January 17, 2019

Root Spa 5-gallon Four Bucket System:

In this time and age, more and more growers are looking into more elaborate growing techniques aside from merely using soil. Methods like hydroponics are now more popular, and Deep Water Culture (DWC) is one of its several systems that is widely used.

DWC is a type of hydroponic growing that does not require a growing medium. In this setup, the plants are suspended in unique nets or pots, with its roots stretching downward, submerged in a pool of nutrient-rich, aerated water. Using a DWC setup in growing cannabis can be more beneficial than some other growing process.

The DWC Advantage

Crops grown using a DWC setup have trouble-free access to nutrients and oxygen. This gives the plants more energy to develop roots and less time searching for food. As a result, growers are rewarded with a rapid vegetative growth and fantastic yields.

Furthermore, the lack of growing medium enables the crops to take full advantage of all space and nutrients available to grow as huge as possible. The absence of the medium also reduces the risks of cannabis pest or bug infestations.

In a properly setup DWC, along with the correct nutrients on the right strain, cannabis can grow as much as 10 cm in a single day.

Naturally, the growth speed in a DWC does not affect the actual harvest time. The fast vegetative growth will indeed result in larger plants with plumper buds. However, it still requires a usual flowering time.

Once set up is complete and running, a DWC system fully automates the process, to ensure that the crops get the right amount of oxygen and nutrients. Inadequate or over watering the plants can be averted. Likewise, it only requires little maintenance on a daily basis. It can even be left alone for more than 24 hours.

New Growers on DWC

Contrary to popular belief, DWS is not a complicated method to utilize. As with any other the growing technique, each one has its individual advantages and disadvantages. Some cannabis growers even argue that the DWC is one of the easiest to set up and demands very little maintenance and time.

Novice hydroponic growers may opt to grow using coco coir as a substrate. Coco or something similar is known to allow more room for error since its more forgiving. Many growers who started with a setup like DWC were able to find success right away.

After fine-tuning the system and ensuring everything is in check, the setup should run smoothly and be a fantastic way to grow cannabis efficiently quickly.
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DWC Systems

Root Spa 5-gallon Four Bucket SystemDeep-water culture (DWC) systems is a technique that offers an all-in-one turnkey hydroponic solution and strong scalability from small to medium grow operations. This system utilizes large buckets, typically five-gallon, to house individual plants that rest in a netted pot nestled into a hole in the bucket’s lid. Each bucket is daisy-chained together by water lines. A pump-and-reservoir system rises from the bottom to the top of each plant site to fills each one with water. The roots hang down into the buckets and take in nutrients and water.

One fantastic feature of the DWC system is the pump timer that can be preset to drain and fill the buckets on any schedule. Growers can let roots sit in water for several minutes, few times a day, depending on the preferred plan. When the water is drained, and the buckets are emptied, the roots are efficiently aerated. This is particularly beneficial during the dark cycle when the above-surface crops are resting, and the roots are continuously working, growing and breathing in oxygen.

A DWC system delivers some of the highest yields in any hydroponic setup. It is known to result in huge plant sizes due to the massive root system it produces. A single reservoir system can accommodate two to 12 plant sites. Growers can connect additional reservoir-and-pump systems as necessary. With the system being relatively easy to do, DWC cultivators can scale up the operation from small to commercial size in no time, collecting huge yields per cycle. By using proper topping techniques and trellising, growers can maximize the fantastic yields.

With the circulation of more reliable horticulture information on DWC, this system is slowly yet steadily climbing on top of cannabis grower’s top gardening method choices.
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Root Spa 5-gallon Four Bucket System

Root Spa 5-gallon Four Bucket SystemThe Root Spa Deep Water Culture system is a simple five-gallon, four bucket setup that can grow large plants efficiently. Each of the four five-gallons is fully oxygenated with air to ensure that plants grow faster with this system than other media based growing systems. It pumps fresh air into the nutrient solution, without the need of expensive and often troublesome air stones.

Root Spa is lenient and offers a cost-effective, uniquely easy-to-use advantages that can be experienced after only a short time of using the system. This system is available at Growers House for $97.23.


  • Watertight seal to guarantee no leaks.
  • 8-inch bucket basket to hold the growing medium of choice.
  • Multi-purpose air hose to deliver air from the pump to the bottom of the bucket.
  • Air pump to oxygenate water to encourage root growth.
  • 1/2 inch grommet fitting
  • 1/2 inch elbow fittings
  • 1/2 inch black tubing

Clay pebble media sold separately. Buy Root Spa 5-gallon Four Bucket System Click Here!

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