January 17, 2019

Roots are the lifeline of plants. Not only does it provide anchorage but it also keeps the plants sturdy. Furthermore, it is also responsible for seeking and absorbing the essential nutrients for growth.

Although not verbal, the root system also has a means of communicating with growers. Whether it is having a blast with nutrient uptake or having difficulties, it lets the caretakers know by showing signs. Not everyone though is well equipped with the rudimentary knowledge or skills to understand its language, though.

Once there is a gap between the roots and the growers, then correcting or controlling causes of problems may be too late. And, that is where the SmartBee Irrigation System comes into play. It fills the gap by enabling automatic monitoring and control of the critical factors that affect the root system, and so much more.
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SmartBee Irrigation System Bundle

SmartBee Irrigation System BundleThe first step towards ensuring a healthy marijuana root system is to prevent any possible causes of problems. For that to happen, growers need to spend quite a bit of time monitoring and adjusting nutrient solution, for example. For commercial growers, the uneven growth as a result of complications results in plants having different quality levels.

SmartBee Irrigation System helps with that by bundling this powerful package:

The Hive Gateway

  • Water Content Sensor Module (plus additional Water Sensor Probes)
  • Stinger Smart Power Strip 4

The Hive Gateway

At the heart of the SmartBee system is the wireless logic controller. It gathers and integrates all data coming from sensors. The Hive Gateway stores the collected data securely and can only be accessed through an authorized account. Growers do not only monitor but can also control the modules installed in the grow room.

Key Features:

  • Industrial wireless protocol ideal for high-frequency environments
  • Converts incoming data from SmartBee wireless products for management with SmartBee App
  • Plug-and-play set-up
  • Fits nearly all existing gardens and configurations
  • Plant-safe green LED active indicator lights
  • Battery back-up for uninterrupted service

SmartBee Irrigation System Bundle

Wireless technology has been around for a long time. The Hive Gateway makes it possible for marijuana plants to reap the benefits of technological advancements. It is a gateway through with the sensors, power, and lighting controls converge. As a result of this integration, growers can be on top of the plants’ growth at all times – locally or remotely.

Going hi-tech though could also be an impossible task for some people. It would be ironic if a system designed to take out the hassles and preempt possible problems would require growers to spend an awful amount of time learning how to use.

SmartBee understands that and has taken great lengths to ensure an almost “plug and play” setup. Once all the sensors and equipment are in place, the “Networked Garden” is now ready to provide a safe growing condition for marijuana plants.
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SmartBee Software and App

Growers can access, monitor, and make adjustments using the SmartBee software, or download the SmartBee App for mobile devices. It does not matter which ecosystem growers are using – Windows, Mac OS, iOS, or Android. Not only are they available, but they are super intuitive and easy to use. In essence, the ease of its installation and use lets commercial marijuana growers focus on the plants as opposed to figuring out how this technology works.

1. Dashboard

SmartBee Irrigation System BundleThe software and app use user-friendly GUI. At a glance, it is easy to see the power, irrigation, and environmental readings.

2. Device Manager

SmartBee Irrigation System BundleUsing the device manager, growers can assign different functions to grow rooms. It also helps that names can be assigned to the different sensors and devices.

3. Room Manager

SmartBee Irrigation System BundleGrowers can build upon the SmartBee system and expand it as the need arises. In fact, the Hive Gateway can help manage different growing areas (such as in the case of various stages of growth or stains).

4. Room Details

4. Room DetailsGraph-based analytics show growers the latest sensor readings. More importantly, users can do comparative analysis against previous batches. It is one incredibly important feature that helps ensure consistent growth, yield, and quality of the harvest.

5. Temperature Control

5. Temperature ControlThe temperature should be kept at optimal levels. Most especially in a grow room, the danger of overheating the plants could prove to be catastrophic. Users can set the threshold limits to ensure optimal range for optimal growths during daytime and nighttime.

6. Humidity Control

5. Temperature ControlAir circulation and the temperature of the grow room is important and relevant to the humidity levels. For the plants, improper moisture level in the air could hinder its growth. Not only that, it might even promote the growth of harmful molds and mildew. SmartBee prevents problems from occurring by letting users set the maximum and minimum levels as well working with third-party equipment.

7. Irrigation Controls

5. Temperature ControlFrom the Irrigation Control interface, growers can ensure that the plants receive the right amount of water without under- or over-watering. Using the Water Content Sensor Module, users can also use the timer function to schedule irrigation based on the current moisture level in the growth medium.

8. Lighting Controls

5. Temperature ControlLight is the life source of plants. Without it, nutrients cannot be converted into sugar and energy. Apart from the right spectrum and intensity, it is also critical to maintain an accurate light cycle. SmartBee lets growers set multiple lighting schedules as well as monitor and prevent overheating.

9. CO2 Controls

It is in the best interest of commercial growers to increase the level of CO2 in the grow room during the daytime cycle. Doing so helps for explosive growth and yield. Using the CO2 Control interface, growers can view at a glance the atmospheric levels in the grow room.
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SmartBee Water Content Sensor

SmartBee Irrigation System BundleExperts can agree on one thing when it comes to watering the plants. Instead of following a strict schedule, it is better to test the moisture of the medium. One reason is that other factors could affect the necessity of watering. For instance, high-temperature results in faster evaporation. Consequently, the plants may grow thirsty and slows down the growth process.

Key Features:

  • Supports up to six Water Content Sensor Probes (includes one)
  • Sensor Probes are IP67 rated (buriable and waterproof up to one meter)
  • 6’ cable with 1/8” TRRS connection
  • Ideal for Rockwool, Soil, Coco Fiber (Coir) and most pre-mixed mediums
  • Excess garden light solar charges the internal Li-Ion battery to extend the period of time before a recharge is needed
  • Wireless data transmission for “Real-Time” environmental readings
  • Easily installs into any existing garden configuration with wireless mesh technology

5. Temperature ControlThe Water Content Sensors, once placed in the medium, can take a reading of the moisture level. At any given time, users can view this information using the SmartBee software or app. And, if necessary, can irrigate.
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Stinger Smart Power Strip 4

SmartBee Irrigation System BundleFour independent outlets with separate controls let growers monitor and control different equipment. The Stinger Smart Power Strip 4 can handle third-party devices up to a total capacity of 15 amperes. These can include a grow light system, fans, humidifier, etc.

Apart from control, it also constantly monitors the status of power consumption. And, in the unlikely event that there is a power loss, it automatically sends a warning to growers.

Key Features:

  • Wall-mountable design with heavy-duty 5’ power cable.
  • Wireless mesh network range extender (additional 133’ [40m])
  • “Real-time” power consumption monitoring.
  • Utilizes industrial-grade, machine-to-machine wireless mesh network technology (IEEE 802.15.4)
  • Plant-safe green LED active indicator lights.
  • Integrates with SmartBee Environmental Base or Premier Systems

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SmartBee Irrigation System Bundle for Consistent Quality Yield

SmartBee Irrigation System BundleFirst off, there is no yield if problems occur and corrections were not made in time. SmartBee Irrigation System does not only help with its prevention but also makes growing marijuana so much more convenient.

The ability to monitor 24/7 is invaluable. Any environmental problem that might occur; growers receive a warning. Even as The Hive Gateway performs its pre-programmed tasks, users could also intervene from anywhere in the world.

Accessing a historical record of growth also helps commercial producers standardize the output. It means that the final products delivered to dispensaries and the end-users are consistent in flavors, potency, and its traits.

Setting it up is easy, operating it is intuitive, and getting ahold of it is as easy as picking it up from Growers House for only $2,849.05. A bargain when one considers the premium it delivers. Buy SmartBee Irrigation System Bundle Click Here!

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