January 14, 2019

August 21, 2018, New Jersey – Pennsylvania

Interstate 78 has become a center of marijuana busts in the last couple of years. The Greenwich Township weigh station has succeeded in scoring some of the momentous drug seizures in its history in this time period. State troopers at the Greenwich Township have recently seized a shipping truck at New JerseyPennsylvania line trying to smuggle 1,000 pounds cannabis from California.

It is important to mention that the convictions linked to drug trafficking have decreased all across the US. According to the US Sentencing Commission, marijuana-related trafficking convictions have been dropped by 43.2 percent in last four years. Moreover, cannabis offenses only account for 14 percent of all countrywide drug trafficking convictions.

However, the border patrol activity at I-78 tells a different story altogether. State troopers at the route bust drug trafficking trucks every now and then.

State troopers seize over $5 million worth of cannabis
State troopers seize over $5 million worth of cannabis – Image powered by Dopeytimes.com

Recent timeline of marijuana seizures at the Greenwich Township weigh station

As mentioned earlier, the last couple of years have been really happening at the New Jersey- Pennsylvania line, and particularly at the Greenwich Township weight station. In 2016 alone, there were three massive drug busts took place at the weigh station within a couple of days.

In August, a 53-year-old citizen was busted for smuggling 53 pounds of the flower worth around $324,000. A few days later, the state troopers confiscated 80 pounds of heroin, which was estimated to be around $2.8 million. This was not a small seizure. Busting millions of dollars worth of drugs becomes a career highlight for any state trooper.

Nevertheless, a bigger surprise is waiting for the Greenwich Township weigh station. Nearly a week later, and without any tip-offs, the state troopers have succeeded in carrying out one of the country’s largest heroin seizure. A truck laden with 140 pounds of heroin and 22 pounds of cocaine was busted by the Greenwich Township troopers. The aggregate worth of the busted drug was around $5.4 million.

Greenwich Township weigh station
Greenwich Township weigh station – Image powered by Apnews.com

The recent marijuana bust can also be hailed as one of the biggest in New Jersey. The officials have estimated the 1,000-pound cannabis is worth more than $5 million dollars. The driver has been charged for an attempt to distribute more than 25 pounds of cannabis. If convicted, there will be 10 years of minimum prison time that also carries the fine of $300,000. The charge has been imposed according to the local cannabis laws of the state.

Guangyu Wu, the ill-fated truck driver, would be spending the better part of his remaining life in jail for a felony that might be decriminalized in the next couple of years as both Pennsylvania and New Jersey are trying to work out significant cannabis reforms.

Many different issues have merged into the discussion of cannabis reforms. For instance, decriminalization has become a hot topic in both states. Similarly, state lawmakers are deliberating on new persecution methods. On the other hand, MMJ expansion has also become an ongoing process and cannabis activists are constantly striving for adult-use legalization.

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