January 17, 2019

Sheltered vegetation lets horticulturists mimic an abundant plant oasis. Creating a fruitful growing environment regardless if it’s a greenhouse or an indoor garden, is a milestone in itself. Although setting up seems quite straightforward, controlling the environment is a whole different hurdle to jump through; so much more than just putting up walls and a roof.

The factors that make up an optimal growing environment tend to differ between plant species. Yet, all are interrelated. And, because plants differ from each other, it could also be tricky.

With regards to cannabis cultivation, it is not only knowing but to actually control the humidity and temperature levels throughout the growth cycle that plays a critical role in health and quality of yield. It entails making sure that each part is in sync 24/7. Even though it may sound somewhat complicated and tedious, utilizing the right tools can make the entire process unbelievably trouble-free.

Carbon dioxide, oxygen, light, humidity, and temperature all play a crucial role in plants development and growth. These factors create a huge impact on a crop’s environment.

To add on to the already complex formula, these elements interact with each other. For instance, if CO2 enrichment is supplied to enhance photosynthesis, light levels need to be optimized as well to provide the greatest growth boost.

The link between air temperature and humidity is another example. Warm air holds so much more water vapor than cold air. This means it’s not just a straight aim for a single ideal relative humidity value when growing plants.

Light interaction and temperature are oftentimes misunderstood as well. A warm temperature paired with low light levels will elongate plants with stretched, weak growth and thin leaf cuticles, making it susceptible to disease.

On the other hand, cool environment coupled with high light levels can produce overly compact plants and even stunt growth. High temperatures and high light conditions can cause leaf tips to be scorched, foliage to be tiny yet thick, and have other physiological problems in crops not meant for such conditions.

Awareness of the requirements of the crop means understanding climate control. Knowing how the elements interact, and how to adjust it to get the maximum reap in the protected setting.

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The Importance of Environmental Controllers

Sentinel CHHC-4i Digital Intelligent Total Environmental ControllerThe upsides of going automated stretches to a great extent that it’s hard not to take notice.

Perhaps the crop’s enhanced quality and increased yields can be deemed as the main reason. By effectively mimicking the plant’s natural growing conditions, growers will not only produce better plants but multiply harvest as well.

Accurate humidity and temperature readings are assured with the use of a controller. It even goes up a notch by allowing automatic temperature setbacks at night with systematic transitions from night to day and vice versa. The dehumidification control ability also reduces the need for fungicide spraying, gaining healthier and stronger plants as a result.

The savings in electricity and money can also be substantial. It’s unbelievable how much energy is saved when the cooling and heating occurring simultaneously is eliminated. This is made possible with the single-zone temperature sensor. Gradually dipping the nighttime temperature in order to duplicate natural conditions instead of reversing it in the morning reduces energy consumption. The electro/mechanical equipment integration presents additional significant savings.

Moreover, an environmental controller is one big labor-saving device. It sets growers free from tedious habitat maintenance to focus on growing the actual crop. Once set up, it is designed to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Programs can also be updated accordingly it just a touch of a button.

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Sentinel CHHC-4i Digital Intelligent Total Environmental Controller

Sentinel CHHC-4i Digital Intelligent Total Environmental ControllerThe Sentinel CHHC-4i is a state-of-the-art environmental controller. It integrates the Sentinel Intelligent CO2 Enrichment (S.I.C.E.) control and communication components with programming that is distinct to Sentinel. It retails at $689.95 per Growers House.

This patent-pending technology enables communications between S.I.C.E series products, bringing forth a level of control never before seen in gardens, grow rooms or greenhouses. The Sentinel CHHC-4i, a Sentinel S.I.C.E. series controller, measures and monitors the growing environment.

Whenever there is a change in the atmospheric CO2 levels, the fully computer-controlled controller commands the Sentinel ICG series generator to increase or decrease output, or go into idle mode. In this way, a growing setup that has very low Co2 levels, such as after a ventilation cycle or the start of the day, can be rapidly brought back up to the best possible growing conditions.

When the optimal habitat is reached, the S.I.C.E. system decreases CO2 output, to ensure the ideal level set by the user is not overstepped.

The system works by replenishing enriched CO2 on a lower output setting as necessary. This system allows dehumidifiers and air conditioners to effortlessly adapt to the moisture and heat load connected to the enrichment of the CO2. Additionally, it aids to maintain more constant temperature and rH levels in the growing environment.

Product inclusions:
Sentinel CHHC-4i Digital Intelligent Total Environmental ControllerThis all-in-one environmental controller has new quick-disconnect on remote combo sensor. The combination sensor for CO2, light level, temperature, and humidity can be placed 16 feet away from the unit. Sentinel CHHC-4i makes it easy to accurately control the atmosphere inside the area for productive indoor growing.

Sentinel CHHC-4i has 2 separate outputs to control cooling and heating. It can also adjust the amount of humidity inside the area. The user can set separate day and night settings for temperature and humidity. The CO2 is activated only during the day and has several modes of operation.

Moreover, it controls carbon dioxide with part-per-million accuracy. Apart from the growing area control, the onboard memory stores the lowest and highest measurements to ensure proper conditions are kept.

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The simple push buttons and LED display makes it easy and gives no complicated menus to negotiate. Sentinel CHHC-4i uses a simple user interface to access the settings and to recall the readings for humidity, CO2 level, and temperature that has been previously recorded.


  • Controlled with part-per-million accuracy.
  • Bright green LED display shows the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.
  • The fuzzy logic mode can be used with compressed CO2 for greater accuracy.
  • Cooling devices such as ventilation fans or air-conditioners connect to the cooling device receptacle.
  • A separate humidifier or dehumidifier can have separate day and night settings, and is connected to the humidity device receptacle.
  • All functions can be controlled individually.
  • It has multiple modes of operation.

How to Use:

Connect the CO2 generator or compressed CO2 solenoid/regulator assembly to the CO2 receptacle.

Technical Specs:

  • Power Input: 100 to 265V~
  • Circuit Breaker Rating: 15 amp @ 240V~
  • Receptacle Rating: 15 amp @ 120V~; 10 amp @ 240V~
  • Temperature: +/- 1.5°F / 32 to 120°F
  • Humidity: +/- 3% rH / 10 to 90% rH
  • CO2 PPM: +/- 85 PPM / 350 to 2500 PPM

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