January 14, 2019

After the recent hint by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, lawmakers in several states including Washington have vowed to fight any crackdown on the State’s successful implementation of marijuana laws by the Federal government. This news comes after Spicer implied that the newly elected Trump Administration is looking closely into the current marijuana legalization laws that have been put in place in certain states across the US. According to Bob Ferguson, Washington state’s attorney general the state will fight any efforts that will be made by the Trump Administration that thwarts the will of the people of Washington.

Washington lawmakers are not taking even the idea of a Federal crackdown on pot laws lightly. Just last week, both Washington State governor Jay Inslee and AG Ferguson sent a letter asking US attorney and noted pot hater Jess Sessions to ask for a meeting to discuss the issue at hand. According to Inslee, Washington has so far succeed to implement all of the laws that legalize and regulate the use of marijuana, and these efforts have garnered a positive response from the people. Governor Inslee, further stated that just a few years ago, the illegal trafficking of marijuana cross state borders was lining up the pockets of the criminals. Today, it’s a different story, all illegal activity has been pushed to the side thanks to a carefully implemented system of regulations which keeps everybody in check, and has resulted in the generation of millions of dollars in tax revenue.

Trump Administraion
Trump Administraion – Image powered by Emaze.com

The sales of recreational marijuana in Washington reached to $1.1 billion, with the sales tax reaching the $400 million mark in 2016. According to Washington State governor Inslee, trying to throw a wrench in the laws of is not something that the Trump Administration should be focusing on since it would put them on the wrong side in history.

Washington state’s attorney general, Ferguson said that if President Trump does decide to challenge the laws that have been implemented by the Washington State, he and his legal team will be ready. While others aren’t that concerned with the recent hint by Spicer, there are others saying that a Federal crackdown on marijuana laws would be a complete departure from the president’s previous position which was in favor of the states deciding on the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, without any involvement from the State.

Marijuana – Image powered by Dailydot.com

What’s even more interesting is that Spicer’s comments came on the same day as the Quinnipiac poll showed that more than half of American citizens think that marijuana should be legalized, and 71% opposed any Federal crackdown on the marijuana legalization laws. Lawmakers of other states seem to be disappointed as well with the recent statement made by Spicer, saying that greater enforcement on the adult use of marijuana would reverse years of progress to get the marijuana legalization bills passed in respective states. Furthermore, the prohibition of marijuana at a national level will be a failure since millions of voters across the country are demanding for flexible marijuana laws, especially when it comes to its usefulness as a medication.

Marijuana stays in the news, and Alice is always ready to keep us updated. A world traveler and lover of freedom, Alice knows what is going on, no matter where she roams. She specializes in marijuana legalization stories across the globe, with up to date... [read more]


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