January 17, 2019

Sensor Yellow Sticky Monitoring Cards:

Making use of sticky traps in order to monitor pests helps reduce overall pest management costs. These traps are utilized to identify adult insects including Thrips, whiteflies, shore flies, fungus gnats and leaf miners. Parasitoids released in biological control programs are monitored as well.

A standard in greenhouse practices, the Sensor Yellow Sticky Monitoring Cards attract a variety of winged insects. It serves as a great tool for monitoring and scouting.

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Sensor Yellow Sticky Monitoring Cards

Sensor Yellow Sticky Monitoring CardsUsing stickies is standard practice in greenhouse cultivation and pest control. Its benefits are not only immediate. Over the long run, the Sensor Yellow Sticky Monitoring Cards help reduce overall pest management costs.

This scouting and monitoring tool is also affordable. A pack of 50 cards costs only $33.14 at Growers House

It boasts of superior post-trap glue that does not stick to the fingers or skin. For easy reading and handling, it has grids and non-stick edges. The cards are also long lasting and durable with easy to remove covers.

For inspection, identification and eradication purposes, it can catch flying insects such as:

  • Winged aphids
  • Leafminer (adults)
  • Thrips
  • Whiteflies
  • Fungus gnat (adults)
  • Shore flies
  • Fruit flies
  • Leafhoppers
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Sensor Yellow Sticky Monitoring CardsIdentifying the pest is essential before growers could take appropriate measures. Furthermore, the level of infestation could also be a significant factor in determining the proper course of action.

Early Warning. Visual inspection is one of the routine tasks of growers. However, many of the insects and bugs are tiny and difficult to detect. Once observed, it is often in the advanced stages it has already propagated, and the population is already high. Stickies, in this case, makes it easy to spot pests that it traps.

Hotspots. In large areas, stickies could show growers the specific areas where the infestation is least or worse. Not only that, but the collection of data could also reveal the migration pattern of the pests. In the same manner, it could also be used to evaluate the measures taken including the use of biological control agents.

Population Density. The number of flying insects trapped in a given area helps growers determine which pest control measure to use.

For home cannabis growers, using the Sensor Yellow Sticky Monitoring Cards is mainly as an early warning device as well as catching and identifying the particular pest.

In a large-scale operation, stickies are also used in the same manner, but the data gathered and correctly analyzed results in better choice and implementation of pest control measures. In most cases, the effective use of pesticides appropriate to the pest itself and the level of infestation results in up to 50% reduction in its usage. Even in one cycle alone, the savings could be huge already.
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Sensor Yellow Sticky Monitoring Cards

Sensor Yellow Sticky traps capture only airborne adults that typically cause the most crop damage. Greenhouse pets like scales, spider mites and mealybugs are not caught on these traps.

Since winged forms do not appear until the aphid population levels are high, these sticky traps must be coupled with visual plant inspections to ensure the economically damaging pest’s population are contained in a timely manner. Buy Sensor Yellow Sticky Monitoring Cards Click Here!

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