Your Guide to CBD Oil in Tennessee

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CBD oil isn’t just another fad. This recent ‘trend’ shows every sign of being with us for years to come. Whether you use it medicinally or as a wellness product, its benefits are becoming well-known. However, understanding what it is and why it’s in the news can be confusing. I mean, is it even legal in Tennessee?

This guide will educate you on CBD oil in Tennessee. We’ll talk about the laws around it, how it is made, and most importantly, where you can get your hands on some.

What is CBD oil?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. The oil is extracted from cannabis plants and named based on the particular cannabis plant that it came from. For example, hemp CBD oil is extracted from hemp, a cannabis plant naturally high in CBD (a non-psychoactive ingredient) and low in THC. That means that when you smoke it, you won’t get high.  

What is CBD Tennessee

Cannabis CBD oil is extracted from the marijuana plant. Marijuana is naturally high in THC, which is psychoactive. When CBD oil is extracted from marijuana, it is purified to remove most – if not all – of the THC.

So why all the fuss?

CBD oil has numerous health and wellness benefits. For example, people suffering from painful conditions such as cancer or fibromyalgia report getting relief from their pain when they use CBD oil. This oil has also been found to enable people to sleep better, combat stress, and get over mild social anxiety. The list of CBD oil benefits keeps growing as research continues to uncover new therapeutic uses.

Why it is hard to find CBD oil

The federal legalization of hemp in 2018 means that, in theory, you should be able to access this wonder oil anywhere in the country. However, this may not be true in every state. Unfortunately, many states have yet to catch up to the federally legal status of hemp and its products.

To make matters worse,

A lack of knowledge about CBD oil in some states means that it is often still mistaken for marijuana. These two factors combine to make access to CBD oil difficult in many places.

The legalization of CBD Oil in Tennessee

As you may know, most southern states (including Tennessee), are on the more conservative end of adapting to the times. This is exemplified by the February 2018 raid of 23 businesses within Rutherford County during an operation to seize “marijuana-laced” products.

The “marijuana-laced” products (such as gummies) in question were infused with CBD oil and not THC as the authorities thought. A month later, all the charges against the affected businesses were dropped.

The raid came against the backdrop of a 2017 law legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp. So, technically, hemp-derived CBD oil is legal in Tennessee.

Current legality of CBD oil in Tennessee

As mentioned earlier, Tennessee legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp. What the law doesn’t clarify is whether CBD oil derived from hemp is legal in the state.

Why does this matter?

Current legal status Tennessee

Although it can be assumed that when a plant is legalized, all its products are also legal by default, this is not necessarily true. Confusion about the differences between marijuana and CBD make legality complex.

However, the state does allow medical use of CBD oil, although very limited. In Tennessee, CBD oil is restricted to patients who suffer from intractable epilepsy and have a recommendation from a doctor. Additionally, CBD oil’s THC content must not exceed 0.9 percent. Based on both things, plus the fact that CBD is legal federally, it makes sense that CBD oil would be legal in Tennessee.

Why you cannot grow your own CBD plants

Are you concerned about having access to reliable CBD oil?  Maybe you’ve thought about growing your own CBD plants in Tennessee? Well, first of all, CBD plants do not exist. However, if you are thinking about growing cannabis to extract CBD oil, you may want to keep a few things in mind.  

The first thing to remember: marijuana is illegal in Tennessee. This means that legally, you aren’t allowed to grow marijuana, even to extract CBD oil from the plants.

You may then ask, “Can’t I grow hemp and extract CBD oil from it myself?” Theoretically, this is possible because the 2017 law referred to earlier legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp. However, where would you get the feminized sees to grow? Hemp has only recently been legalized, so most current cultivators in Tennessee are participating in research programs. It may be challenging to access seeds from them for your home grow operation.

The third challenge that you would have to deal with is accurately figuring out the CBD concentration of the oil you extracted from your plants. It has been established that there’s a sweet spot of how much CBD the oil must contain to experience the medicinal or wellness effects. Too much CBD lowers the effectiveness, while too little CBD also changes its effects. It’s simply too difficult to know what exactly you’re getting, which doesn’t make a very useful medicine.

Where to buy CBD oil Tennessee

Where you can buy CBD oil in Tennessee

Today, the “Volunteer State” is awash with places to buy CBD oil. These include health food stores, tobacco and vape shops, supplement stores, and many other retail outlets. However, the quality of the CBD oil sold in those places may vary since there are no official quality regulations in Tennessee for such products.

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