Growing Marijuana In Georgia

If you know anything about Georgia marijuana laws, you’ll know that Georgia weed growing is a challenging task. Georgia is one of the few states that is determined not to change.

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While all of its four neighbors, including Florida, relaxed their laws on marijuana possession or growing, Georgia remained as close to federal standards as possible.

This is unfortunate for all of the residents of Georgia, who likely have similar medical needs as their South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida and Alabama neighbors. But they are not a fan of medical CBD or decriminalization. 

The good news is though; it is surrounded by those who are. So hopefully, with time, the laws will relax. I mean, how long can you go against the grain?

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Marijuana growing laws in Georgia

The marijuana laws in Georgia are very specific about intent and are the hardest when it comes to marijuana.

Growing Outdoors in Georgia

Georgia is not a weed-friendly state.

Growing marijuana in this state is not exactly legal.

FAQs about growing marijuana in Georgia

Can I legally grow marijuana in Georgia?


Do Georgia marijuana laws have jail time?


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7 comments on “Growing Marijuana In Georgia”

  1. I meant i do not smoke marijuana never did until i Was 48 i also meant i know the need to grow medical marijuana in georgia is high and if someones kid messes with the crop most likely they don’t have any parenting and if you go on someones property and do that then the kid and parent should be charged with trespassing no Owner should be charged period as of today right now april 20,2019 maybe that was clear enough and understandable

  2. I Know the need to gr med mari in georgia is high i my do smoke it im48 years old but come on georgia we are always the last state to be involved and the first to tax the crap out of residents for everything else lets do like the other states that have no taxes no we can’t that would be a sin also in most eyes i will say last year i had Bad back pain could not hard move yes i finally smoke some oh what a relief and i didn’t want to kill my neighbor run crazy or any of the other crazy stuff people think what i wanted to do was get a prescription because of the relief i got i’ve had back trouble since being 20 years old like i said i’m 48 now It’s much different from pain pills which the doctors got me hooked on thank god i was able to get off of them Open your georgia time to get in the game

  3. Will this be updated to reflect the new laws that will be enacted July 1, 2017? I was wondering about what the options are for those interested in getting a permit to grow cannabis for medical usage.

    • Hi Dan, we’re working on updating all the legislation articles. Quite a job as you may imagine so I’m not sure it’s up in time but keep an eye out 😀