March 8, 2020

In 2016, Florida legalized marijuana by a more than 70% majority. In 2017, further legislation was added. Marijuana growing operations are part of Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers. To start a business growing marijuana in Florida, you must also open a nonprofit treatment center.

There aren’t a lot of licenses available for treatment centers in Florida, but the state is in the process of expanding its program. Additional licenses for treatment centers will be awarded every time another 100,000 patients registering. In the meanwhile, interested business owners can learn about starting a marijuana dispensary in Florida is this article.

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When was cannabis made legal

When was cannabis made legal

Amendment 2 passed in November of 2016. It further legalized medical cannabis in Florida, approving the use of whole-plant remedies, THC included. The state already attempted to legalize medical marijuana in 2014, but failed to obtain the necessary number of votes. However, Amendment 2 only allowed non-THC oils for certain conditions. With the recent changes, qualifying medical patients to possess, obtain and use strains of medical cannabis that are potent in psychoactive THC.

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Currently, marijuana must be obtained from Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers which are also responsible for growing the plant. Regulations say these centers must remain non-profit, but that too could change in the future.

How to open a marijuana growing operation in Florida

Marijuana growing operations in Florida are classified as “Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers.” These legal entities are authorized to grow, possess, sell, and transport cannabis products.

Licenses are distributed by the Florida Department of Health. This agency is responsible for outlining the procedures for Medical Marijuana Treatment Center registration, including the issuance of a license to operate, renewal of a license, and the suspension and revocation of licenses for those that fail to comply with operational standards.

Links to consulting companies that can help open a Florida marijuana growing operation


Looking to start a marijuana growing operation in Florida? The consulting companies listed below provide a wide range of services from helping with state licensing requirements and applications to running and stocking your business.

FAQ About Growing Weed In Florida

Is recreational marijuana legal in Florida?

As of this date, using marijuana for recreational purposes is still considered illegal in Florida.

Is medical marijuana legal in Florida?

Marijuana use for medical purposes is considered legal, as long as you qualify by having a certain condition that requires smoking medical marijuana as a treatment.

Can I grow my own marijuana in Florida?

If you wish to start a business of growing marijuana in Florida, you have to open a nonprofit center as well.

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  1. By Mr. T

    ,20 Apr 2019
    The voting Population of florida is 12.5 million people. Which means that If a MMTC License is issued every 100,000 people the cap on these facilities and licenses will be approximately 120 licenses For the for the whole state of […]Read More
    1. By Melvin

      ,11 Dec 2019
      These are not facts at all! I know of atleast 15 dispenseries in my city and the 2 neighboring cities next to Me with any and everything you need, I was looking for a particular strain that none of the […]Read More
      1. By TheJMaster

        ,27 Apr 2020
        Actually, Melvin, these are facts & the point Mr. T is trying to make concerns only that there is very little a person can do to start a Med MJ "treatment center" (or MMTC [a dispensary] as they're known here. […]Read More
        1. By Alchemy Coeur

          ,02 Jul 2020
          well said! I think the "Melvin" completely misconstrued the meaning of your statements as implying it was hard to get mmj in Florida. Just cuz there is only one source of something, doesnt mean you can't get it...it does, however, […]Read More
  2. By Michelle

    ,21 Jun 2019
    This is disappointing. I'm sure this was voted in so that citizens could grow their own or start a business helping those sick or in pain. Now, the dirty sneaky government has once again brought corporatism into this and destroying […]Read More
    1. By TheJMaster

      ,27 Apr 2020
      More true words were never typed before. Michelle must be a carpenter because she hit the nail on the head.
    2. By Alchemy Coeur

      ,02 Jul 2020
      Yes, @Michelle, it is very disappointing. The intent of providing an herbal, home grown, or a low expense, affordable product. They are doing this in most states preserving and adding to the coffers of the wealthy at The expense of […]Read More
  3. By Randall

    ,02 Oct 2019
    I am an established scientist in South Fla. I would like to obtain a “growers License” for seeds only for the industry that comply with State Parameters. I habe a seed bank ready and Land. Funding would be nice, but […]Read More
  4. By James

    ,24 Feb 2020
    I am a disabled veteran and am on a license to smoke and suffering from sever PTSD and love to grow plants I have a green thumb and a building in my yard to start out. I need to fill […]Read More
    1. By James

      ,24 Feb 2020
      I need to make some money quick to help repair my home I got screwed on buying due to septic drainfield and pool being refurbished.
  5. By Cheech

    ,28 May 2020
    The legislation of rules put in force to grow marijuana is a bunch of bullshit. If you’re sick or ill and needing Cannabis for medical care, and you should be able to grow your own with no issues! The problem […]Read More
  6. By Sebastian Ares

    ,01 Aug 2020
    Our medical dispose allowed to grow indoors or are they outdoors only with light Depp tents? I was told that they have to be outdoor nurseries and that they do not have any indoor Hydroponics farms in Florida

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