not, many are still waiting for the medical industry to back up the numerous claims testifying to the miraculous powers of cannabis in curing cancer.

To this day you can still easily find several testimonies from patients all over the media regarding Rick’s cannabis oil. One example is from 24-year-old Kristina Marie who was diagnosed with a brain tumor that the doctors said would be impossible to cure. Luckily for Kristina, she did not stop there and decided to try Rick’s cannabis oil treatment for her condition. She opted for this over chemotherapy, and it ended up being the right decision because her tumor has since decreased dramatically in size.

Both adults and children are benefiting from Rick’s treatment. One example of the oils powerful effects for children is a 7-year-old girl from Oregon, Mykayla Comstock, who battles leukemia.

Babies have even been reported to have successfully been treated using the cannabis oil. Doctor William Courtney was able to completely get rid of a serious brain tumor in an 8-month infant. This was all done only using hemp oil.

Use and Dosage

Rick provides a very specific regimen to follow for successful results. Patients require about 500 grams of top-notch totally dry marijuana buds in order to produce about 60 grams of his hemp oil. This dosage is good for a 90-day treatment. There are some cases where it may be necessary to increase the dosage up to about 120-180 grams, which is fine.

Rick’s oil can be smoked, ingested, vaporized, applied directly to the skin, mixed into products or used as a suppository.

According to Rick, it is best to stick with cannabis strains that contain the highest THC level. Keep in mind that for patients dealing with depression, Sativa is best. For all other diseases, Indica strains are best due to its ability to help the patient relax.

Three small intakes each day the size of a rice grain is all that is needed at first. Over time the dosage will double every four days until the patient is receiving 1 gram per day after a 5-week period.

Use and Dosage
Use and Dosage – Image powered by Blogsnow.com

While taking the cannabis oil in very large doses will not do any harm, patients can expect to experience extreme sleepiness. Once you have completed your treatment, it is suggested that patients continue consuming cannabis oil to make sure there is no chance of relapse of any kind.

Since this oil is successful at reducing high blood pressure, it is unnecessary to continue taking medications that lower blood pressure.

Rick has so generously offered a helping hand to the community to help cure a variety of ailments. His recommendations, details on how to make your own version of Rick Simpson’s Oil (RSO), usage and dosage for specific conditions can be found all over the media.


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