Some Questions About Indoor Growing Answered!

August 17, 2018

As Canada edges closer and closer to legalization day, Canadian citizens have some questions about growing cannabis, specifically indoor growing. Is it a good idea? Will indoor growing mess with your insurance rates? Will it negatively affect your property values? What if I live in an apartment complex or condos?.

Will Indoor Growing Mess up My House?

As anyone who has experience with indoor growing will tell you, it takes a lot to set up proper conditions for indoor growing. This is why those who can afford it try to set up a greenhouse, or grow house. Not everyone has that option. You should be aware that if you grow in your house, you’re inviting mold to grow in your home. That doesn’t mean that your house will be overrun with mold; this is only likely to happen for larger growing operations. If you’re growing a couple plants for personal use, this is not likely to be a huge issue for you.

What About My Property Values?

Another question commonly asked about indoor growing is whether or not it will negatively affect your property values when you eventually sell your house. Yes, you probably will. A study done by Canadian real estate group Zoocasa found that close to half of respondents would not buy a house if they knew it had been used to grow cannabis, regardless if the operation were legal or not. You should be prepared for a hard rejection once prospective buyers figure this out.

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Image Source: What About My Insurance?

Will growing in your house cause your insurance rate to spike? Again, the answer is most likely yes. As you can probably figure out, the electricity required to run a successful indoor growing operation is a huge fire hazard. Now you’re probably wondering just how much it will go up. That depends on the area you live in and your insurance company. Will some insurance companies start adding additional clauses about growing weed? I would expect that to happen soon, especially if you live in Canada.

Will I Get Evicted?

If you’re renting then your landlord reserves the right to evict you if you’re caught with an indoor growing operation. Some landlords might be cool about it and just expect to get a cut. Most are probably going to throw your ass in the street, if they don’t decide to sue you first. Expect to see more and more landlords throwing in clauses preventing indoor growing.

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Got any other burning questions about indoor growing? Shout it out in the comments below!

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    Im looking to grow Autoflower plants indoor in a area 2ft wide, x 6ft long, height isnt a issue but i will need to know a measurement for Height because im buying a grow tent to suit the autoflower mature […]Read More
  2. By latewood ILGM ,05 Aug 2019
    Troy, You say height is not an issue but, turn around and say; "I need to know how tall of a tent to buy?" Buy the tallest tent you can get. it will be around 7 feet tall or a […]Read More
  3. By Ralph ,23 Jan 2020
    Need a opinion of your thoughts on plasma lighting
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      I do not think anyone is using it. If so, it is something on the newer side and will take some time to have enough resultes to make judgement. White full spectrum LED lamps and ceramic Metal halide are what […]Read More
  4. By mitchell ,22 Aug 2020
    My indoor grown auto flower white widow is about 10 weeks old. appears to be flowering already. is it supposed to look like yours pictured in your ad? Buds are size of a dime now. should i be cutting back […]Read More

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