5 Moments You’ll Have on A Cannabis Grow Tour in Denver, Colorado

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Considering your first cannabis grow tour? Great! Legal cannabis is here to stay and you can easily learn more about it by attending a marijuana tour during your stay in Denver. Just like the craft brewing and food industries, there’s a wide variety of cannabis tours that you can consider taking, with something for everyone whether you’re into dab smoking or looking for something to do for girls night out.

I had the chance to hit up a Buds & Beers tour recently and got to enjoy both cannabis and hops in the same outing. Below, you’ll find a quick preview of five moments you’re bound to have on a cannabis tour like the one I took.

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    You’ll Check In and Get Wristbanded

    Check In and Get Wristbanded – Image powered by Commons.wikimedia.org

    The process for checking in is relatively simple. They told us in advance to make sure to have a current ID when I arrived. As you check in, they’ll verify your ID against the list, and you’ll sign a waiver before being ushered onto a cannabis-friendly party bus that will take you from stop to stop and allow you to enjoy an elevated experience throughout the trip. One thing I have to mention is that you’ll need to be patient. Everything moves a little slower around here thanks to all the smoke in the air.

    You’ll Get On The Bus

    Get On The Bus Image powered by Commons.wikimedia.org

    When you get on the bus, especially if you came as a smaller group or are taking a cannabis tour by yourself, it’s the perfect chance to meet someone new, and it’s almost unavoidable. You’ll get to know at least something about one of your neighbors during the trip, ranging from where they are from to their preferred consumption methods. After I rolled a few blunts, the people around started to get a little chattier and I recommend having something that you can consume with the group (edibles are fun but not really a shared experienced).

    You’ll also get to enjoy cannabis products in a legal setting without worrying about it affecting your hotel or vacation rental. I’ve had the chance to meet people from around United States and quite a few other countries on these tours. Keep in mind that riding in a bus can be bumpy, and if you’re worried about bumps in the road, sit up closer to your tour guide (you’ll get more information that way too!). Or, if you prefer to sit in the back like me, you’ll likely be tasked with DJ’ing for the ride.

    You’ll Get Behind The Scenes of Production:

    Behind The Scenes of Production Image powered by Commons.wikimedia.org

    On many tours, you’ll have the opportunity to see firsthand what goes into the cultivation of your favorite cannabis offerings and the Buds & Beers tour was no different. We were allowed to get up close and personal with plants, and take a fun Denver brewery tour.

    You’ll learn about the reasons for having different rooms in a grow facility and why all the plants are female plants. You’ll see the different stages of growth, as well as certain legal requirements for businesses, such as marking the plants with yellow or blue METRC tags, indicative of their medical or recreational status. We had a chance to interact with the staff at the grow as well, getting to discuss the plant with the people who work with it every single day. Marijuana tours like our Complete Cannabis Tour allow guests to see the entire process from onset through production — including a commercial extraction lab and commercial packaging.

    You’ll Visit A Dispensary

    As mentioned, many tours are designed to specifically show you a cannabis plant’s journey from growth through production into one of many offerings targeted at wellness, extraction, flower or edibles in addition to how those products interact with your tour’s focus. For many, the first visit to a cannabis greenhouse or indoor production facility with its row and rows of grow lights is reminiscent of a large-scale, natural food or candy manufacturer, and the first dispensary visit is like walking into a toy store or a candy shop. Take time to talk to your budtenders about what products are available, even if you think you know what product you’re going to end up purchasing.

    You’ll Purchase Legal Cannabis:

    Purchase Legal Cannabis Image powered by Commons.wikimedia.org

    Being able to purchase cannabis is a part of history. We are currently in a transitional phase where society is deeming it acceptable to consume cannabis responsibly, just as adults have enjoyed alcohol for years since prohibition was repealed. In doing so, states have enacted legal programs that allow you to buy some of the best cannabis out there, with your hard-earned legal dollar, in cash, card, and even cryptocurrency in some places. Make sure to pause and remember how many people have gone before you without that ability, and how many people are still fighting to have the access to quality, legal products like you just purchased. Enjoy your legal cannabis!

    The Final Hit:

    Cannabis tours offer you the chance to see a side of the newly-legal industry that is unfamiliar to most people. You’ll get to see grow rooms and learn about how cannabis makes it onto dispensary shelves, as well as enjoy the opportunity to purchase and consume legal cannabis without fear of repercussions.

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