Your Guide to CBD Oil in Florida

Would you like to try out CBD oil but aren’t sure if it’s legal in Florida? Maybe you also have questions about what CBD oil can do for your health and wellness.  These are all great questions, and the good news is – I can help you answer them.  Whether you need basic information on CBD oil in Florida or need to know where you can purchase high-quality CBD oil, you can look no further! This article will help you find all the information you need in one place.

What Is CBD oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound extracted from industrial hemp. This differs from cannabis oil, which is extracted from marijuana. Cannabis oil contains the psychoactive ingredient known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD oil typically has a maximum of 0.3 percent THC content.

CBD oil has gained widespread popularity because of its reputation as a therapeutic and wellness product. Tons of people swear that it helps them get better sleep, alleviates pain, improves appetite, and even improves one’s mood in addition to many other benefits. Several scientific studies have confirmed many of these medicinal effects, and more research is still underway to document even more benefits.

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    Why Is it hard to find CBD oil?

    Don’t let the wide popularity of CBD oil lead you to think that accessing it is as easy as buying a can of soda.

    Getting your hands on CBD oil is not always easy.

    Find CBD oil
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    Here’s the deal, there’s still some confusion about CBD oil’s legality since the federal government only removed it from the list of controlled substances last year, with the signing of the Farm Bill. In some places, CBD is still looked at as no different from marijuana. That’s why you are likely to encounter all sorts of legal and attitudinal obstacles when you try to access CBD oil.

    CBD Oil has a great history in Florida

    The “Sunshine State” hasn’t had a very rough path to the legalization of CBD oil. Even before the enactment of the Farm Bill in 2018, Florida had already established some rules to govern the commercial cultivation of industrial hemp in pilot projects.

    This proactive approach has given the state a head start over other states, even if CBD oil from hemp cultivated in Florida isn’t as well- known as options from other states, such as Colorado.

    The current legality of CBD oil in Florida

    At the moment, there are moves to pass laws to regulate CBD oil and other products derived from hemp. If that happens, the Department of Agriculture will oversee the industry and test every product to confirm that it is up to the standards outlined in the law.

    Legality in Florida
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    In the meantime, law enforcement has opted to be neutral on CBD oil until the laws change. What does this mean for you as a potential consumer? It means that you are free to buy and use CBD oil in Florida, but since there is no official quality check, you must do your own due diligence to double-check that the label is accurate.

    Why you can’t grow your own CBD oil

    As a hands-on person, you may be thinking about the possibility of “growing your own CBD oil.”

    It makes sense, but there’s a catch:

    CBD oil cannot technically be grown since it is extracted from the plant. However, you can grow plants to extract your own CBD oil.

    Why you cant grow your own
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    Before you get started, consider these things:

    • First, you’ll need clones or feminized seeds with a high CBD content. As earlier mentioned, hemp cultivation is still in its infancy, so you will be hard-pressed to get your hands on the right seeds to grow. Don’t even think about the hemp seeds found in health food stores; those seeds are sterilized and will not germinate if planted.
    • Secondly, you must live in a state where cultivating hemp and/or marijuana is legal. As the discussion above has already indicated, legislation is still making its way through the Assembly and Senate to map out how legal hemp cultivation can be set into motion. It is safer to wait for the law to take its final shape rather than speculate whether home grows will be possible.
    •  Lastly, you should consider the quality of the CBD oil you extract. You need CBD oil of a specific degree of potency if you want to get any medical use out of the oil. People who extract their own CBD oil at home stand the risk of consuming oil with very little, if any, CBD in it, making the risk of growing not at all worth it.

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    Where can you buy CBD oil in Florida?

    Walk down any street, and you are sure to see many shops advertising various CBD oil products. But how certain are you about the quality of those products, given that there’s no state-level regulatory mechanism in place at the moment?

    It pays to take a more cautious approach when selecting health products, so it is wiser for you to order your products from a tried and true online retailer, such as ILGM.  We go through great lengths to hand-pick our products, and since we’re online, you can do a little research before you buy.   Don’t waste your money and time on questionable CBD oil. Purchase high-quality CBD online instead.

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