Your Guide to CBD Oil in Indiana

The recent surge of interest in CBD oil may have you wondering what CBD oil is. You may be wondering whether it is legal in Indiana or which therapeutic benefits it offers. For many, they wonder where they can purchase CBD oil in Indiana.

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If this describes you, then read on.

This guide will cover the basics of CBD as well as some Indiana-specific rules. It will answer your questions about CBD oil in Indiana so that you can enjoy the benefits this oil has to offer.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it’s one of the most abundant cannabinoids in plants within the cannabis family (hemp and marijuana). CBD oil comes from either cannabis plants with high THC (such as the different strains of marijuana) or plants whose THC content is low, such as hemp. If the plants are high in THC, the THC is removed to leave CBD with very low (less than 0.3 percent) amounts of this psychoactive compound.

What Is CBD Oil
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So, what’s the deal with CBD?

CBD oil gets all the attention because of its many documented therapeutic and wellness effects. It has been found to be helpful for people with PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, arthritis, diabetes, and also fighting antibiotic-resistant infections. Research is still ongoing, and more medicinal effects of CBD oil are being documented.

Why Is It Hard to Find CBD Oil?

While CBD oil is legal at the federal level, some states have not yet amended their laws to this effect, so the oil remains illegal in those states. Additionally, due to ignorance, CBD oil is still thought of by some people and regulators as being marijuana. This has made it hard to access CBD oil in such jurisdictions because marijuana is still a Schedule 1 controlled substance at the federal level.

History of CBD Oil Legalization in Indiana

So, is CBD legal in Indiana?

The short answer is yes. However, CBD oil had a rocky journey before it became fully legal. This all started in April 2017 when the governor (Eric Holcomb) signed a bill for the creation of a registry for epileptic patients who wanted to use CBD oil to relieve their epileptic seizures.

History of CBD Oil Legalization in Indiana
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Thus, CBD oil only became legal to use if one suffered from seizures resulting from epilepsy. However, the confiscation of merchandise containing CBD oil led to an uproar which culminated in the passing of Senate Bill 52 in February 2018. That law made CBD oil (with only trace THC amounts) legal throughout the state.

Current Legal Status of CBD Oil in Indiana

Senate Bill 52 passed in February 2018 and legalized CBD oil in Indiana. Additionally, the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the list of restricted substances, so hemp is now federally regarded as any other agricultural crop, such as soy.

Can I Grow My Own CBD Oil?

For starters, let’s clear up one fact: CBD oil can’t be grown. Technically, this isn’t possible because CBD oil is an extract from a plant (hemp or marijuana). That said, the real question is whether you can grow your own plants to extract CBD oil at home.

Can I Grow My Own CBD Oil in Indiana
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First, you need to live in a state where cultivating marijuana for medical or recreational purposes is allowed. Unfortunately, Indiana is one of the states where marijuana is illegal regardless of whether you want it for therapeutic or recreational purposes.

Secondly, it is hard to get your hands on seeds or clones that produce plants with a high CBD content. The hemp seeds sold in stores as wellness products are often sterilized, so they will not grow if you plant them. Even the companies that are currently licensed to grow industrial hemp are unwilling to sell the seeds they use.

See why it won’t be easy?

Now, even if you overcome all the obstacles above and manage to grow your own plants to extract CBD oil, the difficulty you’ll have is measuring the CBD content of the oil that you extracted. There isn’t a way to do this from home.

Without proper measurement, using your oil for wellness purposes would be a gamble at best. You wouldn’t know whether it has enough CBD to trigger the therapeutic effects you’re going for.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in Indiana?

Without the realistic option of growing hemp or cannabis for CBD oil in Indiana, the next available alternative is to purchase the oil from the sources that extract it on an industrial scale.

Luckily, many CBD shops exist throughout Indiana. Even some tobacco shops have jumped on the CBD wave and now stock this product!

With the convenience of the internet, why bother driving around looking for a health store with CBD oil on its shelves? Simply buy it online where you will be sure that the CBD oil you are buying was extracted using the best method (carbon dioxide extraction) using hemp plants.

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