Your Guide to CBD Oil in Wisconsin

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Do you have questions about CBD oil? It’s no surprise. CBD-containing products have attracted a lot of attention lately – not just in Wisconsin, but throughout the country. If you have been hearing about CBD in the “Badger State,” you could be wondering what it is, whether it’s legal, and how available it is.  Look no further than this guide to answer all your questions, so that you can make up your own mind about CBD oil in Wisconsin.

CBD Oil Defined

Cannabidiol is one of the compounds found in hemp and marijuana plants. Unlike THC, which gives you the high marijuana is famous for, CBD isn’t psychoactive.

Why does this matter?

CBD Oil Defined
CBD Oil Defined – Image powered by

The fact that it isn’t psychoactive makes it easy to focus on its many holistic and wellness effects. As a matter of fact, the FDA recently approved the first ever drug derived from CBD. This particular drug treats a rare form of pediatric epilepsy.

The wonders of CBD oil don’t just stop at intractable epilepsy, however. People with PTSD, anxiety, pain, insomnia, and many other health conditions report improvements when using CBD oil from Nordic Oil. Scientific studies have confirmed many of those health benefits, with more studies being done to confirm the others.

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    Why It May Be Difficult to Get CBD Oil in Wisconsin

    The popularity of CBD oil in Wisconsin doesn’t automatically mean that it is a breeze to access CBD products.

    Part of the problem is its close relationship to marijuana.

    CBD oil can be extracted from either marijuana or hemp plants. As you may know, marijuana is illegal in Wisconsin, and the existing state laws restrict the use of CBD oil to only people who have a doctor’s recommendation. Many people still think that CBD oil is cannabis, which also makes it hard to access the best CBD oil in the state.

    History of CBD Oil Legalization in Wisconsin

    Hemp has a long history in Wisconsin. Up until 1908, it was widely grown in the state. However, the last company to commercially grow hemp in the US folded in 1958. The federal restrictions imposed after the World Wars took their toll and sent the hemp industry to its grave.

    In 2014, a new law in Wisconsin legalized the use of CBD oil for people suffering from seizure disorders. However, this law had a clause stipulating that CBD oil could only be prescribed by doctors once the federal government legalized it. Although the state passed this law, it didn’t go into effect because CBD remained an illegal substance federally.

    In 2017, Wisconsin passed another law to amend the 2014 law. In it, the condition of only prescribing CBD oil once the federal government reschedules it was removed. Now, doctors could recommend CBD for patients with seizure disorders.

    Current Legality of CBD Oil in Wisconsin

    The federal government legalized hemp in 2018. This theoretically legalized all the products derived from this plant nationwide. However, there was still confusion about the legality of CBD oil in Wisconsin, since state law prohibited the use of this oil unless you have a recommendation from a doctor and were approved by the state to use the oil.

    There is good news, however.

    Current Legality of CBD Oil in Wisconsin
    Current Legality of CBD Oil in Wisconsin – Image powered by

    Wisconsin’s Attorney General wrote and advised law enforcement to stop enforcing the Wisconsin laws. This means that, while the laws regard CBD oil as a prohibited product, no one will be prosecuted for selling, buying, or consuming it in Wisconsin.

    Why You Can’t Grow Your Own CBD Oil

    Many people in Wisconsin have expressed an interest in growing their own plants to extract CBD oil. However, several challenges get in the way of doing this.

    Can’t Grow Your Own CBD Oil
    Can’t Grow Your Own CBD Oil – Image powered by

    The first challenge has to do with obtaining seeds for high CBD plants. The hemp seeds sold as a food supplement cannot grow because they are sterile. The few farmers growing hemp may not readily give or sell seeds to someone who isn’t a large-scale grower. Plus, high-CBD marijuana plants aren’t typically the best source for CBD oil. (There’s isn’t enough CBD in them, plus you’d still have to remove the THC.) In short, getting hold of plant material is a huge hurdle that you may not be able to jump over.

    Secondly, the current laws of the land may also be problematic for growing your own plants and extracting CBD oil from them. As already mentioned, the written laws of the state of Wisconsin prohibit anyone without authorization from the state to possess, distribute, or consume CBD oil. The risk of law enforcement following that law remains, despite the Attorney General’s say on the matter.

    Another more serious challenge has to do with measuring the amount of CBD in your homemade CBD oil. You’ll need costly equipment to determine the concentration of cannabidiol in your oil. Without that equipment, you can’t confirm what your consuming is even strong enough to have any medicinal benefits.

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      Where to Buy CBD Oil in Wisconsin

      By now, you may have realized that purchasing CBD oil rather than trying to grow plants to make your own CBD oil is the best option.

      There are a couple of ways to buy CBD oil. The first is finding a traditional retail shop and hope they are selling something quality.

      Another, wiser alternative is purchasing your CBD oil from ILGM. Not only do we stock the highest-quality CBD oil, but we’ll also ship it to your door at a great price.  There’s a reason why CBD oil is so popular. Order yours today and find out why for yourself.

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