Your Guide to CBD Oil in Alabama

CBD products have been popping up all over Alabama, so it isn’t surprising if you have a few unanswered questions. This article will help answer some of those questions, and possibly those you didn’t realize you had, while also explaining the buzz.  We’ll talk about the science behind CBD as well as a little bit on the current laws. If you’ve got questions about CBD oil in Alabama, buckle up and read this article for the answers.

What is CBD?

First, we need to understand what CBD is.

Marijuana and hemp have more than a hundred compounds called cannabinoids. The most widely talked about (and most abundant in these plants) is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which triggers “a high.” There’s also CBD (cannabidiol), which is largely medicinal and doesn’t have psychoactive effects.

What is CBD
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The concentration of THC is what makes hemp different from marijuana. Hemp has very little (less than 0.3 percent) amounts of THC, while marijuana can have THC levels as high as 30 percent by dry weight. Marijuana is often very low in CBD.

So, what is CBD oil?

CBD oil mainly comes from industrial hemp. Many use it medicinally, as it improves symptoms in people with chronic pain, cancer, epilepsy, poor appetite, and various degenerative diseases. This answers why millions of people use this product, even if it doesn’t get them high in the same way that marijuana does.

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    Why Is It Sometimes Hard to Get CBD Oil?

    Why would a product with as many health benefits as CBD oil be difficult to get in some parts of the U.S.? The answer to this question can be found in the history and nature of hemp.

    Here’s the thing:

    Hemp and its cousin, marijuana, have been illegal for decades. Hemp only became legal to grow again in 2018, while marijuana is still prohibited both federally and, in many states, – including Alabama.

    Since these two plants are closely related, it isn’t surprising that CBD oil is often mistaken for marijuana oil. Laws in many states have yet to put a clear distinction between marijuana and hemp-derived products like CBD oil.

    The History of CBD Oil Legalization in Alabama

    In 2014, Carly’s Law was passed, giving the University of Alabama permission to administer CBD oil to children with debilitating seizures. This was a pilot program intended to study what benefits CBD oil could provide.

    History of CBD Oil Legalization in Alabama
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    In 2016, Leni’s Law was also passed, legalizing the possession of CBD oil by patients, their parents, or caregivers. The patients who could access this oil suffered from debilitating seizures and were required to get a doctor’s note before being accepted into the program.

    When Congress passed the Farm Bill in 2018, Alabama’s Attorney General issued a public notice legalizing hemp and its products in the state so that state law is on par with federal law on the matter.

    The Current Legal Status of CBD Oil in Alabama

    The 2018 notice written by the Attorney General made hemp and all its products legal in the state of Alabama. However, keep in mind that CBD oil from marijuana is still illegal, so be careful to ask questions about what you are actually buying.

    Additionally, the public notice didn’t spell out how hemp products were to be regulated. That task has yet to be done, and lawmakers haven’t yet passed any laws to address it. It is, therefore, advisable for you to pay attention to all the developments and changes so that a legal change doesn’t catch you off guard.

    Why You May Be Unable to Grow Your Own CBD Oil

    As a cost-cutting measure, you may have thought about growing hemp or marijuana plants so you can extract your own CBD oil. While this is possible in theory, many local specifics may keep this option out of reach for those living in Alabama.

    Unable to grow in Alabama
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    First, are the legal issues around the cultivation of either hemp or marijuana. Hemp was legalized federally, but the bill passed by Congress gave all 50 states a chance to pass their own legislation to regulate the hemp industry. Alabama hasn’t done so as yet, so you may be at the mercy of the law enforcement officer who might interpret the existing law how he or she sees fit: either you’re breaking the law, or you’re a law-abiding resident. Do you really want to walk that legal tightrope?

    But there’s more.

    In addition to that, you need to think about the more practical matter of where to find seeds or clones. Marijuana is illegal, so finding seeds locally in Alabama are unlikely.  Hemp is still relatively new since its recent legalization as well. Seeds are therefore hard to come by, and your plans are likely to go up in smoke if you can’t get seeds or clones.

    If you get past the obstacles above and manage to grow plants for CBD oil extraction, the final challenge relates to making the oil. It is difficult to know whether your plants’ oil has enough CBD to produce desirable results.  Plus, if you wanted to find out, the cost of the testing equipment keeps most home growers from seriously considering it.

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      Where to Buy CBD Oil in Alabama

      CBD shops are popping up everywhere in Alabama – you can even buy these products from gas stations! However, the absence of regulations means that the quality of the products you purchase from these outlets will vary widely from one product to another.

      To avoid taking a gamble with something that is meant to make you feel better, purchase your CBD oil from ILGM. Otherwise, you never know what you could be buying! With Bergman’s CBD oil, you can be sure that you won’t fail a drug test due to undeclared THC content. Also, as an online seller, we can deliver the product anywhere in the U.S., making it convenient too!

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