Growing Marijuana In Idaho

Idaho seems to take a strong stance against its weed-friendly neighbors.

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Whatever the reason, the facts remain- Idaho has strict laws against marijuana.

Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis growing idaho

Idaho does not recognize marijuana as having any benefits. There is no medical program, although to its West, Oregon and Washington have had programs since 1998. They also do not honor a medical CBD program, and they consider being medicated a crime.

Based on their laws, if you were in Idaho, it would be easy to pretend that weed didn’t exist! Except that it does- even in Idaho- and they would like to make the profits.

Idaho has an active marijuana tax program that charges a $775 tax per marijuana plant.  Those who have marijuana plants are expected to have proof that they’ve paid this tax.  If they don’t and are caught, they are charged with tax evasion. I thought Idaho didn’t have weed?

Idaho laws

Idaho cannabis growing laws

They recognize that people make mistakes. Perhaps they were smoking weed one day in Washington and accidentally walked across the line into Idaho?

Based on the laws, they are extremely concerned about not creating an atmosphere similar to its western neighbors. The state does not want anyone who makes weed-smoking public in any way. Instead, they would like to pretend like America isn’t smoking marijuana- at least not in their part of America.

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    2 comments on “Growing Marijuana In Idaho”

    1. I am writing a science fiction novel. And in the story I describe a construction guy that builds underground chambers for power transformers. But they really turn into marijuana chambers (POT HOLES).
      This has brought up a good way to grow weed underground. Put a manhole cover over it. There are lots of more details to make this work.

    2. i had moved to idaho from a more pot friendly state & got caught smoking and was charged with d.w.i and possession of marijuana and a few other charges i thought i was going to do some time but thankfully i had a very good judge and lawyer other then initial booking i didn’t do any jail time, however it was expensive and i had to do several hours of community service and take several drug classes as well as a victim impact panel (which you have to pay for) and paid a lot of money in fines etc also lost my license for a year but did no jail time and actually got a withheld judgement now i will say again it was extremely expensive and ill say that had i not been able to pay a very large sum of money within 30 days i think it would have been a whole lot worse for me and just a little bit of information they will tell you you have to give a urine sample or a blood draw test which they will say you dont have a choice you have to and thats false you can refuse to do that which i had opted for but you will lose your drivers lice for a year but you can refuse it 1 time so the choice is yours dont let them scare or trick you but if you do go ahead and consent to testing opt for the blood test instead of urine test because if there is anything else turns up in your urine test you will also be charged with possession for whatever else they find in your urine.. stay safe guys