April 1, 2019

November 26, 2018, California

It’s been nearly a year since California legalized recreational cannabis. In this one year, things remained far from ideal. Nevertheless, the industry has succeeded in hitting some right notes. There are some evident signs that amid slow pace, California’s cannabis industry is on course to become a well-oiled machine.

Cannabis Delivery Service is Improving

Proposition 64—the measure that legalized recreational cannabis—enables local administrations in the state to allow or ban retail operations in their jurisdictions. And the majority of counties and city administrations have exercised their power to ban commercial operations of cannabis. According to estimates, nearly 60 percent area of California is not covered through retail operation because of local restrictions.

These deprived areas are covered through delivery services from cannabis outlets from other parts of the state. In the beginning, this delivery system couldn’t efficiently serve all those areas because of limited licensing from the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC). However, the commission ironed out the issues and paced up its licensing process.

Cannabis Delivery Service is Improving
Cannabis Delivery Service is Improving – Image powered by Hellodiem.com

According to the latest count, the Bureau has issued 142 marijuana delivery licenses to improve the accessibility of the strain all through the state. Some local administrations wanted to ban the delivery services in their respective jurisdictions as well. However, the state didn’t allow them to put such an irrational provision into effect.

It is worth mentioning that the unavailability of legal strain only goes on to strengthen illegal cannabis operations. With legal cannabis delivery spreading through the entire state, the space for illegal cannabis market is now receding at a significant pace.

Extensive Lab Testing is the Process

BCC provided cannabis businesses first six months as a grace period to comply with the lab requirements needed to put legal cannabis on shelves. This period ended on July 1st and cannabis operators had to dispose of many of their non-compliant products. However, cannabis business operators are finally coming to terms with the lab requirments. As of November 2, more than 19,000 cannabis products (flowers, oils, edibles etc) have been lab-tested. In other words, lab testing is gradually becoming the norm in the cannabis industry.

BCC has Started Issuing Cannabis License

BCC has Started Issuing Cannabis License
BCC has Started Issuing Cannabis License – Image powered by 420evaluationsonline.com

Until October, all of the legal cannabis businesses in California were operating on provisional licenses. In the beginning of this month, BCC finally issued 12 permanent annual licenses to cannabis businesses. Apart from securing local approval and providing a layout of the premises, provisional licensing doesn’t entail intricate regulations.

Annual licenses, on the other hand, are only issued after a comprehensive application process. Annual licensing also includes a review of the applicant’s business operation under the California Environmental Act. Any business failing to comply with the act couldn’t be awarded the annual license.

The annual license provides businesses with more sense of permanency and legitimacy. They also have better protection against procedural issues and can face objections from the regulators with more authority.

There are some other developments that also indicate California’s cannabis industry is heading in the right direction. We will discuss them in tomorrow’s article.

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