January 17, 2019

Songlong 80GPH Submersible Pump:

It is not a secret to many that cannabis contains certain chemicals that can effectively provide relief to various health conditions. Hence, marijuana is no longer enjoyed exclusively among recreational users. There has been a growing number of medical marijuana users over the years, and the plant itself has gained more acceptance from the general public.

However, medical marijuana is not even legal yet in most places. While this fact has not halted the production of these plants in any way, the entire process of cultivating them can still be a bit challenging. On top of that, more and more home growers are attempting to grow the plant in the convenience of their homes.

These types of growers usually cultivate their plants inside the controlled environment of a grow room or a simple grow tent. Either way, the most commonly used method of planting cannabis indoors is a hydroponic system. This technique can do away with soil and instead, make use of water to serve as a growing medium of the said plants.

Hydroponic systems are supposed to be the most efficient way of maximizing a plant’s growth and potential yield production. In that case, it becomes a need for prospective growers to see to it that the entire system is running efficiently. Speaking of efficiency, growers are reminded that a hydro setup can require different tools and one of them is a water pump.

Water pumps play an integral role in the entire cultivation process. These small motors can pump water throughout the system which is basically what keeps the plants alive. Water pumps come in different sizes, so prospective growers must be able to determine which type of pump should be used in one’s hydroponic system.

On that note, here is one example of a pump from Songlong that some growers may be interested in. It is relatively smaller than other pumps but should work just fine in smaller hydroponic setups. Learn more about this pump in the following sections below.


songlongUnfortunately, there is no clear information about this manufacturer. It appears that there are quite a few other companies of somewhat the same name, but none of them can be verified to be the same manufacturer that developed this particular pump.

This information may be important to some consumers. However, for now, they will have to settle with whatever product information is provided over at Amazon.

Key Features of Songlong 80GPH Submersible Pump

songlongNo matter how small or big an individual device is, what is important is whether or not it can perform as expected. Accuracy and ease of operation are just two of the most important factors that can ultimately have an enormous impact on a device’s overall quality.

In the case of water pumps, accuracy and consistency of power is a must to ensure that the water levels in a hydroponic setup are maintained to the ideal requirement. So, on that note, here are some of the most important specifications of this particular pump that are worth noting.


Considering the size of this water pump, it is no surprise that it can only have a maximum flow rate of 80GPH or around 300L/H. This flow rate may be further adjusted according to the consumer’s preference. Meanwhile, the pump’s maximum lift height is around 0.65 ft. which is significantly shorter compared to other pumps.

Judging by the reviews that this product has received so far, it has fairly impressed the majority of its consumers. Also, there are quite a few people who have purchased this pump to be specially installed in a hydroponic setup. The good news is that the pump seems to work just fine.


This particular model is a 4W pump that runs on an 110V-120V power supply. This information is not readily available in the product description on Amazon, so consumers may need to take a closer look at the device’s pictures to figure this one out. Nonetheless, that is just a very minimal issue.

This pump is quite compact. Some consumers would even say this it fits just right in your palm. However, to be more specific, its actual measurements are 2.04” x 1.68” x 1.37” (52mm x 43mm x 35mm).

It also comes with two interchangeable nozzles that can supposedly fit a 1/2” and 1/4” tubing. However, there are a few complaints about these nozzles not fitting snugly on the actual pump.

Also, note that the manufacturer has explicitly stated that the device is designed to produce minimal noise. However, a significant amount of consumers is not convinced with this claim as they still find the pump a bit too noisy than expected.

The Songlong 80GPH Submersible Pump

songlongOn a more positive note, this water pump from Songlong is certainly one of the cheapest pumps out there. Having said that, it may be a bit too much to expect a lot from this product. Although it does have a few issues here and there, it seems to work fine and not to mention the fact that it does run a hydroponic system quite satisfactorily.

Nonetheless, it is only fair to point out how some consumers have complained about getting a low-quality product that does not last long. Again, this is a pretty cheap pump, so quality is the perhaps the least of the manufacturer’s concern. In fact, they do not even seem to have a decent customer service line that proactively responds to customer concerns over at Amazon.

Furthermore, this pump is backed by a 1-year warranty. However, with a price tag of $12.99 and a questionable manufacturer, it would be less favorable to go through the hassle of returning the item just to take advantage of the said warranty.

Pass or Buy the Songlong 80GPH Submersible Pump

songlongAgain, this is a pretty cheap pump that can mostly do what pumps should. It does work on a hydroponic setup, although in this case, the device might not work long enough to witness your cannabis strains flower and ultimately get harvested.

Bottomline is, this pump is preferable for novice growers who are still starting out on cultivating their own strains at home and who are not yet working on a large-scale hydroponic system. This could be a good investment for them just to get the feel of how it is to grow marijuana using such method without having to spend too much yet. Buy Songlong 80GPH Submersible Pump Here!


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