Robert Bergman

May 9, 2019

New pharmaceuticals that are based on natural cannabis extracts are being developed by a British company called GW Pharmaceuticals. One such pharmaceutical, Sativex, has already been approved for sale in Canada as a treatment for multiple sclerosis. It is also available for special patients in 22 other countries. Sativex is currently in the nascent stages of testing in the US.

Sativex is an oral spray with equal parts THC and CBD extracted directly from marijuana grown by GW Pharmaceuticals. Under the direction of Dr. Geoffrey Guy, an expert on herbal medicines, GW operates the most advanced marijuana growing facility on the planet—a climate-controlled indoor garden at a secret location in southern England. The garden has many unique varieties with a slew of different cannabinoid concentrations. By blending different plant extracts, GW Pharmaceuticals can experiment with several different cannabinoid combinations.

Sativex and Marinol are different in important ways. For starters, it incorporates CBD, THC, and other plant ingredients. GW’s research suggests that the mixture is more effective because the CBD limits the full-on psychoactive effects of pure THC. Initially, Sativex was developed for treating symptoms of MS, but research is being done to test its effectiveness at alleviating neuropathic pain from spinal cord injury, cancer, and diabetes. GW is also making a product with higher CBD content for rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases, epilepsy, and psychotic disorders. They’re also making a high-THC product for chronic pain.

Second, Sativex is not a pill, but a spray administered under the tongue. This delivery method isn’t quite as fast as inhalation, but it’s certainly faster than oral ingestion. It also provides a far more consistent dosage because the cannabinoids are absorbed right into the bloodstream from the oral membranes without having to go through the digestive system.

Third, Sativex is cheaper to manufacture because the cannabinoids come directly from the plant instead of an expensive chemical synthesis. Still, growing your own natural marijuana in your own home garden will always be the cheapest option!

Due to the FDA (wiki) and DEA’s legal red tape, American consumers won’t see Sativex available on their shores for another several years. When Sativex and other cannabis pharmaceuticals do arrive, they will provide a valuable new and legal alternative for patients in need of cannabis therapy.

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  1. By Rheumatism and Arthritis – Medical Marijuana –

    ,15 Sep 2015
    […] the limbs, complete debilitation, and eventual death. Recent clinical studies of RA patients using Sativex have shown that cannabis extracts can produce significant improvements in pain, sleep, and […]
  2. By Justina Rose DSouza

    ,27 Nov 2015
    Would like to know whether this is good for skin problem like psoriasis as have read that marijuana is effective in treating skin ailments.

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