January 14, 2019

Recently the South Australian government announced that it was going to start taking a harder stance against cannabis by imposing jail sentences on people caught in possession of weed, The Guardian reported. Earlier this week South Australian attorney general Vickie Chapman introduced a bill to add cannabis to the list of controlled substances, as she announced the start of a “new war on drugs.” If passed, this bill would mean that people caught in possession of cannabis could be looking at upwards of two years in jail. The bill will also target “outlaw biker gangs” by imposing a 75 thousand dollar fine and 15 years in prison on all members of biker gangs.

It looks as though the bill is likely to fail due to a rather large and vocal opposition by MPs in the Australian Labor and Green parties.

Why This Anti-Pot Push is Likely to Fail

This new hard nosed anti cannabis stance is not going to bode well for South Australia if it does in fact end up passing. This bill would mark the first time people in possession of cannabis could be thrown in the pokey, a policy that we all know from experience does not deter cannabis use, and only serves to ruin people’s lives.

The War on Drugs Always Fails

We know that this new war on drugs will fail because we’ve already watched the war on drugs fail repeatedly all over the world, especially in the US. The failed war on drugs started by the Nixon administration has not done a thing to deter drug use, especially cannabis, which most people now want legalized. What has happened instead is exponential growth in the prison population, drug cartels decimating Mexico and other parts of Central America. Families have been ripped apart and whole communities were destroyed when crack cocaine was flooded into poor black neighborhoods in the eighties.

Anti-Weed Legislation Would be a Huge Step Backwards

The anti-weed legislation that members of the South Australian government are pushing for would be a huge step in the wrong direction if it were to be passed, especially now that more countries are pushing for cannabis legalization. If South Australia wants to see the same things that have happened in the US happen there, they will push ahead with this legislation, and then they will watch it be a failure. It’s a tale as old as time, folks.

Featured Image Source: Boston Magazine

Got anything you want to add? Will South Australia’s anti pot push be a massive failure? Tell us in the comments below!


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  1. By Colin

    ,09 Jul 2018
    Don’t worry. It won’t pass. I live in Victoria which shares a border with South Australia. South Australia is a very strange place……with a very pretty yet very strange capital city…Adelaide. Everything closes at 6pm in Adelaide……..really wierd place.
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