Screen of Green: Strawberry Kush and White Widow Edition

August 27, 2019

Screen of Green: Strawberry Kush and White Widow Edition

Screen of green or more famous as “scrogging” is the process of putting plants under one screen in hopes of keeping them short yet bushy. It also involves tucking branches therefore bringing the lower part of the branches up. This process helps them receive more light resulting in having a higher chance of getting a higher yield.

Now, our grower for today tried a different way. He put two strains – Strawberry Kush and White Widow – under one screen. A lot of growers are against this and insisted to have one strain per screen. But since BobbyB is as daring as he is, he went ahead anyway. The question now is… was he successful?

Grower: BobbyB
Yield: High
Seed: Strawberry Kush and White Widow

Anyway, here are the things he used for the grow. For his tent, he has the following:

  • 2 x 4 feet tent
  • MarsHydro 300-watts LED
  • CFLs
  • 3-gallon pots
  • 5-gallon pots
  • Recycled cabinet

For the feeds and nutrients, he used:

  • Regular potting soil
  • Perlite
  • Fox Farm Bat Guano
  • Full worm casings
  • Tomato tone
  • Blood meal
  • Fox Farm Grow Big
  • Fox Farm Big Bloom
  • Fox Farm Tiger Bloom

Of course, since it’s a scrogging, he prepared:

  • Screen fit inside your tent
  • Hooks for support

And since he made his own drying rack, he also used the following:

  • A big plastic container
  • Hooks
  • Strings

Day 1 to 30/April

June 11

Life is all about taking chances. As they say, “experience is still the best teacher”. Maybe that’s foremost in his mind after receiving 10 White Widow and 3 Strawberry Kush seeds. Next, once they germinate, he’ll be placing them in a soil mix. Here is his recipe:

  • 1 part regular potting soil
  • 1-1/4 part perlite (for better drainage)
  • 1/3 cup Fox Farm Bat Guano 0-5-0
  • 1/3 cup of full worm casing
  • 1/3 cup Tomato Tone 3-4-6
  • 1/3 cup blood meal

Mixed it all together and voila, a nutritious soil for his would-be plants. To begin germination, he placed one Strawberry Kush and one White Widow in a cup with distilled water and boy do they pop so fast. Within a couple of hours, they have already cracked the surface of their casing. He then transferred them to soil and watered them.

Then, he placed them inside his old cabinet that he recycled for this project. It’ll keep them warm and safe until his new 2 feet x 4 feet tent arrives – if it will ever do. Also, as of now, he’ll be using CFLs as the light source for this grow.

June 18

Good news and bad news. The Strawberry Kush has sprouted roots but it may be cooked. His vegetation box ran way too hot and might have even reached 90°F. Luckily, the Strawberry Kush still sprouted. But he’s not that sure about the White Widow so he went ahead and took some precautionary steps. He soaked two more White Widow seeds in a cup with distilled water for a day, then planted them in soil. Now he’s still waiting if they will ever sprout.

As for his tent, the waiting game for that one is finally over. It arrived today with the lights.

June 28

10 days later, here there are. Those two in front are I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)’s White Widows which germinated on June 20. Meanwhile, those at the back are Strawberry Kush, also from ILGM, and they germinated on June 11. They have not been receiving any special treatment except that BobbyB waters them with a spoon whenever needed. As for the lighting, he leaves the light on 24 hours a day until he gets his timer.
Once the plants get bigger, our grower will be taking some clones for a perpetual grow. Will it work?

June 30

His dreams of taking clones from four plants would have to step back for now. One of the White Widows did not make it. No explanations whatsoever, but BobbyB says it’s alright since the tent can’t handle four plants anyway.

He did water them both with two table spoons of water each but did not filter the tap water. So, could it be foreign objects in the water that killed the plant?


July 2

It’s been three days since the other White Widow died. The remaining one is still alive and thriving, even doing a little bit better than the Strawberry Kush. Her branch is taller than the other ones. Props to BobbyB though, he still spoon-feeds his plants which may be why his plants returned the love.

He also placed them under 18/6 light cycle yesterday. This was right after the Strawberry Kush started showing green leaves.

By the way, his White Widows are also transplanted into little pots.

July 6

Okay, the Strawberry Kush did not fall behind. He transplanted them today into make shift pots made out of tea jugs. If this grow seems a little bit slow, give BobbyB a chance. He had titanium installed into his spine recently. In fact, his yields will be part of his medications. Lucky him.

In the meantime, his White Widow is going well, too. It already has some leaves growing and it is also taller than the Strawberry Kush.

Usually, before a grower transplants his plants onto another pot, he waits for the roots to form. The grower usually waits for everything to stabilize in the initial cups before he even thinks of transferring them.

Well, BobbyB did it a little differently. He transplanted them early because he was afraid of ruining the roots. The holes he made for drainage were quite sharp and would likely damage them. So, he transplanted them a little early. Or maybe he’s just impatient?

Anyway, if the plants survive the ordeal, then Thank God. If not, it’s a hard lesson learned.

July 9

They survived another day on the hands of BobbyB. He watered them today and checked the temperature. So far, the highest clocked in at 84°F and lowest at 63°F. Everything’s working out well for the tiny plants.

Once all is set and the plants are at the ideal height for scrogging, BobbyB will place them under a homemade screen.

July 14

Someone once told him that lowering the temperature will give his Strawberry Kush plants better color. So that is exactly what he did.

If anyone’s wondering, he keeps the temperature at an average of 62-65°F inside the tent. He should not give it much thought. It’s just the Strawberry Kush giving in to darker colors.

July 17

So, three days later, BobbyB has all the plants in their final homes. The most logical thing to do would be to transfer them to pots. Since he ran out of those, he recycled a milk jug for one Strawberry Kush. Smart and resourceful, is he not?

On the right and pictured below is the White Widow.

And the unlucky Strawberry Kush who’s going to grow in a milk jug.

July 18

His White Widow is really something else. A few hours after her first feeding, she seems to be a little bit taller and her leaves grown a bit. Or are we delusional?

Anyway, he gave her 1/4 teaspoon of Fox Farm’s Grow Big and 1/2 teaspoon of Fox Farm Big Bloom for every half gallon of water.

July 20

As for BobbyB’s Strawberry Kushes, they both got topped today. Topping is a pruning technique and it usually gives the plants a chance to produce more shoots at the top.

July 25

Meanwhile, he super cropped the White Widow today. Unlike topping, where the grower cuts off the entire stem, it’s different with super cropping. Here, he will only crush and bend the branches to give way to new shoots. It seems effective since it looks like there’s already a new set of branches willing to grow here.

The Strawberry Kush already has some new sets of leaves growing on the site where BobbyB topped them.

July 27

Look at this Strawberry Kush plant. So far, our grower knows that this is a Sativa plant while the other one is an Indica. Her leaves are not only narrower, but the branches are much further apart.

A few hours

Meanwhile, the other one has leaves that are overlapping and a little bit. These are signs of being an Indica plant. Interesting to know considering they both came from the same batch of seeds.

Also, a while back, BobbyB did not tell us that the White Widow got some nutrient deficiency. Her leaves went yellow and got a little bit dry. Although it looks like the feeds he was giving did the trick because everything looks better now.

July 28

For this grow, he will be mainlining the sativa-phenotype Strawberry Kush. It means that he will be topping and cutting them in a way that all nodes will be coming from a single main branch. Since this will result to an even energy spread, the plant has a higher chance of getting a higher yield.

Meanwhile, the Indica-phenotype is doing just well. She now has a few more deck of leaves and lots of branches coming out from the topping.

His White Widow looks a lot bigger than the other two. She has more decks of leaves as well as taller branches. Although, he has some problems as it seems to be infested by some aphids and other types of bugs.

looks better now

While there are a lot of different insecticides to rid the garden of buds, he chose to go the natural route. He bought some diatomaceous earth or better known as DE as his insecticide. Made from fossilized water plants, it does not poison nor suffocate the insects. Instead, it dehydrates the bugs in the plants. DE often comes in a form of white dust, which you will see below.

More information about DE and more ways of getting rid of bugs on your plants here.

For safety measures, he sprayed some neem oil as well. Coming from a neem tree, this oil has unexplainable way to deter bugs.

July 31

The problems would not stop for our poor grower. This time, the Indica-phenotype Strawberry Kush has BobbyB growing more headaches. Her roots are not only escaping the bottom of the pots; they are browning, rotting and dying as well. The leaves are also twisting.

His only solution would be to produce another pot with fresh soil. If only he was not broke.

In the meantime, the other plants are responding well with insecticides. No bugs, no aphids, no insects in sight. May the bugs die a slow and painful death and leave BobbyB’s plants alone.

August 1

Finally, he was able to buy some soil and perlite as well for the plants. So, we guess, he’ll be transferring the affected plant soon. He also fed it a little bit of blood meal, tomato tone and Fox Farm’s Bat Guano.

August 3

Some white spots have been growing on BobbyB’s White Widow. What could it be? Another case of the curious mites? Or could it be an insecticide overdose?

Well, we are guessing it may be a case of magnesium deficiency. There are also some yellowing and drying of the leaves which is one of its most common symptoms. Well, whatever it is, our grower is not having the time of his life and decided to stop everything to let the plants rest for a while.

This is his White Widow:

Next, here is the Indica-phenotype that seems affected with whatever is on the White Widow.

August 7

Stopping everything might have done the plants some good. BobbyB’s mainliner, the Sativa-phenotype Strawberry Kush plant is looking well. It has grown some branches and greener leaves. He has also super cropped this plant so we expect more branches in the coming days.

As for the other two, he began tucking the branches under the screen. This is the beginning seeing a field of green on his screen of green.

So, like what’s said, he thought that 6.2 is a high pH level. Well, it turns out it is not. In fact, it’s too low and is the culprit in the magnesium deficiency fiasco. His plan of action would be to flush with distilled water that’s pH’d to 7 until everything becomes stable.

August 11

Four days since he began flushing the ladies, here is the Indica-phenotype Strawberry Kush gradually filling her side of the screen:

The White Widow is not too far behind. In fact, she is a little bit bushier but her branches are not yet reaching the screens.

Last but not the least, his mainlined Sativa-phenotype Strawberry Kush who has the most number of branches with her. Not only that, she is also fulfilling her duties of filling up the screen.


August 12

We all know it’s been nothing but a roller coaster ride for BobbyB so far. Sad to say, it seems like it is never ending for this one. He is now regretting pushing two different strains under one screen. The two strains have different growth rate and it is becoming more of a problem. Although we know he’s going to do fine, he only needs to remember that timing is everything.

August 13

Problems keep on comīng for BobbyB. His mainline Sativa-phenotype Strawberry Kush also started showing signs having magnesium deficiency. Acting fast, he flushed it with pH’d water, again at level 7.

As for the other plants, he topped most bud sites in hopes of getting a higher yield

August 19

Finally, let the 36 hours of nothing but darkness for the plants begin. After those hours, flowering period for the plants will then start. We are so excited.

Imagine, during pre-flowering they have already filled up quite a big part of the screen. What more when they flower, right?

August 22

Let the first day of flowering begin today.

To celebrate, he ordered Mars Hydro 300W LED lights for the plants and take out some CFLs. This light is actually perfect for any stage of the grow. Its purple tint gives the right amount of wavelength that the plants need.

August 24

Mars Hydro 300W LED light has finally arrived. He set it up and took out two small 2700k CFL to fit the new light in. Not only that, he has a standing fan to balance out the temperature inside the tent. He also took that one out and replaced it with two clip-on fans. He believes that by doing so, the would-be buds would have more room.

As for his buds, we know they’re going to prosper soon. He already sees some hairs sticking out of them.

August 26

Rejoice. He is now sure that there are baby hairs growing on one of the Strawberry Kush and the White Widow. Those are still better than nothing right?

August 31

It’s the ninth day of flowering and nothing much has changed. BobbyB still sits there and stares at the hairs on the buds. He watered them with a mix of Epsom salts and water yesterday. Hope that gets the plants move a little bit faster, we’re dying of excitement over here.

The plant on the right is the Indica-phenotype Strawberry Kush. She is definitely looking a little bit bushier than the White Widow on her left. Meanwhile, the other Strawberry Kush is the one we see behind. Remember how he mainlined it? It now sprouts four different directions coming from a single branch source. Wonderful.

Oh, and about their magnesium deficiency, it’s still there although not as visible as before. He still needs to raise the pH a bit, flush and sustain the correct amount of pH this time (at least 7). Well, he did that before which did the job but not for long. He still needs to come up with a longer lasting solution.

September 3

It’s the 12th day of flowering and our grower is still insisting that nothing much has changed. But from what we see, there are more buds in there and they have gotten so much bushier. We love how the plants look more open and more welcoming to new buds and is getting us more excited.

What’s more is he took at least two clones from the Indica-phenotype Strawberry Kush so we may be seeing more of it soon.

September 5

Here are his ladies in regular lights situation. See, his grow looks splendid this way. Almost all the squares are already filled. And he’s been doing nothing but gloat about his wonders. We mean, why not? Look at them, give the man his bragging rights.

September 8

Good news people. He took two more clones from the Indica-phenotype Strawberry Kush and one from the White Widow. He’s one who is not going to live off chances, the more the better. If some of them do not grow roots, he still has others.

As for his mainlined Sativa-phenotype Strawberry Kush, it’s getting huge according to him. We don’t know why he won’t let us see it but he says it’s growing fast.

And even though he planted feminized seeds, he’s thinking the White Widow is a hermaphrodite. Why? We don’t know, he’s getting a little bit paranoid.

For now, let’s take a look at the nuggets of his Indica-phenotype Strawberry Kush. They’re not that big yet but they definitely have white hairs sprouting out of them.

September 8

Confirmed. His white widow is not a hermaphrodite. Of course, why would it be when it’s from a feminized seed, right? BobbyB needs to chill. Besides, he did not stress them out too much, did he?

Anyway, he flushed the plants with a mix of water and calcium-magnesium today. This seems to help the plants get rid of the magnesium deficiency it experienced.

September 9

This man does nothing but worry about his plants. He’s now thinking that the magnesium deficiency is getting worse. Aside from some twisting and yellowing of some leaves, some of them are falling off the branches everyday.

He fed them half strength of Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom, the pH level is right and the lights are a few inches away. So, what could be the problem? Could he be right about the blood meal running out?

Hmm… we do not agree with this one. Blood meal is a fertilizer made from blood of animals. (Keep this in mind, vegans.) It only aids in fattening the buds during the vegetation process but it does not affect the nutrients that much. A lot of growers do not even add this into their mix. So, no. We don’t agree that it’s because of the blood meal.

September 20

Uh oh, not that good. The middle of his White Widow is turning yellow and slowly dying. The top of the canopy is also off-color. So, could it be that Fox Farm’s Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom are not compatible with the others that he put in his mix?

September 22

Happy to see that he heard us and trimmed some of them off. The plants are looking healthier even if it’s only a day since some of them are gone.

The White Widow has him worried again. It’s a little bit left behind by the Indica-phenotype Strawberry Kush. She has a lot more buds that the White Widow does.

September 23

Oops, we spoke too soon. The Strawberry Kush is also experiencing some problem as of now. There are some browning edges of the leaves. Suspect number one is the lights. Is this a case of light burn?

He is sure that this is not mold because it did not smear when he tried to wipe it off. Somehow, we are sure that it is some kind of burning. We are also a little bit convinced that it is a case of nutrient burns. When the plants were suffering from magnesium deficiency, all his feeds were at full strength. The plants may have been badly affected by that since he started feeding them with half strength feeds.

September 24

See, he lowered the feeding strength again today. He only gave them half strength feeds and the browning stopped. It’s not gone of course, but it stopped spreading. Good enough, right?

Side note: we love the aesthetic of the picture below, nice one BobbyB.

September 27

He won’t learn his lesson. He decided to feed his little forest (the White Widow and Strawberry Kush) a full dose of Big Bloom and half strength of Tiger Bloom. We are very hopeful that this won’t damage the plants any further. He could have laid-low on giving full doses first. Flushing the plants with pH’d water for a while. Let them breathe first, right?

He continuously feeds them. So, the plants did not have the time to fully absorb the first batch of nutrients before they’re given another. The holes he drilled at the bottom of the pots are not helping either.

He used to water them every three to four days, now he waters them every other day. The plants do not have time to breathe. If he continues doing this, the plants will either end up drowned or overdosed.

Looking at the pictures though, his plants are not that affected. They are still leafy and bushy as hell.

October 2

It’s been a month and 12 days since the flowering began and he has already come a long way. His ladies have started giving different aromas. In fact, the mainlined Strawberry Kush smells like a fruit tree and the one in front is a definite skunk. Though he still has to rub the leaves before it gives the very strong scent that skunk weeds have.

As for the trichomes, they’re not just frosty, they’re milky too. Looking at his pictures, it somehow reminds us of a day in Disneyland during winter.

October 5

At seven weeks and two days, there goes the first chop. The next one won’t belong, it will be here in a week or two. Here’s the Sativa-phenotype Strawberry Kush. We want more if they are all going to come out looking like that.

He made a do-it-yourself hanging rack with a big plastic container. After he drilled some holes and inserting some hooks, he connected each end with a string. And voila, a drying rack for his chops.

October 13

Next up, the second Strawberry Kush, the Indica-phenotype. She seemed to produce a little bit more than the other one.

Of course, with both his Strawberry Kush gone, the White Widow has all the space left in the screen. Grow, Widow, grow!

October 23

Two months since flowering and the White Widow is not yet done until now. She only has gotten BobbyB very impatient. There are still white hairs on her so he cannot chop her yet.

Although, it still buys him time to smell her fruity and a little bit old school weed aroma. Lucky dog.

January 2

After two months, one week and four magical days, he finally chopped the White Widow down. Not as much as his Indica-phenotype but for us the buds look a lot bigger.

Before he went, he was kind enough to give us a side-by-side comparison of the two.

First, the nuggets of the two Strawberry Kushes are much tighter than the White Widow’s. It may be because of the strain differences though. The Indica-phenotype Strawberry Kush sat side-by-side with the White Widow. With that, he placed it where they receive the same amount of light. He was also feeding them the same nutrients.

Next, the aroma. Before harvest, it was the Indica-phenotype that was smelling like a skunk weed. Now that they are in jars, he claims the White Widow smells horrible.

Not only the smell, but he was definitely not satisfied with the high. In his own words, it was terrible.
Final Thoughts

Grower: BobbyB
Yield: High
Seed: Strawberry Kush and White Widow

He’s very much sure that he did nothing wrong with the plants. Well, we do not agree with him considering he bumped into a lot of problems during the entire grow. Although, we are proud of him for staying with the plants from seeds to harvest.
Now, about his scrogging two different strains at the same time idea, we now know it is a bad one. Different strains have different needs as well as different growing time. So, there were times that the Strawberry Kush matured first and it was difficult for the White Widow to keep up.

Well, at least we are sure he learned a lot from this grow. We are looking forward to seeing more of his grow.

How about you? Did you learn anything about scrogging from BobbyB?


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    1. By Stacy ILGM ,13 Apr 2018
      Please send a email to ILGM customer support so we can help you get the grow bible successfully!
  2. By David Cobb ,15 Jul 2018
    @BobbyS Incredible pictures and easy to follow story line. Truly inspirational!! Can you please tell me how you posted the pictures so I can do the same with my new grow? Thanks. 29crankOver
  3. By James ,16 Aug 2018
    I also tried several times to download the grow bible and nothing frustrating
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      You can get the bible here: If you keep having trouble downloading the bible, please get in contact with our customer service so we can help you out. :)
  4. By Flyin Eye ,04 Nov 2018
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    I’ve got the white widow hopefully I get better results!

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