April 16, 2019

SpinPro Original Trimmer:

After harvest, most growers trim the cannabis buds before drying, though some wait until after the buds have already dried before trimming is started. Whether done before or after the drying process, trimming remains to be a critical step that should be properly executed every time.

The appearance enthusiasts associate with good weed is the trimmed and well-manicured buds. With that said, untrimmed buds tend to turn most people off.

Smoking a leafy cannabis can be quite harsh on the throat and lungs as well. Thus, trimming off most of the excess leaves actually improves the smoothness when smoking the buds. Leaving more leaves on the buds can also make it taste like grass which can mask the true flavor of the strain.

Additionally, removing the extra leaves will give a better THC concentration since leaves have a lower level of it compared to the buds itself. Most growers save the trimmings to extract the THC from it separately to make concentrates or edibles.
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Trimming Cannabis

SpinPro Original TrimmerWet Trim

In practice, most cultivators trim the marijuana before drying because trimming buds when wet usually produces cleaner-looking buds. It’s called as wet trimming since all the fan leaves and sugar leaves are removed right after harvest when crops are still wet.

When wet, the leaves are still turgid and its rigor makes it stick out from the flowers more, making trimming easier and more convenient.

Dry Trim

Untrimmed leaves slow down the drying process, this is beneficial for growers dealing with a low humidity environment since drying slowly is the best way to lock in all the plant’s goodness. Drying slowly can make the smoking experience smoother and cleaner. This is because the longer it takes to dry the crop, the more it will lose the grass-like chlorophyll taste and smell.

Dry trimming means hanging the plants with the eaves still intact and removing it after the branches have dried out. After drying, the leaves tend to curl and drop closer to the flowers, making it more difficult to clip off.

Most growers that use dry trimming still usually take off most if not all of the big fan leaves by hand.

Best of Both Worlds

It all comes down to personal preferences on which method is considered to reap the most advantage with lesser drawbacks.

Most make use of both methods; these cultivators leave some of the sugar leaves behind but trim off any big fan and large sugar leaves that protrude out from the buds to allow slow drying and to protect the flowers and its trichome glands that are filled with essential oils. Once the branches dry and snap instead of bending, a more thorough trim is done before starting the curing process.

It’s important to remove big leaves at its base to avoid leaving thick stalks within the buds. Removing individual branches makes it easier to trim. Clipping as close to the buds as possible is also the best way to go.

There are different types of handy trimming devices growers can use in lieu of manual hand trimming. These machines are ideal for growers with plenty of crops to trim. There is a wide variety available in the market that’s why it’s vital to understand its uses in order to make an informed decision on which to utilize.

Small to medium grow operations can make use of scissors or smaller trimming machines. Bigger ones can take advantage of large industrial equipment. Cultivators can choose a manual or an electric device for this purpose.

Cost is another thing to consider. The bigger the capacity, the more its costs. Likewise, automatic is pricier than a manual device. Large-scale grow operations normally invest in electric equipment and less manual labor which saves money in the long run.

Lastly, the area must be evaluated as well. There should be an adequate space to set up a machine if thinking of getting a big piece, otherwise a handy manual trimmer may be the better option.
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SpinPro Original Trimmer

SpinPro Original TrimmerSpinPro Original trimmer uses the highest quality medical grade stainless steel Japanese components. All rubber pieces are made with the supreme quality food grade rubber.

It can trim up to two ounces of wet plant material in five minutes, significantly cutting the trim time down with just a few turns of the handle.

SpinPro Original trimmer is geared toward small to medium sized projects. It’s available at Growers House for $299.99 and comes with a one-year warranty.

The simple design with no electric parts makes the SpinPro virtually unbreakable. It does not have many moving parts and it’s very easy to clean. With its sturdy gear and spinner construction, this trimmer ranks as one of the top cannabis trimmers on the market.

Growers can feel the gears trim the buds as the handle is turned. It only takes a few rounds of spin to clean the excess foliage and stems off the buds. Not only does it save time, but also energy and arm pain compared to other manual spinners available.

This trimming device excels in saving time and producing quality trims. It can speed up trimming from full days to mere minutes while keeping the cannabis quality intact.

Compared to other bud trimmers on the market, SpinPro is one of the best bud trimmers around, if not the best amongst all manual trimming machines on the market.


  • Removing protruding leaves and roots
  • Preparing plants for essential oils
  • Mixing flower petals for potpourris


  • Stainless steel gearbox with Japanese POM plastic casing
  • Solid-mold rubber grill mount
  • Dishwasher proof parts for easy aftercare
  • 23 Replacement Wires

Additional Information

  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Size: Approx. 16 inches’ wide

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